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An Old Hymn, Jazz, and the Key to Copywriting

By Glenn Fisher | 10/12/2010

An old Christian hymn might seem the last thing that could help you become a master copywriter.

But you’d be surprised…

Do you know the hymn “Morning Has Broken”? (Cat Stevens did a version of it in the 70s.)

Well, that was the first tune I ever learned to play on the bass guitar. And to this day, I can still remember how to do it.


It’s Not in My Job Description!

By Robert Ringer | 10/11/2010

Whenever I speak at a conference, I arrange with my publisher to have copies of my latest book available for attendees to buy.

Usually, it’s no problem. I show up at the event and the books are there.

This time, however, he delegated the job to “Ms. Uptite,” his in-house PR person. Having already had one too many experiences with Ms. Uptite’s attitude, I was a bit apprehensive about her handling the matter, but my publisher felt confident that everything would be fine.


Bootcamp 2010

By Laura Rodini | 10/8/2010

But folks don’t come to Bootcamp just to enjoy the weather. They come because they want to run their own info-marketing businesses.


The Language Perfectionist: Give This Proper Usage Some “Respect”

By Don Hauptman | 10/7/2010

Consider the following examples, found via online search: “As far as skilled labor is concerned only 9 percent stated that it was easy to find now, while 59 percent said it was difficult. Three years before 1991, the percentages were 8 and 61, respectively….” “The authors are from Harvard University,…


Secret to Success in Synergy

By Rich Schefren | 10/7/2010

Lots of people ask me what the secret to my success is. And there’s really no “one thing” that made it all happen. It’s more of a combination of things.

But there is one strategy that’s played a MAJOR part in my success… one that’s consistently put millions of dollars in my pocket with very little effort.

I’m talking about the joint venture.


The Noblest Expression of the Human Spirit

By Alexander Green | 10/6/2010

What is the secret of eloquence, the standard of virtue, the basis of moral authority, the object of philosophy, the most formidable power on earth, the noblest expression of the human spirit, and beauty itself?


Use This Simple Secret to Find the Best Stocks

By Dan Ferris | 10/5/2010

One of the secrets to finding the very best investments is so simple, most people don’t pay attention to it…


Private Plastic

By Jason Holland | 10/4/2010

You want to buy your favorite $150 bottle of single malt Scotch — but you don’t want your wife to find out.


The Ten Commandments of Charity

By Mark Morgan Ford | 10/2/2010

Down the road going north from my vacation home in Nicaragua, you pass two hamlets, both bearing the same name: Limon.


Liberty Street League & Bootcamp

By Jason Holland | 10/1/2010

Last week, we wrote to all the subscribers to our Liberty Street League premium wealth-building newsletter. We were looking for feedback. What they liked, disliked, and their suggestions for new features and services.


Paralyzed by Worry

By John Forde | 09/30/2010

What keeps your customer up at night?

When he sits on his bed, one shoe on and staring out the window… what’s he thinking about?


The Language Perfectionist: An Overused Word to Avoid

By Don Hauptman | 09/30/2010

An online search turned up these specimens: “Decline in fog threatens California’s iconic redwood ecosystems” “The 100 Most Iconic TV Show Intros Of All Time” “I’m going to show you how to make an iconic poster using the new Vector Set 18 from Go Media’s Arsenal.” Originally, iconic meant “characteristic…