Dramatic Demonstration

I call it, “My Million Dollar Photo”. And that’s a legit name for it, because that random photo of me, shirtless in front of a grain field (taken out on my parent’s farm in 2008) has probably brought me over $1 million in business.

It’s a little obnoxious to say that, and to take shirtless photos of yourself and put them on the Internet, but frankly, the world is skeptical. And it’s working.

In my business of promising fat loss results, people like visual proof of your methods.

For me, that means showing several things in my business:

1) proof that I walk the walk in my daily activities

2) client before and afters

3) cool videos of unique exercises

All of these are dramatic demonstrations that allow me to set myself apart.

And YOU need a Dramatic Demonstration in your business.

The Dramatic Demonstration is another element of social proof, and the more you have of it, the better.

So what is it in your business?

This is easy for the fitness folks to answer. It could be your own before-and-after transformation. It could be cool kettlebell exercises. It could be the 50 clients that you’ve trained that have lost over 30 pounds each.

But what about non-fitness businesses?

Well, for FIM and ETR, we depend on “before and after” business success stories. For some, it’s a success story told about how they made their first sale or had their first $10,000 month (Mike Whitfield).

Another Dramatic Demonstration would be a demonstration of the Copy Logic Peer Review Process. We could show people how that simple exercise can dramatically improve copy in just 30 minutes. Voila, before and after of a sales letter.

We did several of these at our Mastermind on the weekend and the results were incredible. Check out the book, Copy Logic!

If you are in the success/coaching industry you need to be telling these stories. You need to tell your own as well. Lots of similarities between your industry and the fitness industry.

But what if you sell physical products?

Think Sham-wow.

That was a Dramatic Demonstration on video. People want to see how cool and exciting your product is. They want to be a hero in their friend’s eyes by being able to do the same Dramatic Demonstration in front of friends and family.

So your 10-minute task for today is to think about Dramatic Demonstrations that you can add to your business, website, presentations, sales calls, etc.

Let me know what you come up with…especially if you film a Sham-Wow type video. That would be entertaining.

Keep adding value,

Craig Ballantyne

Remember – If you want advanced results, you must take advanced measures.