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A $79 Investment That Can Make You Millions

By Mark Morgan Ford | 03/13/2006

About 25 years ago, my business partner and I started a private investment club for Americans who were interested in increasing and protecting their wealth by banding together and hiring dedicated experts to advise them on all sorts of international investment options. From day one, the club was successful. But…


Borrow Low, Deposit High

By Gary Scott | 03/7/2006

Had you invested $100,000 in a portfolio of Emerging Asian currencies in October 2005, you’d now be $75,000 richer. In March of this year, a mere 20 weeks later, your investment would have ballooned to $175,000. That’s a whopping return of 75%. It may be hard to believe, but this…


Women in Business: Glass Ceiling? What Glass Ceiling?

By Michael Masterson | 01/23/2006

There has been a good deal written about the difference between men and women in the workplace. Men are said to be more decisive, more logical, and better able to make tough decisions. Women are said to be more intuitive, more communicative, and more compassionate. Popular books like Men Are From…


Notes From Michael Masterson’s Journal: Airport Security

By Mark Morgan Ford | 01/4/2006

Almost everything about airport security is idiotic. The X-raying of shoes, the prohibition against cigarette lighters and cigar cutters, the puff machines, the random searches. Today, a wizened (see Word to the Wise, below) old Palm Beach County airport cop dressed me down for leaving my bags “unattended” while I…


An Options Trade Well Worth the Risk

By Andrew Gordon | 10/13/2005

  I had been looking forward for months to meeting a dozen gurus who I knew would be presenters at ETR’s annual Wealth-Building Bootcamp last week. These guys … the likes of Brian Tracy, Bob Bly, Frank McKinney … didn’t disappoint either. They all have such memorable ways of driving…


Getting Personal Online

By David Cross | 07/13/2005

My fellow Brits are rather sensitive about titles and how to address each other. In British society, proper etiquette is still prevalent and is considered important, though perhaps less so than during my childhood. It is there, I am assured, for everyone’s benefit – to help avoid embarrassment in any…


How to Roll Up a $10,000 Investment into a 7-Figure Portfolio

By Justin Ford | 06/8/2005

How to move up a $10,000 investment at the residential level up to a top-ranked competitor in the heavyweight division, building a 7-figure portfolio.

Happy Marriage

A Workaholic’s Secret to a Happy Marriage

By Early To Rise | 06/3/2004

Choosing the wrong spouse can be “deadly to your career and to your happiness,” and you should know that not all expectations will be met.

taxi driver

Lessons from a Millionaire Taxi Driver

By Graham McGregor | 05/18/2004

While visiting Australia about six years ago, I received a surprising lesson on the ETR principle of “Living Rich” from my taxi driver.


Business Is Business — Even If It’s “Not for Profit”

By Mark Morgan Ford | 04/24/2004

In the Frank Capra film “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town”, Gary Cooper plays Longfellow Deeds, a humble small-town man who comes into a fortune. Deeds has aspirations of giving away a large part of his money to charitable causes. But when he moves to the big city, he is stunned…

human brain

The Power of the Human Brain

By Mark Morgan Ford | 02/9/2004

The human brain is thought to possess more power than the world’s smartest computer, but how can we tap into that limitless potential?


#9 for the New Year: To Develop the Personal “You”

By Mark Morgan Ford | 01/8/2004

  Today, let’s talk about the personal “you.” The “you” that you are when no one is looking. The person you turn into when you are by yourself. Who is that person — and, more importantly, who do you want that person to be? Let’s make some resolutions about that…