6 Minute Abs & Fat Loss Tips

ab workout programIf you want to  get strong, stiff, six pack abs, you need to burn the fat through interval training and build the abs through the exercises in the 6-Minute Abs workout programs.

I’m going to show you 3 beginner and 3 advanced ab workouts that you can do in six minutes or less…and YES – these will help you get a flat stomach and six pack abs.

If you want to hear more about this, listen to this week’s fat burning coaching call.

Click here to listen to the Turbulence Training 6-Minute Abs Podcast

Now let’s discover this week’s top transformation tip to kick off your fat burning week…

Monday’s Top Transformation Tip

Every action has consequences.

Every choice you make takes closer to or further from your goals.

So can you eat candy on a fat loss program?  Sure, you can do anything you want…just understand the consequences of your actions…ie. the consequences of eating candy while trying to lose fat. Stay strong!

Now for this week’s program review – TT 6-Minute Abs

This program is actually an add-on to any program you are currently doing…Just choose your level and do up to three 6-minute ab programs per week. You can do them after your normal workouts or on off-days.

Workout A – 6-Minute Abs – Click here for the full program.

Beginner System #1

  • Do these exercises in circuit fashion with no rest between exercises.
  • Rest 30 seconds before repeating the circuit one more time.

1) Plank
2) Bird Dog
3) Mountain Climber
4) Side Plank
5) [Kneeling] Elevated Pushup

Unsure of how to do these exercises? Here’s a video demonstration…

Advanced System #1

  • Do these exercises in circuit fashion with no rest between exercises.
  • Rest 30 seconds before repeating the circuit one more time.

1) Stability Ball Jackknife
2) Side Plank
3) Stability Ball Mountain Climber with Hands on Ball
4) X-Body Mountain Climber
5) Plank with Arms on Ball
6) Stability Ball Rollout


Do 30 minutes of fun activity and then check out this Vegetarian Fat Loss Meal Plan Interview with fat loss nutrition expert, Kardena Pauza.

Kardena says we should avoid sweetened soy milk and to make sure that the sugar content in all packaged vegetarian foods is less than 10% of total carbohydrate content. That means if your packaged food contains 10 grams carbohydrate, it should include no more than 1 gram of sugar. Keep excess sugar out of your diet!


Workout B – 6-Minute Abs

Beginner System #2

  • Do these exercises in circuit fashion with no rest between exercises.
  • Rest 30 seconds before repeating the circuit TWO more times. side plank ab exercise

1) Mountain Climber
2) Side Plank
3) Plank

Advanced System #2

  • Do these exercises in circuit fashion with no rest between exercises.
  • Rest 30 seconds before repeating the circuit two more times.

1) Stability Ball X-Body Mountain Climber with Feet on Ball
2) Spiderman Pushup
3) Stability Ball Rollout

30 minutes of fun and then…Be Loud & Proud!

Tis the season to be surrounded by people who give you a hard time for health choices…


Without a doubt, one of the most difficult things about losing fat is eating in social situations. The peer-pressure (from both the ignorant and immature) is the toughest test of your commitment.


If you want to succeed, you have to lay the ground rules. There is no room for debate. You are either in or you are out.   And you might just surprise some folks when you show them that life can go on if you don’t eat chicken wings with them.


Be loud and proud of what you are doing. There are more folks secretly wishing someone will take charge and be a healthy role model for them.

It might not happen overnight, but if you continue to lead by healthy example – without preaching or being condescending – you can build an entourage of social support and people who want to be healthy like you.

This will build powerful relationships that will take your health to the next level.  Build your Entourage for fat loss!


Workout C – 6-Minute Abs

Beginner System #3

  • Do these exercises in superset fashion with no rest between exercises.
  • Rest 30 seconds before repeating the superset one more time.
  • Move immediately to the next superset without rest.

1A) Side Plank – 20 second hold per side
No rest.
1B) Stability Ball Rollout – 5 reps (2-0-1)
Rest 30 seconds before repeating one more time.

2A) Bird Dog – 6 reps per side with a 3 second hold at the top (1-3-1)
No rest.
2B) X-Body Mountain Climber – 5 reps per side (1-0-1)
Rest 30 seconds before repeating one more time.

Advanced System #3

  • Do these exercises in circuit fashion with no rest between exercises.
  • Rest 30 seconds before repeating the circuit TWO more times. abdominal exercise

1) Hanging Knee Raise – 10 reps (2-0-1)
2) Spiderman Climb – 12 reps per side (1-0-1)
3) Plank with Arms on Ball – 30 second hold

Hope those workouts help you get six pack abs in six minutes!

By the way, there’s still one more advanced workout we wont have time to get to…you can get it in the full version of the program.

Click here to get the full TT 6-Minute Abs

Now for my favorite day of the week…

Social Support Saturday!images11
Do 30 minutes of activity and make sure you check in on the TT forum for more powerful support.

Now I must also apologize…

We had some problems with the forum last week, but it should be up soon! So sorry! I’ll find a way to make it up to you.

Now here’s another tip I want to share…and that’s about making yourself feel good. Too often we are too busy to sit back and treat ourselves, but one thing I love to do that makes me feel great is to “Give a gift per day” to a friend.

Sometimes I buy someone a coffee or send someone a book. Once in a while I give out free memberships. I just enjoy giving. So give a little gift to someone today and you’ll feel great!

Sunday – Plan, Shop & Prepare
After your 30 minutes of activity, do all your prep work for the week ahead.

Next week I’ll give you another fat burning bodyweight bootcamp workout,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MSlower ab exercises

PS – Want more ab workouts?

Ready to get a lean, flat stomach and maybe even head-turning six pack abs this summer?

Click here for more Turbulence Training Ab Workouts

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  • Steve

    “Kardena says we should avoid soy milk”, that’s slightly misleading isn’t it? When you read the interview she actually says avoid ‘sweetened’ soy milk, not all soy milk. There is even a suggestion in the interview to “Buy unsweetened soy milk or unsweetened almond milk.”. I think it’s slightly unfair to vegetarians like myself who use unsweetened soy milk to now make us think that it’s a bad idea altogether. You’ve got to play fair Craig 🙂

  • mehdi

    I have lost 6 kg and now my waist is 36 inches
    how I should work to get six pack abs , I am 39 years of age
    after doing to many crunches and cardio and strict dieting (eating only veggies and fruit) my hairs are getting white before doing these exercise and dieting my beard was not getting white but now i am also getting week i used to go gym daily tell me what to do…….

  • mahrina

    wonderful this really works the right way to loose fat belly but I feel very tired after doing exercise.

  • Drew

    No, it says to avoid sweetened soy milk specifically.

  • Aaron

    Hi I’m new to this. Where can I find how to do most of the exercises you list. You have a video of a couple of them, but I dont know what most of them are.
    I also dont know what this means (2-0-1) at the end of an exercise. help please!

  • Steve

    “No, it says to avoid sweetened soy milk specifically.”…Drew, it didn’t say that when I read it this morning and I know it didn’t because I actually copied and pasted my quote from the blog. If it’s been corrected since then it’s all good.

  • kim faltys

    I would really like the ab workouts, but right now I don’t have an adobeplayerto download the workouts as my computer does not have enough memory to download as I have tried several times. How can I obtain these workouts as part of my workout program? Thank you!!

  • john crane

    looks great but how many reps for each move, and how long for the static positions ?

  • Mbeneya Akondeu Juliette

    Are there no exercises that could be done without using machines or going to the gym or using equipment. Please I am in a town where there are no gyms so it is difficult for me to carry out the exercises you are mentioning above. Please help tell me some exercises that I can do in my bed room.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Circuit style workouts like these are really great for building stamina and muscle endurance. Also keeping your heart rate up so you are getting a good aerobic workout that really helps to burn fat.