Workout Secrets of Busy People

Another week, another flight, another delay.

Last Sunday in Miami my flight home was delayed by a cargo door that wouldn’t close.  Yesterday my flight home from San Francisco was set back an hour because there was frost on the wings.

Because this was such an unusual occurrence for California,the airport doesn’t stock de-icing equipment, and so the plane had to go and “tan” in the sun for an hour.

Soon we were good to go, and I made the most of the delay by catching up on the latest Bourne movie (not bad, but not as good as the original, of course) and writing a few new TT workouts for you.

Eventually I got in the door here in Toronto just after 5 pm, after my local gym had already closed.

Now that could have ruined my day.

But I know the workout secrets of busy, fit people.

And even though I left my hotel room at 5:30 am to get to the airport for my early morning flight, I had already trashed my legs with a hard-core home workout revolution program.

In just 12 minutes I had my legs shaking and body fat burning.

Metabolism was boosted.

Results were achieved.

All because I know exactly what exercises to do in what orderand for how long so that I can get maximum results withminimum fatigue.

It’s a perfect system that can help you too.

Because you see, we all LOVE the idea of having NO equipment workouts in their fitness toolbox.

But the problem is that they run out of ideas and the workoutsbecome either boring or dangerous (because they start using”bad idea” exercises like sit-ups since they don’t know anybetter alternatives.)

For example, on Friday morning I was working with a business coaching client that wanted to start adding in a 15-minute body weight workout each morning.

“I tried doing one the other day,” he said, “but I couldn’t think of enough exercises to keep going for even 10 minutes.It ended up being a total waste of time.”

But that is NOT the case when you know…

– Over 101 NO-equipment bodyweight exercises

– The Ultimate Fat Loss Key for creating fat burning workouts in 19 minutes, 12 minutes, and even just 4 minutes

– The exact way to structure exercises in supersets, trisets,circuits, ladders, and challenges to get maximum results

Busy people, like you, me, Jason Bourne, and Aaron Cross,all need to take these workout secrets and put them to use so that we get maximum results in minimum time.Fit, yet busy people know that you can’t waste time with long,inefficient warm-ups on an elliptical machine.

Busy people know that you must use “big bang” exercises within complete recovery to maximize the metabolic response.

Fit people know that must stress the muscles to near fatigue in order for the biochemical changes to signal your body to start producing more and more fat burning hormones.

Busy people know that you focus on multi-muscle, multi-joint exercises that give you the most training effect from the least number of exercises – and therefore shorter workouts.

Fit people know a wide variety of unique exercises that train your abs while simultaneously training your legs, chest, and even your arms.

Busy people know that because they don’t have a lot of time to exercise each day, that they must make every minute count,and so they only choose metabolism-boosting exercises and routines so that they boost their all-day fat burning – and energy.

Those are the secrets of fit and busy people.And you can join the Fit and Busy Revolution…I’m going to give you all of the secret workouts and nutrition advice this week .

Whether it’s using the 20-10 body weight system or a countdown body weight ladder, the TRUTH is that YES you can get great results in just a few minutes per day.

IF you know the workout secrets.

And tomorrow, you’ll finally have the workout secrets of busy people that you need to get results fast.

You’ll have instant access to 51 follow-along, NO-equipment TT workouts filmed with me and Certified Turbulence Trainers,Mikey “Let’s train and then eat Pancakes” Whitfield and Bri”The High Energy Guy” Kalakay.  And those workouts will just take a few minutes each to help you get fit faster than ever.

Plus you’ll get my brand new DIET REVOLUTION program to help you burn even more belly fat in just a few minutes per day.

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Time for you to join the elite group of Insiders that know the secrets to getting fit and lean in just a few minuteseach day.It’s like being in on the secret “Tread stone” program of fat loss. You’ll be the Jason Bourne of Fat

Burning. You’llbe programmed for elite fat loss in just a few minutes per day.Sound fair enough?Exactly.I hope you’re as excited as I am.Less a day to go…before the Home Workout Revolution hits.

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You’ll be able to use these workouts anytime, anywhere, from your bedroom to a hotel room.

Get ready to rock and burn the fat without the need for machines, long slow cardio, a gym membership, a DVD player,or even a single dumbbell.

The workout world is about to change forever.

Here comes the Home Workout Revolution.

Viva la revolution,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer