Sleeping in… Barbecues… Dinners out with friends. Weekends can be rough! At least, as far as your body is concerned.

But it’s easy to prevent weekend weight gain. Just make sure you work out regularly. (Doing it early in the day is best, and you’ll get a more powerful workout if you combine short-burst exercises with multi-muscle techniques.) And watch what you eat.

That said, here are three easy “eating strategies” to keep the fat off.

Weekend Strategy #1: Avoid all liquid calories.

Much of what you drink is full of sugar – which can lead to excess fat. Plus, research shows that liquid calories don’t “register” in the brain and, thus, do not satisfy the appetite. Cut out the soda, the booze, the booze mix, and even the orange juice at breakfast. There’s just no room for liquid sugar in your diet if you want to lose belly fat.

Weekend Strategy #2: Get outside with your family and away from food.

We sometimes eat too much because we are bored. So if you’re finding it hard to keep your hand out of the candy bowl, get your hand (and your butt) out of that room!

Go play with the youngsters outside. Get together with some buddies in the neighborhood for a game of pick-up basketball. Take the dog for a run. Go for a really long walk. Just do something!

Weekend Strategy #3: Treat yourself.

Say you’re visiting family and you know Aunt Sue is going to make her amazing lemon meringue pie for dessert. Simply schedule that “treat” into your eating plan. To make up for it, set limits on all the other goodies you get offered.

And remember, if you can’t keep treats in the house without eating them, get RID of the junk.

[Ed. Note: Extending your life and living out your years in tip-top health is really a matter of making simple lifestyle choices – like consuming less sugar and fewer high-glycemic carbs. Want to burn more fat? Follow Craig’s Turbulence Training exercise program.]

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