Sprint Training Research & My Workouts

This week, you’ll discover the latest in sprint interval training research, plus my latest 4-week workout program. But first, the most recent updates on my travels, and of course, a Happy Thanksgiving to all American TT readers!

I started my travels in Louisville last week, visiting Pat and Holly Rigsby, and their lil’ baby boy, Alex. (Holly is America’s Fat Loss Expert for Moms.) Then it was on to Boston to see a guy about my websites, and then a meet-up with 2 of my old training clients who now live in Boston. I also trained at Gold’s Gym while I was there.

Then on Saturday I hopped the train into NYC to hang out with John Romaniello…we went to the crazy J-E-T-S game on Sunday and planned out the new “TT Clash of the Titans” workout with him. Great times.

Now I’m settling in for a 7-week stay here in Toronto…with no airports! Looking forward to the holiday season. Next trip: LA in January. Now let’s help you lose fat…

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On to the TT Workout and tips…

Monday – Nov 29th

Transformation Tip of the Week

We all make mistakes. We all have set-backs. It happens. But when it does, do what you can to get back on track immediately. No need to punish yourself. Focus on what you can do to correct the situation. Learn from the mistake so you stop it from happening in the future. Stay strong!

And for workout tips this week, we’re going to look through:

My Latest Workout Program

Workout A
1) Deadlift (6RM or 2×20)
2A) Bulgarian Split Squat (3×15)
2B) Plank type exercise
2C) Stability Ball 1-Leg Curl (3×10/side)

Get 30 minutes of fun activity – now grab a Green Tea and do this week’s research review.

Metabolism 59, Issue 10, October 2010, Pages 1421-1428

Effect of 2 weeks of sprint interval training on health-related outcomes in sedentary overweight/obese men

10 obese men between the ages of 25-40 performed a 2-week sprint interval program of:

  • 6 total workouts (3 workouts per week)
  • 4 to 6 30-second Wingate anaerobic sprints
  • All sprints performed on an electromagnetically braked cycle ergometer
  • 4.5-minute recovery between each sprint. That’s correct…almost 5 minutes recovery between sprints.

Increased VO2 max (aerobic power)

Significant decreases in waist (98.9 vs 101.3cm) and hip (109.8 vs 110.9 cm) circumferences compared with baseline were also observed after the intervention.

Bottom line:
2 weeks of SIT substantially improved a number of metabolic and vascular risk factors in overweight/obese sedentary men, highlighting the potential for this to provide an alternative exercise model for the improvement of vascular and metabolic health in this population.

Wednesday Workout Tip

I do one heavy lower body workout each week and one high-rep or bodyweight-only lower body workout each week.

I squat and deadlift once per week, but only one of those is done heavy each week. The other is either done with moderate weight and high reps, or using a bodyweight version.

For example, I might deadlift heavy on Monday, and then do pistol squats on Thursday. The next week, I’ll do high rep deadlifts on Monday and heavy squats on Thursday.

For me, this works better than going heavy both days. It spares my low back, which gets irritated if I squat and deadlift heavy in the same 7-day training cycle.

The high-rep deadlifting day switches the emphasis from the low back to the upper back and grip.

The bodyweight or high-rep squat day allows me to focus on improving single leg strength with the pistol exercise OR muscle and MENTAL endurance with high rep squats.

By the way, 20 rep sets of deadlifts and squats will still lead to muscle growth, as long as you are pushing your limits. There’s no way to avoid getting bigger and stronger when you pick up a heavy object from the ground 20 times. Works for farmers and construction workers, and it will work for you.

Workout B
Warmup: Stick-up + MB Throw + Light Rtr
1A) Football Bar Bench (3×5)
1B) UH Seated Row (3×8)
2A) Bodyweight Triceps (3×15)
2B) BB Curls (3×8)

Trainer Thursday
Do 30 minutes of fun activity and then check out this trainer tip from my buddy…

“Trainers and coaches who aren’t confident in ability, will just try to hammer the client every session – doing random stuff, just hard all the time. There’s no skill in that approach. Smart trainers build progression into programming & are more concerned with their clients progressing and getting results than just hammering them all the time. Fatigue & soreness are not indicators of progress.” – Alwyn Cosgrove

Facebook Friday

Here is the “question of the week” from Matthew Rumsey, who posted it on the TT Facebook page (visit that link to post your question)

Q: Hi CB, today I was trying to explain the benefits to a colleague of interval training but I couldn’t remember why it is so important to slow right down to a walk on rest periods. Can you briefly refresh my memory? Thx!!!

The reason we use low intensity recovery is so that you can work hard during the interval portion. When people don’t slow down, the intensity of the workout drops.

Workout C
1A) Depth Jump (5×2)
1B) High Box Sqt (3 RM)/Full Sqt (3×20)
2A) Eccentric GHR (3×8)
2B) DB Step-ups (3×8)
2C) Ab plank

Social Support Saturday!
30 minutes of fun activity…

Workout D
Warmup: Stick-up + MB Throw + Light Rtr
1A) Foam Press (3×6)
1B) DB CSR (3×8)
2A) BB Shrug (3×12)
2B) EZ Bar Triceps Extension (3×8)
2C) DB Incline Hammer Curl (3×8)

And here are 5 business books that I read in 2010 that you might like:

1) Knockout Entrepreneur – George Foreman
2) Getting Naked – Patrick Lencioni (great for managers)
3) Making Them Believe – Dan Kennedy
4) The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs
5) The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

Sunday – Plan, Shop & Prepare
30 minutes activity and plan, shop, & prepare

And here’s a nutrition tip from Dave Kekich’s book, “Life Extension Express”:

“Get 30-50 percent of your food as uncooked. Juicing (or blender drinks) and a salad at lunch will easily put you at that volume.”

BTW, in addition to eating a lot of raw fruits and green vegetables, I’ve recently added garlic and a lot of red onion to my diet. Plus, I sometimes supplement with two green powders, one is called spriulina, and the other is a commercial product called, “Athletic Greens”.

Next week!
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