How to get published in magazines

In the summer of 2000 I was sitting in my friend’s basement apartment using his internet connection.

I lived just two floors upstairs, but believe it or not, I didn’t have an internet connection of my own.

How bizarre, right?

So there I was, trolling the internet while my buddy was at Kung Fu, and I was hopping around various sites looking for job opportunities (since I was just about to finish my Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology).

One of the sites I visited was the NSCA’s job board.

That’s where I got LUCKY.

I actually couldn’t believe it, but there was a post from Men’s Health fitness editor Lou Schuler saying, “We’re looking for writers. Here’s my email. Send me some ideas.”

(Disclaimer: It didn’t say EXACTLY that, but it was close.)

So I sent my latest “CB Athletic Consulting” newsletter that I had been writing for the past 8 months.

And it WORKED.

He published it and sent me a check for $300.

How easy was that?

I’ve since gone on to turn that stroke of luck into literally millions of dollars based on my credibility based on my long-standing connection with Men’s Health magazine.

I was so lucky.

Unfortunately, that makes me the WORST person in the world to ask, “How can I get published in magazines and books?”

I would just say, “I dunno, troll the internet?”

Fortunately, Lou, Sean Hyson (magazine editor), and John Romaniello (soon to be NY Times best-selling author) have put together a proven guide to getting published.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in…you MUST have this. (Comes with bonus interview with yours truly, so CLEARLY it’s awesome.)

Get your guide to getting published here

And then use this to build your own 7-figure publishing empire, like I did.

Here are the 5 essential components of the Publishing Empire Blueprint:

Part 1: Sit Your Butt Down and Write

This will make you a better writer. The cold hard fact of reality is that your writing needs work. I’ve read it.

Don’t sulk. Just work on it and improve it, using the proven guidelines from Lou and Sean.

Part 2: Blogging for Fun and Profit

Here’s Roman’s step-by-step system, from choosing a name for your blog (and, by extension, your online identity), to attracting an audience, building an email list, and eventually creating steady, dependable, and in some cases substantial income from your blog.

It’s worth it just for this.

Get Roman’s proven guide to making money online

Part 3: How to Get Published in Magazines

BOOM. This expose lifts the curtain on a business that seems mysterious from the outside. How do you make contact with an editor? How do you know what he’s looking for? How do you craft a pitch that stands out from the others? And if you get the assignment, how do you actually put your article together? Plus a lot more.

Take it from me, a guy that has been published almost every month for the last 12 years in over a dozen magazines from Oxygen to Maxim to National Geographic, getting your work
IN PRINT (and not just online) is essential for your success.

Part 4: How to Write a Book

Lou has published almost a dozen books (including the Belly Off Plan that I helped him with back in 2002) and all of Alwyn Cosgrove’s “New Rules of Lifting” books (that have sold over 100,000 copies).

You’ll go through the process that begins with an unformed idea and ends, in the best-case scenario, with a published book that not only satisfies your ambition but also finds an audience and lifts you into a new tax bracket.

You’ll learn what readers are looking for, what editors want to see from a first-time author, how conventional publishing works, and how to decide if you should self-publish your book.

Part 5: The Writing Life

This is the GOOD life. And Lou answers all of the questions that you would never think to ask about your new part-time career in publishing.

In addition to that, Sean Hyson conducted five bonus interviews with industry experts about writing and creating a personal brand, including questionable figures such as:

Jason Ferruggia, who explains how to build an audience by blogging in a voice that’s true to yourself.


Craig Ballantyne, who describes how he built his huge and lucrative email list, how he communicates with his readers via blog posts and newsletters, and how he creates and launches so many successful products and services.

As well as normal people, like…

Nate Green, who walks Sean through his writing process, explaining how he budgets his time and the tricks he uses to maximize his productivity.

Jason Lengstorf, the go-to web designer for fitness pros (he created sites for Roman, Sean, Nate, Lou, and many others), reveals how he makes websites easy to use while also giving them distinct looks that reflect the owner’s personal brand.

And the unbelievably believable (and huggable), John “Roman” Romaniello who offers perhaps the most valuable advice for any current or aspiring writer: how to leverage online success and popularity into a lucrative book deal.

There’s never been a resource like this offered before now.

And it sure is better than sitting in someone’s basement apartment trolling the internet for magazine editor’s email addresses. (That has only worked once in the history of the universe, and that was my lottery ticket. Sorry.)

If you are at all interested in writing for magazines – in ANY industry, having your own successful blog, communicating with your clients more effectively through your newsletters or maybe even writing your own book – this is a must have addition to your library.

Grab it and save $50 during their book release sale

But hurry, that price jumps up soon.

This is the best advice you’ll get on the publishing world.

Get lucky,

Craig Ballantyne

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain