What’s Your Breaking Point?

images4Have you ever heard the story of the boiling frog?

It goes like this…

When you place a lil’ froggy in a pot of boiling water, the frog’s immediate reaction is to jump like crazy to get out of that pot and escape “un-boiled”.


If you put that same lil’ froggy into a pot of cool water and slowly heat the water up to a boil, Mr. Frog will just sit there until it’s too late for him to escape. He’ll be cooked before he realizes the danger he is in.

So what’s that mean to you?

It’s simple.

A lot of us are making seemingly harmless little decisions everyday (you know, getting the chips with your sub at Subway or turning that one reward meal into three each week).

Each one of those decisions adds more belly fat and with enough of these bad choices can lead you down the path to some really serious and nasty diseases.weightscalessm

We’re slowly allowing ourselves to be boiled.

We are…

  • Making small little diet mistakes each day that then become bad habits and cause us to gain belly fat
  • Making excuses to skip workouts and slowly get off track
  • Waiting and waiting and waiting to get started
  • Not looking deep inside ourselves for internal motivation to change
  • Not seeking out social support from others
  • Resistant to change
  • And just not taking baby steps each day to improve our health, fitness, and body transformations

So I have one question for you…

Well, actually, I have two questions, but you’ll only be able to answer one.

1) What is your “breaking point” required to to stick to your program and keep up that motivation? What will finally cause you to make the healthy changes for good and what do you need to help you stick to it?


2) If you already have had your breaking point and succeeded, tell us what it was and how you were able to stick to your changes.

Believe me, your answers will inspire and encourage thousands of other men and women to succeed.

When I take a look at all the TT Transformation Contest Success Stories, there is one common element to their stories.

They all hit a BREAKING POINT.

That got me thinking – especially after my blog post yesterday about how my Dad would be celebrating his 70th birthday if he had lived a better life.

But he never hit a breaking point.

So have you? Or are you still waiting to reach yours?

What’s your breaking point?

Have you hit the point where you are FINALLY ready to change?

If you are, here’s the solution for you.

It’s called the 12-Week TT Transformation Contest.

This is our 28th contest. I’ve given away over $150,000 to our winners over the last 10 years.

It’s been life-changing for so many people, and it will change your life, too.

Best of all, it’s free to enter and win my money.

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Looking forward to seeing your big transformation.

Stay strong and get stronger,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS – Again, here are the steps.

1) Decide that it’s finally time to change.

2) Go to www.TransformationContest.com/rules to get started.

3) Change your life and win my money! 🙂

Good luck to everyone!