7 Ab Problems

Just had another fun and strange weekend in Miami…

I was at a fitness seminar with other experts debating the best ways to train for muscle and for fat loss. Interesting stuff.

Along the way, I hung out with fellow Canadian fitness pro, Vince Del Monte, and he invited me to an exclusive party at Miami’s hottest nightclub.

(It was really cool – rapper Jay Z and his gorgeous girl Beyonce sat almost right next to our group of friends. The crowd went crazy when they came in…and I think more people were excited to see Beyonce than him…she lit up the whole club with beauty and personality.)

Anyways, Vinny, myself, and our fitness friends hung out with a big group of 40 people – many of whom we had never met before.

But when they found what Vince and I did for a living, all of the girls – and even some of the guys – tried to pull up our shirts to get a look at our abs.

Good thing Vinny and I stay in great shape all year round.

After we fended off all of the girls, I had conversation after
conversation with the guys and gals there about how to lose belly fat and get a flat stomach.

My voice is almost gone today from trying to yell the abs secrets over the music of the club…but I kept coming back to these 7 solutions that I also wanted to share with you.

1) Common Abs Problem #1 – You have belly fat covering your abs

Solution: Interval training has been shown to help research subjects lose belly fat. You could almost say it causes spot reduction, because that’s where you’ll lose belly fat first with intervals.

In the new TT for Abs DVDs, you’ll be able to do your interval training following along with me.

2) Common Abs Problem #2 – You still have a lower belly pooch

Solution: Eat more fruits and vegetables. You may even want to replace calories from grains in your diet with almonds or other raw nuts.

Fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts are all associated with weight loss and are the foundation of the new Simple Nutrition program that
you’ll get with the TT for Abs DVDs.

3) Common Abs Problem #3 – You have no lower abs

Solution: Unconventional exercises like Stability Ball Jackknives, side planks, and even planks can help you work your lower abs better and safer than traditional crunches.

4) Common Abs Problem #4 – You’re struggling to get sexy abs

Solution: This one will surprise you, but you better believe it. If you are lean and you’ve been doing your abs, but they just aren’t right, my old friend Brad Pilon suggests you just need to get a tan.

Seriously, you’ll be shocked by how a tan can bring out your muscle
definition all over your body.

5) Common Abs Problem #5 – You can’t keep a tight tummy

Solution: Make sure you brace your abs in every exercise you do, from traditional planks to bodyweight squats, chin-ups, pushups, and even chest presses. By tightening your abs all the time, you’ll be able to keep a tight tummy all the time.

6) Common Abs Problem #6 – You don’t have obliques (or those sweet lower ab lines that run into your waistband like I do)

Solution: Well, of course you need low body fat to see your abs, but to help you build obliques and sexy diagonal lines that run into your waistline, I suggest trying my favorite oblique move, the Cross-Body Mountain Climber. I’ll show you a few versions in the TT for Abs DVDs.

7) Common Abs Problem #7 – You just don’t have abs

Solution: Again, we need to get rid of belly fat, but if you need to “pop out” your abs, an exercise like the Stability Ball Rollout will help you build up your abs.

You’ll get that exercise and 12 weeks of advanced ab workouts in the new TT for Abs DVDs next week – and the Simple Nutrition guidelines and DVD too. It will take you inside my kitchen to show you what I eat to keep my abs “photo ready” all year round.

Coming soon,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Creator, Turbulence Training for Abs

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