The First Step to Getting a Sexy Beach-Ready Body

Many of my clients are in a hurry to slim down and tone up these days. Summer is upon us, which means they’re wearing less clothing and have more chances to feel self-conscious.

If you’d like to get your body beach-ready, I have a few simple suggestions. And the first step doesn’t even require you to break a sweat!: Write down your top five reasons for wanting to get in shape.

“Becoming truly motivated starts with your willingness to understand the ‘whys’ of what you want to accomplish in your career and your life,” says Bob Cox, success mentor and creator of The Billionaire in You. “Picking the right motivation is crucial to whether you actually follow through.”

So give yourself five good reasons for getting in shape that will motivate you to get your butt into gear.

For instance, “I want to show up at my 20-year reunion looking so slim and toned that my ex’s eyes will fall out of his/her face.”

Or, “I want to lose 20 pounds so my kids will be proud to be seen with me at the beach.”

Or, “I want to put on a bikini and look super-hot.”

Or, “I want to start exercising regularly so I can have the body of my dreams and feel amazing each and every day!”

Now, tape that list of reasons someplace where you’ll see them every day. On your bathroom mirror, on your closet door, next to your desk. This big dose of meaningful motivation will help you stick to your diet and exercise plan.

Yarixa Ferrao is the certified personal trainer and founder of “Get Fit in 6” who has been whipping some Early to Rise staffers into shape. Coach Yari’s e-course newsletter series explains the exercise and nutrition secrets that can help you burn fat. Click here to sign up.]

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Yarixa Ferrao is a Certified Personal Trainer. She was voted “America’s Next Fitness Phenom” in 2008. Coach Yari is an expert in functional training, weight loss, sports performance, and cellulite. She is the founder of Get Fit in 6, a six-week life transformation program for both women and men in Delray Beach, Florida. Coach Yari is the author of the e-book, Cellulite and the Featured Fitness Instructor on Dr. Al Sears World Renowned P.A.C.E Program exercise video.