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Imitation: The Secret to Stronger Sales Copy

By Justin Ford | 06/12/2009

I had an old friend – no longer with us – who used to say, “If writers write, copywriters copy. Isn’t that how it works?” I wince to hear it put that way, given the many times I’ve sat there staring at a blinking cursor and trying to come up…


Issue #2438 The Art & Science of Bear-Market Real Estate Investing

By Justin Ford | 08/19/2008

“Something is worth precisely what someone else is willing to pay for it.” So said a stock-market analyst to me one fine bull-market day many moons ago.

A statement like that can seem profound, but it’s useless. Yet it is the mantra of many investors in all fields. In bull markets, the sellers say it. In bear markets, the buyers say it. But it is about as helpful as saying, “Wherever the sun shines, there it is daytime.” So what?


Build Your Own Instant Financing Network

By Justin Ford | 07/2/2008

It’s ugly out there.

Properties aren’t moving; sales volume has plummeted. Foreclosures are up 48 percent from a year ago. Prices are down as much as 20 percent to 30 percent in markets ranging from Miami to Los Angeles.


A Short, Real-Life Lesson on How to Bank 6 Figures in a Bear Market

By Justin Ford | 06/3/2008

A title company wired just over $97,000 into one of my bank accounts this afternoon. Once I get the insurance and escrow refunds, it will amount to a little more than $100,000.


The Flip Side of Falling Property Prices: Rising Income Opportunities

By Justin Ford | 04/29/2008

As real estate prices fall, the income you get per dollar invested rises. This means greater cash flow and the ability to deliver bigger dividends to your investors.


The Rental and Sales markets

By Justin Ford | 04/24/2008

I’ve advocated buying only cash-flow properties using fixed rate, amortizing loans. But now that you’re in this situation, here are a few things to consider:

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How to Spot Undervalued and Overvalued Real Estate Markets

By Justin Ford | 12/11/2007

The best value and growth markets tend to have the following characteristics, which can help you spot real estate markets best for investing in.


How to Roll Up a $10,000 Investment into a 7-Figure Portfolio

By Justin Ford | 06/8/2005

How to move up a $10,000 investment at the residential level up to a top-ranked competitor in the heavyweight division, building a 7-figure portfolio.