7 Day Guide to Lose Lower Belly Fat & The Best Lower Ab Exercises

lower abs workoutIt’s been a very controversial week for Turbulence Training, and with this guide to losing lower belly fat and the best lower ab exercises, things aren’t going to change any time soon!

In case you didn’t hear, I nearly had all of my articles banned from MSN because some folks didn’t like my controversial expose of 5 reasons why cardio is lame. Oh well…

This week is also going to be big, after all, 2009 is now 25% of the way finished! Are you more than 25% of the way to your goals? If not, then it’s essential you use this week’s tips to help you lose lower belly fat.

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Monday – March 30
This week’s top Transformation Tip is to review your goals. If you don’t have goals to review, shame on you! I want you to stop everything and set 3 short-term and 3 long-term goals right now.

Not sure how to do it? Use this amazing resource…I use it everyday to achieve my goals.

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Now it’s time to review a new workout program. This week we go back to April, 2008 and the “TT for Amazing Lower Abs” program.

TT Lower Abs Workout A

1A) Pull-up with Knee-up
1B) DB Chest Press

2A) DB Reverse Lunge
2B) Decline Spiderman Pushup

Ab Circuit – NOTE: Do only one circuit in Week 1.

A) Hanging Leg Raise
B) Kneeling Cable Crunch
C) Cable Chop

Home Gym Alternate Ab Superset

A) Stability Ball Rollout
B) X-Body Mountain Climber

30 minutes activity doing something FUN. Don’t get hung up on “gym” workouts when you can do something FUN like salsa dancing. salsa

Speaking of salsa dancing, well, actually the next point has nothing to do with salsa dancing, but I want to go over my rules for muscle building vs. weight loss in men.

Read the full article here:

The Rules of Building Muscle & Losing Fat

TT  Amazing Lower Abs Workout B

1A) DB Close-stance Split Squat
1B) Pushup with Hands On Bench, Feet on Ball

2A) DB 1-Arm Squat & Press
2B) DB Row

3) Kettlebell or DB Swing

Ab Circuit
A) Plank with Arms on Ball
B) Stability Ball Jackknife Rotation
C) Side Plank

My personal workout (Workout B of current 3 day program)
1A) Medium Squat (3×3 + Drop-Set)
1B) Pullups (2xFailure)

2A) Front Squat
2B) DB Shoulder Press (1xFailure)

3A) BB Row
3B) Cable Abs

30 minutes activity doing something FUN! Then take a few moments to check out this article on the 5 Ways to stick to your diet & fat loss program.

The TT for Amazing Lower Abs Program only contains A & B workouts, but let’s go over bodyweight circuit training today as well. I put this little video together for you:

Circuit Training

Saturday (Social Support Saturday)
Time to do a powerful exercise and discover the deep emotional “why” that you want to lose weight. I posted a great article by Australian fitness expert, Daniel Munday, about this important topic on my blog.

Click here to find out your “why”

Plan, shop, & prepare! Pick up some almond-hazelnut butter. I just did, and it’s great…might be a little too great if you are in the last week of a fat loss contest though!

And I also wanted to mention a recent study I came across that showed eating more fruits and vegetables lowers the risk of heart disease…So focus on baby steps – try to improve your diet everyday! For more help, get:

My recommended “Proven Fat Loss Diet”

That’s it for this week…next week, we’ll talk about…

– The 1 bodyweight exercise you should NOT do abdominal exercises workout
– The truth about negative calorie foods
– The AAA Abs workout!

And I’m sure we’ll have even more controversy!

Dedicated to your fat loss success,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – Want to lose lower belly fat and use the best workouts for…

…emphasizing your lower abs (if that’s really possible)?

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  • Alan

    My missus doesn’t like you very much Craig. She was watching me sweating and gasping for breath doing one of your workouts. “You’re going to kill yourself” she said. “Didn’t kill Craig, shouldn’t kill me” I said. She thinks I’m quite obsessed. I just tell her Obsessed is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated. Thanks again Craig.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Glad you like the workouts. Train safe!


  • Janine

    I was listening to you speak on the importance resistance training and holding on to muscle. I have an example I use (among others) when explaining to my clients. I tell them about a dog I had one time who lost lots of muscle as he got into old age (big dog and was almost 16). He could not even get up anymore: (

    When the vet came to our house to euthanize him, she had to try 3 times, the last time going under the tongue (it was AWFUL, but that is not what the purpose & point of this story is). The point is that the vet could not believe that my dog was almost 16 because his heart was soooo strong. Such a strong heart but “no” muscle to move. That happens to humans to when they do not resistance train especially when they do excessive traditional “cardio” and waste away their muscle!

    In nursing homes some of the patients have a strong enough heart to get up and walk the hallways, but they can’t get up in the first place. What good is that!?

    I read this before – to quote whoever wrote it – “Aaaaall that cardio is not going to help you get up out of bed when 27 becomes 77!”

    I can appreciate your fight with the media and the endurance based crowd. But, keep plugging away because the information you put out there helps my business ; )

    • Craig Ballantyne

      I really like that quote, and it is very true. Strength and muscle mass are just as important, if not MORE important in old age than cardiovascular endurance. Falls are caused mostly because of lack of strength. Most folks need more strength!

      Thank you!

  • Wazzup

    > 30 minutes activity doing something FUN

    Best fitness advice EVER 🙂



    I`m with you 110% in your article re “5 reasons why cardio is LAME”, those folks will look skinny legs and belly fat. Better for us, we would look “FANTASTIC”!
    Thank you for ABS article, my goal for 2009 is having at the end of the year my 6 PACK ABS!
    Thank you Craig!

  • I’m gonna go on TT for Amazing Abs once I’m done with the Original TT workout. I want my full abs to show! Right now I can get maybe 4 but that belly fat it too stubborn. Do you suggest this? Or should I just stick with the TT2k programs and just up the intensity?

    • You can go to it next, that’s fine. Both will get you to that goal.