Winners of TT DVD’s and Memberships

fat loss dvd workoutsI just finished reading the 61 entries in the “Breaking Point” contest…

Powerful stuff. I commented on every one of them too.

And it always tears me up to hear of your struggles, but fortunately so many of you also had success stories to share and positive attitudes about the future.

As a result, I gave away 5 prizes, not just 2…

You can discover the winning entries on the blog…they came from:

1) Jules
2) Juliet
3) Julius
4) Kevin
5) Dan P.

Click here to read all of the entries

(I know, I guess I had a thing for Jul-type names…then again it is July!)

It seems like over and over again the inspiration for your changes have come from reflection – by either seeing your parents suffer or from not liking what you see in the mirror.

Or from strong words spoken by your children.

I tell ya, I sure wish I would have had the courage at age 11 to say to my Dad what Dan P.’s son said to him to make him change.

As you can tell, I have a soft spot for fathers who are committed to change for sake of their kids – so that’s why there are 3 male winners. 100 pounds fat loss

(But I’m proud of all you girls too!)

After all, one of the greatest TT success stories is Juan Ruiz, the single full-time father who was also the first TT member to lose over 100 pounds with the program.

Very proud of you Juan, hope you are reading!

However, after reading all the entries I’m still a little confused…

So many people wrote powerful stories about why they have hit their breaking point but some still haven’t changed…

And I know that a lot of other folks didn’t speak up, even though they feel the same way as our winners.

But what are you waiting for?

Now is the best time for you to start changing your life and improving your health.

Do NOT wait for your breaking point to scare you into starting.

Instead, get started now and avoid it all together.

Maybe you just need a little extra push in the right direction in order to finally make those changes?

Perhaps you’re a little skeptical that Turbulence Training even works?turbulence_cover_4

If so, then just give TT a little no-risk try-out for 3 weeks.

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If you aren’t convinced TT is the best program to help you reach your goals and avoid your breaking point, just let us know within 21 days and you won’t be charged for the program…

….but you can still keep it AND your TT membership.

I promise you it will work!

You have nothing to lose but your body fat.

I can’t wait to hear your success story,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – If your name was listed as a contest winner…

…I’ll be contacting you for your shipping address to send you the DVD’s and set you up with a TT membership.

And to everyone else, make sure to introduce yourself on the TT Member’s forum when you get started with the TT Trial Offer.

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The TT Member’s forum and social support is the secret weapon that
almost no other program has.

It’s where you’ll get help from folks all over the world who have
been in your spot and finally broke free and changed their lives.

They’ll show you how to do it. I promise! See you on the forums.