Commando Bodyweight Exercise

Last April I was in Vegas, attending a seminar…and also there to meet a real-life James Bond to discuss some non-fitness related business ventures.

He is an international man.

This guy travels to a new country on an almost weekly basis. He charms the ladies with ease. He dresses in sharp, tailored suits, and he invests in exclusive property deals all over the world. He goes by the name “Simon”, although legend has it that is not his real name…

Plus, “Simon” was former elite soldier in the US Army, and one of the first to put boots on the ground during the invasion of Iraq, and to top that all off, he’s a fitness freak.

I had a chance to train with “Simon” that weekend in one of the simple hotel gyms on the Vegas strip, and he did bodyweight exercises that I had never witnessed.

One of the most impressive was a bodyweight spin.

I’ve only seen one other fitness expert since use this exercise, and that is Adam Steer – The Bodyweight Coach – more about him in a minute.

My friend Simon did this exercise using a smith machine, and started out as if he were going to do a classic bench dip-like move.

But then he pushed up explosively, spun his body, and landed in the pushup position with his hands on the bar. He immediately absorbed the force and loaded his muscles like a spring to shoot back to the start position.

He did this movement over and over again, coiling and uncoiling his abs, giving them a truly unique workout…that would probably cause quite a bit of soreness in any “new recruit”.

I can only imagine how Simon trained while he was a commando, hidden away in the desert of the Middle East.

Those soldiers must be truly unique and creative with their training when they have no fancy equipment to use.

In fact, a lack of bodyweight workouts is one of the major downfalls of commercial gyms. penis lines

People end up using too many machines and eliminating unique ab work from their exercises – and that’s why so many guys have weak “cores” and lack the six-pack abs and diagonal lower abs that guys like me, Simon, and Adam Steer have from bodyweight movements.

Fortunately, there is a solution for getting a fit, lean, ripped body that will turn a girl’s head.

(Personally, I think its a soldier’s physique that helps him get the girls, not just the uniform.)

As I mentioned, there’s a bodyweight exercise coach named Adam Steer who has shown me some very cool workouts…and he teamed up with another bodyweight coach who is an insider training adviser to elite combat units all over the world.

This combat bodyweight coach, Scott Sonnon, is releasing his TACFIT
Commando workout today
, giving you the secrets that are being used right now by Spec Ops personnel around the world to maintain chiseled physiques and constant mission readiness.

And since I know words cannot do these exercises justice, you’ll also get a complete Video Instructional Library where Coach Sonnon teaches you every exercise for every workout in the TACFIT program.

Plus, you also have the option to get FOLLOW-ALONG Videos of each and every workout. You can even put them on your Ipod.

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Become a lean, chiseled warrior in the gym,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training