Turbulence Training Review

turbulencet3_41So many folks are asking, “What is TT?” that I’ve decided to write a Turbulence Training Review. We’ll start with how it was developed and finish off with the amazing TT body transformation contests that are helping men and women everywhere get more results in less workout time.

It was over 10 years ago that I first developed the Turbulence Training fat loss workout system…a little bit by accident, as I was just a lowly graduate student trying to finish a fast workout.

During that winter, I was spending up to 16 hours per day in the lab at McMaster University Hospital, performing radio-immuno assays on research subject blood.images5

(I was testing the changes caused by a supplement called “Androstenedione”, a pro-hormone used by Mark McGwire during his legendary home run chase of 1998.)

At the same time, I was subconsciously creating Turbulence Training with every research study I read on resistance training and interval training. Plus, during my spare time, I was a strength and conditioning coach for hundreds of basketball, soccer, and rugby players at my school.

Three times per week we’d meet on the fields after class ended and go through bodyweight exercises, agility drills, speed training, and fat burning intervals to help these young men and women get into shape without doing long, slow, boring cardio.

Between my experiences with training folks for fitness and fat loss and with studying the effects of androstenedione on resistance training and blood hormones, I was getting both a practical and theoretical education in how the body responded to intense training.

With each one of my own workouts I got closer and closer to the first version of Turbulence Training for fat loss. And then one day, in February of 1999, it happened.

Faced with another 16 hour day in the lab, I knew I had to break out. But with only a 50 minute break between blood tests, I didn’t have much time to get over to the gym, complete a workout, shower, and get back to the lab if I wanted to stay on track.images6

So here’s what I did…I put together all of my knowledge – from every research study, every exercise physiology class, every bodybuilding workout I did as a teenager, and every personal training session I had done with clients at the University gym, and I came up with the first Turbulence Training workout.

I put on my winter coat and ran over to the gym. From there, I got into the University workout center, ignored all the cute girls on the cardio machines, and spent 20 minutes doing resistance training, sticking with the exercises that would give me the most fat loss and muscle building results in the least amount of time.

Finally, I finished with 15 minutes of interval training on a lifecycle stationary bike. I think those machines are great for interval training if you are stuck inside. Stick to 80-100 RPM when using them and you’ll get a great fat loss interval training workout using the Turbulence Training system.

After a quick shower, I made it back to the lab in under an hour…a little late but still in time to stick to my schedule. Eventually I finished up my crazy time in the lab and had more time to workout, but Turbulence Training was born…

…the perfect mix of research and fat loss workout experience, to help you get more fat loss results in less exercise time so that you can do less and achieve more. robyn

In the future, we’ll review specific Turbulence Training fat loss workouts to show you just how powerful this program is for helping you with your body transformation contest.

To your success,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

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