Reduce AGEs With This B Vitamin

I’ve written before about AGEs (Advanced Glycation End products) – a class of toxins linked with inflammation, insulin resistance, diabetes, vascular and kidney disease, and Alzheimer’s. One way you can protect against them is by being mindful of the way you cook your food.

Today, I have another way to reduce the effects of these dangerous substances: Take benfotiamine.

Benfotiamine is the lipid-soluble version of thiamine – a water-soluble B vitamin. Because benfotiamine is fat-soluble, it is metabolized by cells more effectively than its water-soluble cousin.

In a recent study, diabetics were given an AGE-rich meal both before and after they supplemented with 1,050 mg/day of benfotiamine for three days.

The high-AGE meal before the benfotiamine supplementation caused the diabetics’ capillary blood flow to be reduced by 60 percent, and the ability of their larger blood vessels to dilate was diminished by 35 percent. These dangerous changes are typical in people with early atherosclerosis, which can lead to heart attack or stroke.

Remarkably, when researchers evaluated the subjects after the supplementation, they found benfotiamine completely prevented the detrimental effects on their blood vessels. Markers of oxidative stress were also reduced.

Research shows benfotiamine is safe, effective, and has no known side effects or drug interactions. Recommended use ranges from 150-1,000 mg/day, divided into two or three doses. You can find benfotiamine online for under $10. As always, check with your physician before adding any new supplements to your diet.

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Kelley Herring

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