How to make money online?

Special QnA session today…this time, we take a look at how to make more money online, whether you are beginner or advanced.

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Q: Hey Craig, How do you make money by giving away your content? – Kevin

If you give away content, you build trust with your readers/viewers.

And they will think, “Well, if he’s giving this away, then just imagine what I’ll get if I buy his products.”

You can’t cover everything you know about a topic in a free 500 word article. But the free 500 word article is enough to build trust and get people to be wiling to invest in your solution. That’s how you build the KLT factor.

The KLT factor is essential for selling, and it stands for, “Know-Like-Trust”.

Free content gets them to know you. Personal details in the free content gets them to like you. Giving away value consistently gets them to trust you.

And that’s a big key to success – consistency.

People want to know that you are going to be there tomorrow, next week, and next month. And if you are consistently delivering valuable free content and building goodwill with your audience, then you’ll have locked down the KLT factors.

Q: One idea I have for my lead generation is to offer a live webcast 3x/week with a “follow-along exercise training” for 30-min, and then followed by a Q&A for another 30- min.Then 3x/week live webcast about diet and nutrition followed by a Q&A. I do have an outline of my framework.

I just have to get my website up and my webcasts running. I also want to create an interactive ebook as a front-end. I’m just lost on which one to start, and how to get it started. – Marie

Answer: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Let’s slow down.

You have great ambitions, and this is wonderful, but you are making things too complex.

Here’s what you’re going to do. Just focus on creating one simple diet and exercise ebook plan. That’s it. That’s your mission, and the deadline for this is September 21st.

Ok, go time.

Follow-up from Marie: Wow, thanks so much, Craig! I really really appreciate your reply.

I am clear now on what to do for the next 3 weeks as my deadline is on the Sept 21st. I’m up for this challenge, and I will get back with my ebook finished by then.

Thanks so much! I guess I just needed that push with one focus at a time!

Cant wait to meet you in person to thank you for the help you’re giving us here at the virtual mastermind!

More power to you and God bless!

I’ll be keeping you posted as to my progress with the ebook!

My Follow-up: Awesome. Focus on the basics first. Keep it simple, then get a little more complex as you go. That goes for everyone.

Next, a success story from our Virtual Mastermind:

“Finally – sale #1! This is a new industry for me. I’ve sold plenty of stuff before but never without an oral conversation.  I’m fascinated with the challenge of doing all of this via writing. I’m motivated to learn why this customer bought and see how fast I can repeat.

This is the tangible benefit that I was looking for from the Virtual Mastermind group. I look forward to working toward the whoosh. Thanks for putting the group together Craig.” – Caleb

My comments: Happy to help, Caleb. We just gave a little guidance, you did all the work. This success is all yours.

Mastermind with success stories like Caleb here

Now over to a question from Facebook…

Q: Hi Craig, I am currently considered an expert in my field as a medical assistant in a particular specialty. My #1 strength seems to be patient and staff education but I feel limited in my current setting I am interested in focusing this strength on line for these people who’s questions go unanswered. Does this sound reasonable? How can I do it?

Answer: Hi Andrea, everything is possible online. We currently had a doc in our mastermind group that sells medical education, a dentist that sells dental schools, and a few others that are somewhat similar.

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Listen everyone…

There are four months left in 2012. About 120 days. What do you have left in you? What is there still to accomplish?

Think dammit, take this seriously. This is your life.

And life is not a dress rehearsal.

Stop paying lip service to your goals. Stop dreaming about dreams. Start living as if they really mattered.

Today. Right now.

Living like it matters,

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