TRX Ab Blasting Superset

So glad you loved yesterday’s killer core training circuit. Yesterday I did those three moves but got a little addicted to the TRX so I through in one more ab blasting superset.

You’re going to love this one, too.

It all starts with my new favorite #1 ab exercise. I first tried this one out while filming one of the TRX Elite Home Workout Revolution videos down in Lapeer, Michigan with Brian Kalakay, Certified Turbulence Trainer.

Brian was having a ball yelling at me as I went through the tough workout, and one of the exercises he had chosen to torture me with was the TRX Mountain Climber.

Now I know it sounds so simple. Geez, mountain climbers. Big deal. But wait until you try it, especially when paired with my previous #1 TRX Ab move, the kneeling Ab Fallout.

It’s a brilliant combo. The first exercise forces stabilization and contraction from the bottom up, while the second demands incredible core strength and then hits you with contraction from the top down. It’s the ultimate ab superset, and practically impossible to replicate without a Suspension trainer.

Add this Ab Superset to the end of your next workout:

A) TRX Mountain Climber – 30 seconds
B) TRX Ab Fallout (kneeling) – 60 seconds
– Rest 30 seconds and repeat two more times.

Then consider your abs, “Officially Blasted“.

Screen shot 2013 02 20 at 6.19.05 AM 300×173 TRX Ab Blasting Superset

But don’t get me wrong, suspension trainers like the TRX or Jungle Gym straps (you can use either for the superset) are not just core training devices.

In fact, there are literally 191 exercises that you can do to get ripped and even build muscle, practically anytime, anywhere. And celebrity trainer and TRX authority Dan Long shows you how here:

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Get ripped with the Revolution,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Dan just turned the big 4-0 on Saturday…

…and so in addition to wishing him a Happy Birthday, you also have to check out how RIPPED he is at 40.

And how much energy he has. It’s off the charts.

Even ol’ Bally the Dog is impressed, and trust me, ol’ Bally the Dog has amazing energy too, plus he’s just not easily impressed by things that he can’t eat. But he is impressed by Dan Long!
And a big part of Dan’s energy and low belly fat levels is his workouts with Suspension training.

Get the Suspension Workouts from the master – Dan Long – here

You’ll be amazed at what he can show you.

Hard to believe he is 40. Dang!

PPS – Hard to believe Bally the Dog is over 50!

But he’s 7 in human years…wow…still super insane though. And he loves to watch me do suspension training in the backyard out on the farm.

Alright, time for a walk with ol’ B.

Have a great day!