Transition: Turning Over a New Leaf

turning over a new leafAs we roll into September, and the unofficial end of summer, a new season is taking shape and with it some pretty cool opportunities. I love seasonal changes for their natural invitation to do something new. I use “seasonal” coaching and training to create more harmony and health in fitness, nutrition, and in relationships in my life and the lives of my clients.

Just last week, in a coaching session, a client identified how her energy had shifted away from wanting to run as much. All summer she had been drawn to trail running several times per week and, at first, she struggled to just let herself run. In her mind, she needed to force herself to engage in more intense workouts in order to “be in the right kind of shape.”

As I coached her through the value of following her energy she began to reap the rewards — and more than just physically. She began to find peace, clarity, and drive in other areas of her life that had been muddled by so many “shoulds.”

So, in our recent coaching session, when she informed me she had added some new total body workouts a couple times per week because she was drawn to them more than running I was delighted! She recognized that she was experiencing exactly what we’d been working toward — by trusting her own intuition — becoming the expert in her own life.

These new workouts are introducing her to exercises that challenge her form and help improve her stability. She’s already loving the new ways her body is gaining strength and coordination as she discovers what balance means for this new season.healthy eating

In the kitchen, she’s experiencing less anxiety and more pleasure by respecting hunger and satiety cues while listening to what’s inviting — like the bright, bold flavors of her favorite salad dressing, or the creative ways she’s playing with avocados.

To her great surprise, she’s freed herself from the apprehension around eating and made the transition to enjoying life more fully — all because she’s paying more attention to what matters to her. Even her idea of “clean eating” has changed, which used to be steeped in fear and judgment, but now makes space for foods like pizza with her girlfriends!

As we wrapped up our session, we shared excitement for where she is in her journey — for all the work she has done and will continue to do in order to better understand herself, to live a more full and vibrant life, and to transition to sharing her shining light with the world with a sense of purpose. This is exactly why I do what I do.

Teaching and empowering others to become the expert in their own lives is the most powerful gift I can give. And just as the seasons change from summer to fall, so do our needs change during the seasons of our lives.

turning over a new leafLearning to trust your inner wisdom takes practice. In time, you’ll be able to heed the signals for change and follow through on what’s calling to you; and that’s when you experience profound growth, greater refinement, and deeper connection that each new season brings.

My hope is that this client’s success story inspires you to want the same transition for yourself: personal growth, healing, and clarity, one season at a time.

In Love & Gratitude,

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Missi Holt

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Missi Holt

Missi Holt is the fitness and nutrition editor for Early to Rise. She is a master nutrition therapist, certified yoga trainer, Certified Turbulence Trainer and an NSCA certified personal trainer (CPT). She also provides fitness and nutrition therapy through her own organization, Whole Life Health.