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How to Take a Vacation Inside Your Head


On a recent Oxford Club tour of Italy, I got to know Dr. Satinder Swaroop, a cardiologist based in Fountain Valley, CA. Among the many topics we discussed during our ten days together was Transcendental Read More >>


What Really Matters


Why do some folks look back on their lives and say they wouldn’t change much? Or anything? Is there a formula? Some mix of love, work, habits, or attitudes that offers the best chance of Read More >>


The Great Key to Successful Living


At a party last week, I bumped into a distracted woman wearing a frown. “Hey, don’t hog all the fun,” I said with a wink. She shook her head and gave me a slightly embarrassed Read More >>


Look for the Best in People… And You’re Likely to Find It


As a father of teenagers, I’m all too familiar with the popular response: “whatever.” I much prefer how Paul uses the word in Philippians 4: “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, Read More >>

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How to Eat for Energy


My recent column about habits – and how changing two of my bad ones allowed me to reach my ideal body weight in three months – provoked an outpouring of letters from readers asking for Read More >>


Three Words That Will Change Your Life


Talk about a model prisoner… In 1985, Fleet Maull began serving a 14-year sentence for drug trafficking. During his incarceration, he completed a Ph.D. in Psychology, authored a well-received book, became an ordained priest, founded Read More >>


The Solution to Happiness


Our nation has a happiness fetish. Each year, publishers print thousands of books on the subject. Talk show hosts offer advice from psychologists and therapists. Magazine covers promise “The Short-Cut to Happiness” or “The 7 Read More >>


The “Atheist” Who Governed the Country


“Make your own Bible,” Ralph Waldo Emerson proclaimed in his Journals in 1836. “Select and collect all the words and sentences that in all your readings have been to you like the blast of a Read More >>


Are the Rich Smarter Than You?


Growing up, when I got into an argument with my mother, she would sometimes resort to the nuclear option, her tried-and-true conversation stopper. Putting her hands on her hips and using the worst faux Southern Read More >>


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