2011 class of the Internet Money Club

If you read Early to Rise this week, you know we’re set to launch the 2011 class of the Internet Money Club. (Keep reading to find out how you can get in before anybody else.)

Here are the basics: It’s a six-month coaching program that teaches you everything you need to know to build a profitable online business… starting from scratch.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll be hearing from a lot of past and present IMC members about how they did just that — and, in the process, changed their lives.

If you’ve ever thought about starting an Internet business but kept coming up with reasons not to do it (“The technology is too complicated”… “I don’t know where to start”… “I have no business experience”… etc.), I want you to pay close attention to their stories. These are people, just like you, who had doubts. But they overcame those obstacles and made it work.

Today, I’d like to share with you the story of one IMC member who has applied the lessons he learned in a big way.

| Quitting a Six-Figure Job |

At first, I didn’t notice it.

But there it was at the end of his e-mail — almost as an afterthought.

“I was able to quit a six-figure job within a year of starting the business.”

I had asked Internet Money Club member PJ McClure to give us a status update. He’s one of the stars of the program. He’s taken everything we teach and really run with it. But he’s also a very modest guy.

So let me brag a bit for him.

PJ started his online business, centered around self-improvement coaching, a little more than a year ago. And as “The Mindset Maven,” this is just some of what he’s accomplished so far:

  • 4,000+ names on his e-mail list
  • A 10-step video series for new subscribers
  • A regular e-mail newsletter
  • A published book, Flip the S.W.I.T.C.H.

He’s also been partnering with some of the big names in the industry — including Early to Rise, MaryEllen Tribby’s Working Moms Only, and SelfGrowth.com — and moving into international ventures.

“All I had done for a few months was put one foot in front of the other to implement the steps that I was told needed to be in place. One day I raised my head up and realized that I had a whole business system in place that was providing cash flow. I did some quick math and realized that we could make it if I increased my effort and let the system handle the rest,” PJ wrote.

Yet, after all that, he waited until the end of his e-mail to give us the really big news: that he had been able to quit his high-paying job thanks to the skills and knowledge he had picked up in the IMC program.

I quickly forwarded PJ’s e-mail to the rest of the ETR team. We were psyched! This is why we created the Internet Money Club. To help people create a second income — one that could, eventually, replace their primary job — the easiest way we know: by starting an online business.

PJ himself will admit it’s no cakewalk, especially during the start-up phase. But as you gain experience in marketing strategies and business-building techniques, you really can set your online business on autopilot — working just part-time to keep it going.

The Internet Money Club is an intensive program designed to get members’ businesses operational — and making money — in just a few months. And we really only want serious people who are ready to commit to learning a set of new skills that can change their lives.

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