Category of One

From the Editor: What happens when a business with a longstanding “No. 1” competitive edge is no longer “No. 1”? In today’s video presentation, “Mindset Maven” PJ McClure shows you what happens when the game changes and a company doesn’t recognize the change.

He goes on to explain the need to be a “category of one,” and how this will give your business a position of dominance… where your customers won’t even consider your competitors.

PJ has lots more success secrets for you — and was kind enough to put together a few of them as a special gift.

[Ed. Note: PJ McClure, “The Mindset Maven,” is an author, speaker, and performance specialist. He created the C1(tm) Methodology to teach entrepreneurs and large corporations how to build profit-sustaining businesses that enrich the lives of their customers, employees, and owners. This approach begins with understanding PJ’s radical concepts about goal setting and achievement. You can have access to those concepts by downloading The Mindset Maven’s Goals Guide as a gift.]
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