Message to Market Match

Alright, so first of all, my bad, I sent out the wrong link yesterday. I’m still learning how to use the Interwebs.

Please try this:

The correct link to build your publishing empire

Now, let’s keep talking about what’s working in online business marketing.

Today, you’re going to discover an email that is even worse than the one I sent you yesterday.

Actually, wait, this one is better because it contained the CORRECT link.


It’s not a pretty email.

It doesn’t have a story, but they do “bang me over the head” with an offer.

So why does this terrible email work?

Why would I share it with you?

Well, I’ll save that valuable lesson until the end of today’s email.

But first, read the “terrible sales promo email” that I received the other week.

This is an actual email that caused me to buy.

Dear Craig,

Please DON’T MISS OUT on your ** FREE ** Roger Martin book! Roger is an internationally published author and the Dean of the Rotman School of Management.

We’re happy to have you as a new subscriber to Rotman magazine – so much so that we want to encourage you to EXTEND your subscription now …

… with the offer of a free copy of Martin’s “The Opposable Mind-Winning Through Integrative Thinking” (a $14.95 value) when you do.

“…brilliant and utterly convincing…” – Malcolm Gladwell

Simply add 2 more years (6 issues) to your current subscription.  At $150, you’ll be saving 28% off the single-issue price – and we’ll send you a copy of “Opposable Mind” absolutely FREE.

Or – if you prefer – simply add just one more year, for $99.

Either way, I hope you continue to enjoy – and profit from – the way our magazine helps you think about your challenges and opportunities in new ways.

Karen C., Editor-in-Chief,

Rotman Magazine , University of Toronto

P.S.:  Unfortunately, this is the LAST time we can offer you the

FREE BOOK, so I do hope you’ll accept today.


Pretty ugly, huh?

It sure wasn’t brilliant, and it didn’t add any value by delivering great content, but you could say it was utterly convincing.

After all, it worked. I re-subscribed within minutes all because of the proper message to market match.

Here’s the law of M-to-M that I learned from Dan Kennedy. (I’m para- phrasing, since Kennedy hasn’t actually written this law down anywhere.)

If you have the right message-to-market match, then your sales message doesn’t have to be that good to ‘work’. BUT if you have the WRONG message-to-market match, then the best sales letter in the world still won’t work at all.

In the above “terrible email example”, I was already a customer of the  Rotman magazine (tough last name, huh?). And so when they sent this poorly written upsell email, despite all of its flaws, it was still enough to get me to say, “Sure, I’ll take that offer.”

But if you are sending the greatest business magazine offer in the world to someone sitting in an Occupy Wall Street tent, guess what?

Wrong message-to-market match, and therefore, NO sales, no matter how good your copy is.

The bottom line here is to make sure you are delivering what your audience wants.

Not what you think they need.

But what they want.

Fix your message and deliver it to the right market, and you’ll make sales. A lot of them.

Oh, and don’t forget to include the right link.

Still learning,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – Here’s the right link…

…to yesterday’s:

Publishing Empire Blueprint one more time
<= correct link

It will show you how to get your content published in magazines
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