Fixing Your Problems

The other morning I made a bold – and obnoxious – post on Twitter. It started with me posting, “I’m going to solve all  of your problems in this next post…”

And then I followed that by giving you what I sincerely believe  is the answer to so many of your struggles:

“Write down every obstacle in life. Then write down 2 solutions  for each obstacle. Take action on the obstacles with your  solutions. Done.”

Oh, and never give up on something that is important to you.

Of course, that advice SUCKS, doesn’t it. Because it requires  you to work hard, think for yourself, and painstakingly work  to change the near-impossible to change situations in life.


That’s life. That’s how it goes.

Now, I’m also happy to answer your specific questions. And I received a lot over the holidays. Before we get to those you  need to be reminded of the ETR $100,000 Transformation Contest.

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Now to your questions…Here are just a few of the dozens  I’ve received over the holidays…

Q: How do you juggle with self-improvement and daily urgent  tasks?. I can’t seem to effectively manage my energy to get  both going. Thanks! – Cesar  

Cesar – Get up 15 minutes earlier and work on your  self-improvement.

For everyone – Getting up 15-30 minutes earlier every day will solve so many of the problems in your life.


Q: Do you create an editorial calendar for your businesses? If  so, do you ever change topics mid-year or switch things around? What does the process look like for you? –  Gerilyn

Gerilyn – At ETR, we plan out 7 days ahead. At Turbulence  Training, things often change at the last minute. There are  some “themes” with blocked times for sure, but the actual email  content and title could change at the last minute. For example,  I wrote today’s 8am TT email at 6:30am today.

Q: Happy New Year Craig! Do you use a positivity ritual in the morning when you lack energy and/or inspiration?- Phil

Hmmm, not really…perhaps I channel my father and say, “Get  your lazy butt out of bed and do some work for once“. That  seems to work. Honestly, I just don’t lack inspiration or  motivation to work and can’t understand those that do.

Q:  Lol – nice one. One more question if that’s okay? I have so  many business ideas that sometimes I go round in circles and  stagnate. How do you choose which project to commit to next? – Phil

Phil – Review the vision video I filmed for you and create  your vision from that. The video is here-Amercian Dream

Pick a priority objective that gets you closer to your vision  and fulfilling your legacy.

Q: Happy new year to you too, Craig. I have a mission of helping  10,000 local people out of a population of 200,000 by 2018  (inspired by your 1m mission). Can you recommend any resources for SEO and local marketing? Thanks. – Marc    

Marc – We have many resources in our Financial Independence Monthly  program and we just interviewed SEO expert, Rick Porter. Contact to get subscribed to FIM.

Q: Happy New Year, Craig! I’ve been reading ETR since the early  days. It’s changed my life. Have to admit, I was a bit disappointed  and skeptical when you took over, but, I shouldn’t have been. I’ve  been impressed. Looking forward to your encouraging writing this  year! – Dwane

Dwane – Me too!

No, just kidding. I wasn’t skeptical.

But many thanks!

Q: Hey Craig. Happy New Year. You manage to run multiple sizable  projects at the same time. How do you keep them all separated and moving forward. Do you use VAs? Outsource? In house? – Tom

Tom – We have a team of seven at They do all  the organization. They all work in an office in Denver but I  live in Toronto.

For Turbulence Training, I have a virtual team of 5 that is  highly skilled and experienced. It takes time to build their competency, but the right people with the right attitude can  learn almost anything. It’s attitude that matters.

Q: How do you prevent overwhelm from learning all the courses  out there? Do you need to master them all? Time management seems to be the trick with my goals for this year! Thank you!

You need priorities. What is the #1 skill you need to learn  that will move you ahead (in whatever area of life)? Identify  that, and study only that. You must choose one.

And read this article about dealing with “overcapacity” in life

I’m really proud of that article because it addresses an  important problem in all of our lives.

Q: Happy New Year Craig. Everyday you go out there and fight the same fights we’ve but you still take the time to help and motivate.  For that, I thank you. Have a great 2013.- Allan

Happy to help Allan, this is what I was born to do!

Happy New Year everyone,

Craig “The Godfather” Ballantyne