In the beginning — when I first signed up for the Early to Rise newsletter — I was OVERWHELMED by the number of e-mails I started to receive. (I just wasn’t accustomed to the quantity of information that I would come to expect from ETR.) But when I took the time to read them, I found that the content was outstanding. Often, the articles in the newsletter hit me right where I was that day in my life! It was exciting… and also kind of surprising.

I had been reading the ETR newsletter for a few months when I noticed an advertisement about the Info-Marketing Bootcamp that was coming up in November of that year (2009). But I couldn’t decide if going would be a good idea for me. First I would hear “YES” in my head. Then I would hear “NO.” (“IT’S TOO MUCH MONEY!”… “THE TIMING’S NOT RIGHT!”) Back and forth I went. Finally, I said to myself, “I am NOT going. That’s it.” And it was settled.

Then… less than 2 weeks before the event, I woke up in the middle of the night with a thought that was driving me crazy: “If you go, it is going to change your life.” And I immediately went to my computer, signed up for the conference, and made hotel and airline reservations.

WOW, that was weird. I’d never done anything like it before!

But on just the first day of the conference, I felt that I had already received MORE than I’d paid for. And after hearing Brian Edmondson, the director of the Internet Money Club (IMC), speak, I decided to make my SECOND leap. Right then and there, I spent another seemingly large sum of money to join the IMC and begin its mentoring program.

And this program has opened my eyes to a WHOLE NEW world of possibilities.

Just for STARTERS…

Until I joined the IMC, I did not fully appreciate the value of the knowledge I had acquired over the years that had allowed me to build my own multimillion-dollar, 60+ property, real estate investment business. But I soon discovered that it was the perfect material to use to start my own newsletter and membership site for investors.

The folks at IMC encouraged me to do it and have been walking me through the process, step by step:

1. Coming up with the idea
2. Helping me design the site (using their proven model)
3. Creating my first article and video
4. Adjusting small details once the site was up and running

They also got me started on creating my own info-marketing website, which I will use to show others who want to be real estate investors how to do it the way I did it — starting with NO money and NO credit.

Keep in mind that I had an advantage when I was starting in real estate, because I had a mentor — Don Martin — who really understood that business. He had been where I was… had done what I wanted to do… Not only that, he had worked his way up the ladder to run the largest real estate company in the world (Century 21) — and he agreed to teach me everything he knew. (A big deal!)

So when it came to building a successful Internet information business, I realized that I needed to give myself that same advantage. And that’s where the Internet Money Club came into the picture. I knew I needed help from people who had done what I wanted to DO.

The IMC gave me the tools to pass on what I had learned from Don Martin — to build multiple websites that focus on financial literacy, which I am now doing.

And IM just beginning to C.

The IMC is helping me understand so much more than I expected. It has helped me grow from having a VERY limited business vocabulary… to being able to speak a NEW language and use that ability to create new opportunities in my life.

One of those new opportunities, for example, led to the formation of a marketing company that has the contract to oversee ALL the online marketing for a Hollywood film named “The Lost Medallion” ( And just last week, we secured a contract to market a $1.5 million luxury yacht built in Anguilla (

And all this in just over 1 YEAR!

One of the most AMAZING things I have experienced since becoming a part of the ETR Bootcamp Alumni and IMC Family is that the people you spend your time with and the books you study and commit yourself to — like Ready, Fire, Aim and The Pledgedetermine the QUALITY of the opportunities you are prepared to SEE and SEIZE!

I have learned by experience, as John Maxwell says, that “The time to prepare for opportunity is before it comes.” However, from Michael Masterson and the ETR team I have learned that when your thinking changes, SO DO YOUR OPPORTUNITIES!

My thanks to Michael Masterson, the ETR staff, and Brian Edmondson for the Internet Money Club!

You have planted seeds in my life that I will harvest for a lifetime!

[Ed Note: For 20+ years, John Marsh has been an entrepreneur, operating businesses in the construction, real estate investing, and restaurant industries, as well as importing and selling historic materials and architectural details through John has also taught leadership and financial literacy skills for such companies as Chick-fil-A.

If you are looking to start your own online business, like John did, the Internet Money Club is just what you need. It is designed to teach anyone, regardless of past experience (in business or online) how to start and grow a profitable Internet business. You’ll learn about e-mail list building, product and content creation, joint ventures and affiliate marketing, copywriting, and much more. But you must hurry. Once we get 250 new members, the doors to the IMC will be closed for another year. So don’t wait.]

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