Powerful and Underrated Fat Loss Tips

TT Transformation ContestYesterday I introduced to you our most recent female 5-week TT transformation contest winner, Melody Pipken. I wanted to share her success story with you because I know so many of you face the same challenges Melody worked so hard to overcome.

Today, Melody shares what motivated her day-in and day-out, and the steps she followed to lose 4 lbs and 5 inches of fat in just 5 weeks time. Let’s dive right in….


CB: How important for your success were the other TT members on the TT Forum? Did you benefit the most from motivation, the experience of others, or accountability? Any suggestions on how TT readers can get the right social support in their life? And how did you deal with negative influences, if you had any?

MJP: I think the TT forum is vital to my success!

Thank you so much for creating this place where I can go and learn so much from others who are taking this transformation journey with me and as well as those who have already met their goals and are maintaining or pushing on to new ones.

It is very motivating to compete with other men & women who share my goals of being fit and even want to win the same contest that I want to win. They fight so hard to overcome the same struggles I am facing – to workout consistently and to get in a strong workout whether they feel like it or not and to stay on target with their eating.

Of course it is not always a struggle- sometimes it is just exciting to share a new workout or exercise you discovered or a new weight accomplishment with others who ‘get it‘….

…It is crazy to want to win these contests so bad – yet I cant help but cheer for the others too -I don’t want to see anyone who really put in effort lose!!!

How do I deal with negative influences? I just make sure I know what my goals are! (or come whine in my journal and get some support there).

CB: In your winning essay, you mention goal setting quite a bit. Was this process new to you, and how did you go about setting your goals? Did you write them down on paper or keep track of them on computer? What advice do you have for other TT readers about goal setting?

MJP: Yes- the process of actually writing down my goals was new to me. Of course I had read about goals and how important it was to write them down before – but something I read in TT really hit home with me (finally)…So actually doing it- writing them down – was new.

My first goal I wrote down was: to WIN the 8th TT Transformation Contest.

Then, as I thought more about my goals I realized I did NOT want a goal I could not control the outcome of what if I have an awesome transformation and someone else just has a better one? So I changed that goal. I also was originally hung up on my age – I felt very limited by it, but I decided to just get over that too!

My # 1 goal is to get into the best shape of my life!

I want to look good- but I want to feel good- truly be healthy is very important to me….

…so I set up some SPECIFIC GOALS I want to reach, then BROKE THEM DOWN by:

  1. How much of them I thought I could accomplish in the 12 weeks.
  2. Then broke them down with different things I could work on weekly to get me to those goals.

My advice is to just do it!!! Get a sheet of paper- write 3 things you want to accomplish -big things you will really have to stretch to reach for -then one thing you can do to help you reach each of those goals- then a baby step for each of those to get you on the way.

CB: Did you start out with a strong belief in your ability? Or was that something you built over time? If so, what were some of the turning points?

MJP: No I did not start out with a strong belief in my ability.

I was 44 in the worst shape of my life, felt bad most of the time- and was really buying into that idea – ‘over 40 everything falls apart’.

Even though I knew I could lose weight and be in a little better shape- I felt limited by my age in what I would be able to accomplish. Then I met Catherine… and Ma … And received an encouraging comment on my introduction by another contestant. So I just started to think….

…maybe I was WRONG.

I started eating better and working out constantly and very quickly I felt stronger and started to notice changes in the mirror.  At this point I believe I can absolutely do it- get in the best shape of my life that is!!!

CB: Next, tell us about your workouts…what was new, what worked best, what did you enjoy, and how consistent were you? Has your attitude towards exercise changed? Any suggestions for beginners out there who are intimidated?

MJP: My workouts- what I love best about them- well I guess that would be the RESULTS – quick results- but also I love the VARIETY.

I love that the workouts are different throughout the week and then that they completely change every 4 weeks. Really keeps working out fresh and exciting -and challenges me physically.

I am not very organized by nature- so I love how organized all these workouts are.Working out with the stability ball was new to me- I have had one forever -but never actually worked out with it. I love it- I cant believe how much it challenges me.Stability Ball Cross Body Mountain Climber Exercise

Also planks- I had never done these before – VERY challenging. My newest challenge is Stability Ball X Body Mountain Climbers- wow- I had to really push to get 8 of those last week the first time I tried them- looking forward to mastering them!!!!

I am using the heaviest weights I have ever used also. I have been able to be very consistent with your workouts -I really enjoy the 3 day a week commitment. If I have time I can do a fun bodyweight circuit on my off day -or if I decide to take the dog for a jog instead I don’t have to feel guilty like I missed my workout.

I find I really look forward to my workout days though..I look forward to challenging myself to up my weights or hold a plank longer, ect.

Keeping a journal in the forums helps me stay accountable with my consistency too.

My SUGGESTION to beginners would be to start at the beginning with the fat loss workouts and take one day at a time. Start a journal and post! DO the best YOU can each workout and challenge yourself to do a little more the next time -and stick with it because you will see results in no time!!!!

CB: And finally, what’s next for Melody? How do you plan to keep this momentum going and what recommendations do you have for others who want to make the same permanent lifestyle changes?

MJP: What is next for Melody? Well I want finish the Booty 4 Wife program I am working on now- but there are so many others I want to try…TT Booty for Wife Workout Program

…TT2K6 looks pretty good but I have not decided yet. I will probably start a journal in the regular forum. And since I have another 15 lbs to get to my weight goal – I will be checking out the contest that starts in September!!

The other thing I plan to do is keep an eye on my goals & reassess them when & if necessary so they will help keep me on target!

Thanks again Craig for Turbulence Training. The workouts are the best- but the whole package really is what WORKS – the forums, the podcasts, the nutritional advice, Facebook updates, and the contest!!! It was such an honor to win the 5 week contest knowing how hard the other ladies were working. I am really proud of how I look even though I am still ‘on the way’ and I feel great! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Melody Pipkin