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Internet Independence

Recent articles related to

Internet Independence

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He Grew His Company By 30% in 30 Days While Working LESS (Here’s How)

By Craig Ballantyne | 10/5/2023

My client Darren Cabral recently grew his company by 30% in 30 days while working LESS. Here’s what he learned and how you can do the same.

3 Ways to Keep Your Company Finances in Check

3 Ways to Keep Your Company’s Finances in Check—While Getting Money Back

By Daniel Wesley | 08/14/2018

It’s the question on every startup owner’s mind: “What can I use to pay for all this?” As an entrepreneur, I’m quite familiar with that struggle. When I started my business, I knew I had to get creative to make sure everything was paid for on time and in full.…

How to Sell Anything on Instagram

How to Sell Anything Using Instagram’s “Email Feature”

By Craig Ballantyne | 07/9/2018

Think social media is a waste of time? Think again; this Instagram selling technique has made $100,000s for my clients—and can for you, too.


Fixing Your Problems

By Craig Ballantyne | 01/4/2013

The other morning I made a bold – and obnoxious – post on Twitter. It started with me posting, “I’m going to solve all  of your problems in this next post…” And then I followed that by giving you what I sincerely believe  is the answer to so many of…


Action Takers Rule the World

By Craig Ballantyne | 09/24/2012

Last week marked another Mike Whitfield product launch. Mike is a Virtual Mastermind member, a member of my $100K in-person mastermind group, and a Certified Turbulence Trainer. He has paid to play, and it is paying off handsomely for him. Plus, Mike is one of the biggest action takers I…


How to Work While You Sleep

By Craig Ballantyne | 09/21/2012

The world is starting to wake up. The 4-Hour Work Week Delusion is starting to wear off. You can’t coast through life. As Dave Kekich said, “Life is easy when you live it the hard way, but hard when you live it the easy way.” And as Steven Pressfield said,…


Message to Market Match

By Craig Ballantyne | 09/19/2012

Alright, so first of all, my bad, I sent out the wrong link yesterday. I’m still learning how to use the Interwebs. Please try this: The correct link to build your publishing empire Now, let’s keep talking about what’s working in online business marketing. Today, you’re going to discover an…


How to get published in magazines

By Craig Ballantyne | 09/18/2012

In the summer of 2000 I was sitting in my friend’s basement apartment using his internet connection. I lived just two floors upstairs, but believe it or not, I didn’t have an internet connection of my own. How bizarre, right? So there I was, trolling the internet while my buddy…


The Harsh Truth About Business and Success

By Craig Ballantyne | 09/14/2012

Today’s article is subtitled, “It will suck. You will suffer.” Nice and blunt, huh? This will suck and you will suffer is the theme of today’s QnA, and yet it might be the most important email that I ever send you. Listen, it’s time to mentally get over “The Secret…


Dramatic Demonstration

By Craig Ballantyne | 09/12/2012

I call it, “My Million Dollar Photo”. And that’s a legit name for it, because that random photo of me, shirtless in front of a grain field (taken out on my parent’s farm in 2008) has probably brought me over $1 million in business. It’s a little obnoxious to say…


Power of Daily Content

By Craig Ballantyne | 09/5/2012

The other day a friend of mine lost his cat to old age. Seventeen years of constant companionship can leave a terrible hole in your heart. In addition to my sympathies, I told him, “Be prepared to be looking for the cat everywhere, all the time for the next few…


How to make money online?

By Craig Ballantyne | 09/4/2012

Special QnA session today…this time, we take a look at how to make more money online, whether you are beginner or advanced. These questions were taken from our Virtual Mastermind Forum, where you get your chance to ask me any question, every day, plus you get insider access to my…