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This week’s call is jam-packed with weight loss research tips…it’s really a different call. You’ll get a lot of proven ideas…

By the way, the 7th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest ends and the 8th contest begins on May 3rd & May 31st.

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If things aren’t going great, what’s at least one thing you can do to start making a change. You don’t have to tell me, just tell yourself, and then get started on making the change. That’s how you get things done.

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And now, our fat loss tips.

Monday – April 12th

Transformation Tip of the Week:

“You can do more; you’re better than that. You can dare to dream even bigger…aim higher, do more, be more, earn more, and go further. If nobody else believes you can do it, I believe you can do it, I believe you can. But whatever you do, commit with all your heart & don’t stop until you get where you want to go.”
George Foreman

Now for our first research study…

The Fat Burning Power of Kettlebells

Finally…some research on kettlebell workouts


Farrar, RE, Mayhew, JL, and Koch, AJ. Oxygen cost of kettlebell swings. J Strength Cond Res 24(4): 1034-1036, 2010.Health & Exercise Sciences Department, Human Performance Laboratory, Truman State University, Kirksville, Missouri.

10 college guys with VO2max of 52.78 completed a kettlebell exercise routine consisting of as many 2-handed swings as could be completed in 12 minutes using a 16-kg kettlebell.

Subjects completed 265 +/- 68 swings during the 12 minutes and achieved an average V02 of 34.31 +/- 5.67 and an average HR of 165 +/- 13 b.min.

Kettlebells provide a useful tool with which coaches may improve the cardiorespiratory fitness of their athletes.

Interesting…BUT…don’t jump into kettlebell swings too fast though…make sure you work your way up doing 3 minutes, 6 minutes, 9 minutes, and 12 minutes. Also, start light. The guys here used only a 35lbs kb.

Get 30 minutes of fun activity – now grab a Green Tea and let’s do this week’s main research review.

Krieger, JW. Single vs. multiple sets of resistance exercise for muscle hypertrophy: a meta-analysis. J Strength Cond Res 24(4): 1150-1159, 2010

For years people have wasted their lives arguing over 1 vs 3 sets…but anyways, this review of research studies concluded that multiple sets are associated with 40% greater hypertrophy-related than 1 set, in both trained and untrained subjects. However, the big difference is in going from 1 to 3 sets. On the other hand, there is no difference when you go from 3 to 4-6 sets. So no need to go overboard, like they do in Flex magazine.

So when possible, do more sets for more muscle growth.

For those not interested in muscle growth, cut back to one set and see how that goes.


Another study! This one shows that you can get fit playing sports – novel concept, huh? Having fun and getting fit…better than the treadmill…just watch out for after game beer and wings.

European Journal of Applied Physiology. Muscle adaptations and performance enhancements of soccer training for untrained men.  Peter Krustrup1 , Jesper F. Christensen1, Morten B. Randers1, Henrik Pedersen1, Emil Sundstrup1, 2, Markus D. Jakobsen1, 2, Birgitte R. Krustrup1, Jens J. Nielsen1, Charlotte Suetta2, Lars Nybo1 and Jens Bangsbo1

Our nerdy, sporty scientist friends from Denmark did this study on 38 untrained guys. The subjects were randomized into a soccer (SO – small sided rec games) group, a running (RU) group, and a control (CO) group.

Both the running and soccer groups had 2-3 weekly workouts, lasting an hour each.

But the soccer group had better results in every aspect…

  • Soccer had higher lactate levels – might increase GH & fat burning – and heart rates.
  • Soccer increased muscle fiber size a little (nothing massive).
  • Soccer increased muscle aerobic enzyme activity.
  • Soccer and running both increased aerobic fitness after 4 & 8 weeks, but only soccer increased again after 12 weeks.
  • Soccer increased 30-meter sprint performance.

Soccer is best! It sure beats running…

Do 30 minutes of fun activity…and remember this:

“Don’t go depending on the “cardio confessional”…you can’t burn off a 2500 calorie binge with 30 minutes on a cardio machine. Just forget about it. So instead of dreading a cardio workout, do a TT workout that gets you pumped.”

For all of the TT workouts, check out the archives here:

=> Turbulence Training Workouts

And today’s kick-butt mindset tip:

“Don’t be satisfied with the norm if you want more. It’s okay to want to achieve special results. The world needs folks who dream and achieve big things. Keep pushing to reach your full potential. Persevere. Never give up. And don’t let anyone hold you back.”


Chill out time…now for a surprising message…

The 5 Reasons Why Yoga Works for Fat Loss

  1. The “Yoga Lifestyle” is associated with better diet and lifestyle habits.
  2. People who do yoga are more in tune with body and realize how certain foods and meals make them feel, and also probably recognize the feeling of fullness better.
  3. Social support – When you do yoga in a class setting, you are going to end up hanging around healthier people and adopting their behaviors.
  4. It decreases stress – and if that “really” has an effect on belly fat loss, then good!
  5. If you’re stretching, you’re not eating. That’s a big one…sometimes we just need to keep busy so we keep out of the kitchen at night!

Social Support Saturday!
30 minutes of fun activity…and check out this interesting info from Nicholas Christakis, at Harvard.

(I read this in Wired magazine last winter…)

Interestingly, your weight status is associated with…

  • Your friend’s weight
  • Your friend’s friend’s weight
  • Your friend’s friend’s friend’s weight

We are influenced by networks. If your friends gain weight, you’ll gain weight. And the opposite too, if friends lose weight, we lose weight.

So…if we get one person to lose, others around them may lose – a snowball effect. If one spouse apples healthy behavior, chances are the other will too. Improving 1 person’s life should improve others connected to them.

But you should focus on helping hubs of networks lose weight. According to this researcher, we should be targeting  groups for change because it is more effective than targeting individuals because you create social ties. Essentially, you are spreading weight loss like a germ. And that’s the benefit of weight watchers, TT Members, and bootcamps.

Sunday – Plan, Shop & Prepare
30 minutes activity and plan, shop, & prepare…now for some eating research from the book, “59 Seconds”.

Essentially, we eat until we are finished, no matter how much is there.

Let’s take a look at the soup bowl study (Wansink, B., et al. Obes. Res. 13:93-, 2005).

In this study, subjects ate soup for 20 minutes…and in one group, the soup bowl was refilled (sneakily, through a tube under the table). This group that ate from the “never ending bowl” ate 75% more soup, but they were no more satisfied!

So the tip is to make sure that you don’t eat from a massive bowl, because you’ll just keep eating and eating.

The 2nd study found that drinking from tall, narrow glasses will cause you to drink less, when compared to smaller, wider glasses. (Wansink, B., et al. Br Med J 331:1512.)

And finally, “Out of sight, out of mind” helps you avoid junk food. (Wansink, B., et al. Int J Obes 3:871). Obviously, don’t keep junk in the house if possible, but if you do put it out of sight & in difficult to access areas.

That’s it, enjoy!

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