5 Day Workout Program

cb-ttrecon-ebook-41For all those folks who want a 5 day per week workout program, I have good news for you. This week we’re going to look at the TT Reconstruction Program.

Plus, I have some big announcements for a big month.

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1) Transformation #5 wraps up on August 18th…and a new contest will start August 31st.

2) We’ll soon have TT Kettlebell Workouts!

3) TT is going to Europe – Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussles, here we come!

So all that crazy stuff…and more to come this month.

But let’s get into our top transformation tip of the week.

Monday – August 3rd

Transformation Tip: Dream Big!

Kekich Credo #40: No dream is too big. It takes almost the same amount of time and energy to manage tiny projects or businesses as it does to manage massive ones…and the massive ones carry with them – proportional rewards.

Craig’s thoughts:
Your long term goals must include massive dreams. After all, the same steps will be taken to lose 50 pounds as will be for 5 pounds.

Dream big!

Now let’s train…

TT Reconstruction Workout A

1A) Pullup / DB Row (Max-2)
1B) SHELC (Max-1)
2A) Push-up (Max-2)
2B) DB Split Squat (8)
3A) Inverted Row/DB Rear-Delt Raise (Max-2/12)
3B) Mountain Climber (15)

30 minutes of reconstructing – Reconstruction “Off-Day” Workout 1

1) Calf Rolling with tennis ball (10) ===>
2) Foam Rolling (10)
3) OH Squat (10)
4) Chest Stretch (30sec)
5) Stick-up (10)
6) Hip Extension Hold (30sec)
7) Stability Ball Leg Curl (15)
8] Plank (60sec)
9) Side Plank (30sec)
10) WYLIT (10 each)

1) Stability Ball Rollout (12)
2) Stability Ball X-Body MC or Reg. X-Body MC (10/side)
3) Stability Ball Plank (30sec)


TT Reconstruction Workout B

1A) Deadlift / DB Squat  (12)
1B) DB 1-Arm Chest Press  (10)
1C) Stability Ball 1-Leg Curl (8)
2A) DB Chest-Supported Row (12)
2B) Military Press/DB 1-Arm Standing Shoulder Press (8)
2C) DB Reverse Lunge (10)

30 minutes of Reconstruction Off-Day Workout 2

1) Squats  (15)t2
2) Rolling (10)
3) WYLIT (10 each) T’s =====>
4) Stability Ball Hip Extension (15)
5) Side Plank (45sec/side)
6)Plank (60sec)
7) 1-leg Hip Extension (10)
8] Calf Stretch (30sec)
9) Stability Ball Mtn Climber (10)
10) Stability Ball Jackknife (12)


TT Reconstruction Workout C

1) Prisoner Squat (10/20)
2) Close-Grip Pushups (10/20)
3) Stability Ball Leg Curl (10/20)
4) Stability Ball 1-Leg Jackknife (10/20)
5) Diagonal Lunge (10/20)
6) Underhand Inverted Row (10/20)
7) Grasshopper Pushup (10/20)
8] Side Plank Leg Raise (10/20)
9) Spiderman Climb (10/20)
10) Run In Place (10/20)

Social Support Saturday!
30 minutes of fun activity, and then find a way to start recording your meals online – using Facebook, Twitter, or TT Members.

Sunday – Plan, Shop & Prepare
30 minutes of fun activity and then plan, shop, & prepare.

You might want to consider adding the ingredients for a “Vegan Burger, Fries, and Shake“. <== Click for more info.

Next week! boot camp marketing
Another TT Bootcamp Workout using only bodyweight exercises
More blender drink recipes and summer eating

Enjoy this new program and try that challenge,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS