The NEW Fat Burning Zone (the old cardio one is a JOKE!)

fat burning zoneYou’ve heard of the fat burning zone, right? It’s a joke, a bunch of useless info, but here’s how it goes down…

Well, I’ve got a few fat burning hot zone exercises I want to share with you today…But first:

Happy National Pecan Month.

Bet you didn’t know that April is Pecan Month, did ya? Well, there you go. Unfortunately, the pecan is a low-protein nut, and later on you’ll discover which is nut is top of the protein chart. More details in a bit, but now, time to start out 7-day fat burning guide.

Monday’s Top Transformation Tip

If you want to have enough “energy” to stick to your program, you need to cut the sugar, processed foods, and massive doses of caffeine from your diet. Discover the rest of my 7 tips to having more energy here:

=> 7 tips to have more energy

Now let’s take a look at a better fat burning zone workout, and review this week’s TT program:

The Hot Zone Turbulence Training Workout (from August 2008)

Workout A
1A) DB Split Squat (8 reps/side)
1B) Pushup Hands on Ball (15 reps) chest supported row

2A) DB Chest-Supported Row (12 reps) – see here =>>>>
2B) X-Body M. Climber (10 reps/side)

3A) DB 1-Arm Sh. Press (8 reps/side)
3B) Ball Jackknife Plank (60 sec)

Interval Workout A

What type of intervals are best? I talk about that in this blog post:

=> Best interval workout for fat loss

Off-day, stay out of the gym. Enjoy life! Get outside!

Then sit back, and have a laugh at how I show you how silly personal trainers are trying to wipe out the cute lil’ bunny population with their crazy theories about “negative calorie foods” here:

=> Truth about negative calorie foods

Bunnies would die if “negative calorie foods” existed. Think about it.

Time for another fast TT “fat burning zone” workout.

Workout B
1A) DB Incline-Flat Press (8 reps)
1B) Underhand Inv. Row (15 reps)

2A) DB Step-up (8 reps/side)
2B) Stability Ball Rollout (10 reps)

3A) DB Incline Curl (8 reps/side)
3B) DB Triceps Extension (8 reps)

Interval Workout B

Another sweet, glorious off-day from structured workouts. Now get outside and play! Do 30 minutes of fun activity like softball, soccer, or Frisbee.

Alright, earlier I mentioned that pecans were a low protein nut (doesn’t stop me from eating them, of course). So let’s look at who is the “King of Nuts” for protein…

Almonds are looking good at 6g of protein per ounce.

Cashews hit the scene with 4.3g of protein per ounce.

Walnuts are right there too at 4.3g…

But the winner, by a peanut, is peanuts. They have almost 7g of protein per ounce.

So having an ounce of any nut for a snack gives you a couple of grams of protein…and I have more vegetarian options in a second…you’ll be surprised…

Before we get to workout C, let’s hear from the smartest man in fitness, Bill Hartmann, about his thoughts on the one upper-body, bodyweight exercise you must NOT do in the gym…triceps bench dips

The Bench Dip

According to Bill…

“The bench dip requires about 90 degrees of shoulder extension which exceeds normal shoulder extension by about 25 degrees.  To achieve that much range of motion the scapula must tilt forward which is a pretty unstable position.

This also means that the shoulder joint is unstable and increases demands on the rotator cuff especially the subscapularis.  Over time this is a lot of undesireable stress leading to impingement of the cuff.  This doesn’t even consider the stress on the AC joint.  It’s also a crap exercise for overload.
Bill Hartmann, “The Smartest Man in Fitness”
Click here for Bill’s site

Alright, now it’s time for the last Hot Zone workout.

Workout C
1A) Pull-up + Knee-up (8 reps)
1B) Stability Ball Leg Curl (20 reps)

2A) DB Forward Lunge (8 reps/side)
2B) Spiderman Pushup (8 reps/side)

20-Min High Intensity Cardio

Yes, high-intensity cardio. Sometimes put it in for fun. Do not mistake this for long, slow, boring cardio (LIE cardio).

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Have another fun off-day doing 30 minutes of activit, and don’t forget to plan, shop, & prepare.

And then check out my 40-grams of protein, 3 banana taco lunch. No meat, no shakes.

Lunch was…

– raw vegetables & hummus
– 3 “banana tacos” (banana + blueberries + tbspn almond-hazelnut butter wrapped in tortilla)
-500mL chocolate milk

= 40 grams protein

Alright, that’s it for this week, enjoy!

Next week!
– How to beat the belly bloat
– Another bodyweight workout
– Tips on beating high blood pressure & diabetes

Helping you lose fat while spending less time doing cardio,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS fat burning workout book

Click here to try the Hot Zone Turbulence Training Workout (from August 2008)

  • Great post.

    Thanks for including the bench dip tip. Exactly the reason I don’t do them, and you just reinforced it.

  • Wazzup

    I think dissing cardio as a joke is a gross oversimplification.

  • Craig Ballantyne

    I said the “cardio fat burning zone” is a joke. And it is.

  • will cadman

    where do i find out what interval workout A and B are? i paid £80 to turbulence training a week ago and am yet to see any information regarding fitness or nutrition, i want to do the complete workouts but how can i do them when i dont know what to do????

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Hi Will!

      I’ve emailed the download link to you. Thanks!


  • Cody

    I’ve learned of your TT site through Mark Sisson’s Daily Apple. I’ve become a big advocate of the Primal Blueprint. Which in turn leads me to this comment. Though almonds have more protein than walnuts, the Omega 6 -Omega 3 ratio is much better than almonds and a better choice. And forget about peanuts, which are not a true nut and actually should be left out of a healthy diet.
    As usual, I always learn something from yours, Marks, & Rusty’s(Fitness Black Book) sites. Did not know that about bench dips. I had done them recently, but now….never again. Thanks!

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Hi Cody,

      I wouldn’t stress about the omega ratio. Both are healthy choices, and peanuts are still okay, unless of course you have allergies.


  • Carlos

    Hey Craig. I have been using Turbulance Training and it has worked wonders. I just have one question on nutrtion. I know in your original turbulance training you said it is okay to eat LOW FAT YOGURT and COTTAGE CHESSE(I have been eating those for a while, got a six pack). Do you still recommend that we eat this since you said before to avoid anything white? Any help would be appreciated.

    Carlos from NJ.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      I mean white bread,etc.

  • Cenz

    Do the same shoulder issues apply to regular dips done without the assistance of a bench? If so, could you suggest another BW exercise to replace dips? I’m planning a backpacking trip this spring and would like to build up an arsenal of BW exercises to keep fit. I had been planning to rely on the bench dip done on the edge of hostel beds when I didn’t have access to something resembling dip bars.

    I’m particularly interested in preserving my shoulders– I’m a squash player and rotator cuff issues run in my family– so I’d like to avoid exercise that place undue stress on the joint. However, I’ve noticed an improvement in my strength overall since I added dips to my workouts.


    — Cenz

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Yes, the same applies to bench dips on a bed. Use pushups instead.

  • Andy

    there is barely any intensity in any of these workouts are there more then one set, or im just kind of curious what the understanding behind it is?

  • Blake

    Hi Craig,
    Great stuff. Though what are your feelings on regular parallel bar dips? I notice that you don’t do them in your program often. Your opinion is much appreciated.

    Best Regards,

  • Timea

    Well, too bad about the pecans since I like them the most among nuts. So how much protein do they have?
    Regarding the peanuts and how they are not true nuts, I keep hearing this but so what’s the problem exactly? Why do they have to be kept out of a healthy diet?

  • PoD

    Hi CB,
    I thought the king of nuts depending on protein content is pumpkin seed… by the way are all nuts good for ur health ?

    • Craig Ballantyne

      I don’t know about the pumpkin seed. That was all that was in the chart I found.

      I don’t know of any nuts that aren’t healthy…just make sure they are not roasted in unhealthy oils and covered in salt.