New CB Workout and Transformation Tips

Hope you are ready for another great week of fat loss. We had a big week in the Turbulence Training World, as we filmed over 3 hours of content for our 1 Million Mission project. Powerful stuff. And exhausting.

I spoke for 3 hours straight…pretty intense content…it knocked me on my butt! I was beat…but we’re filming again this week…probably another 4 hours of content. Watch for that project in 2011.

Now let’s get into the TT Workout and tips…

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Starting with…

Monday – Dec 13

Transformation Tip of the Week
Compound learning: The more you learn and apply now, the easier it will be to maintain your weight and body fat for the rest of your life…Learn from as many experts as you can. Perform as many “experiments” on yourself as you can…Record and study the findings. This is your path to SIMPLE lean body success.

Workout A of My New 4-Week Workout Program
BB Squat Jumps – using the bar weight only (3×5)
Low Box Sqt (5 RM)
Glute-Ham Raise (3×8)
Ball Plank (2x45s)
DB High Step-up (3×8-12)

•    Get 30 minutes of fun activity – now grab a Green Tea and do this week’s research review.

No actual study today…just a discussion of “self-experimentation”.

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“What gets measured gets managed.” – Peter Drucker

Here’s what I want you to do: A 4-week experiment

Write down everything you eat for the next 6 weeks and record how you feel after you eat these meals. Make the connection between food and mood/energy. Do this short experiment to help you eat better for the rest of your life.

Also, this week the 4-Hour Body comes out. It’s a book written by NY Times Best-Selling Author, Tim Ferriss. Like myself, Tim has been recording his workouts for years and years. John Berardi has too, and so should you.

By the way, watch for a free one-hour interview where I ask Tim about the fat loss section of the book. Pretty interesting – and controversial – stuff.

Wednesday Workout Tip

If you want to train four times per week, you can switch to a 4-Day Meathead Style Program.

You can go directly to one of the TT Meathead 4 day programs (like 4×4), or you modify current 3 day programs by rearranging the exercises into an upper-lower split. Even the TT2K4 program could just be switched to an A-B-A-B system.

Workout B of My New 4-Week Workout Program
Foam Press (3×5)
DB Row (3×8)
Pushups (1-fail)
Pullup-up (3×9)
1-Arm OH Tri (3×8)
DB Alt Curl (3×8)

Foam Press? Check the video here.

Trainer Thursday
•    Do 30 minutes of fun activity…

A big mistake I see trainers making is using an ineffective warm-up. Trainers put their client on a treadmill or they have them run around a track for boot camps. I couldn’t imagine paying a trainer to tell me to jog around a track before my workout. That stuff is pointless and I would go insane if someone asked me to pay for that.

Trainers need to skip the generic warm up. The client doesn’t need to hop on the treadmill to “increase their heart rate and get a bit of a sweat on”. You should have prepared a proven total body warm up that focuses on mobility and on specifically addressing the hot zones of the body for the workout (the upper back, the torso, the pushing muscles, and the lower body).

Weight Training Warm-up Video

Facebook Friday

Time for another workout, and our question of the week:

Q: What’s your body fat?


My body fat is 10%. A lean woman is 16%. But don’t get obsessed with actual numbers, because they are hard to measure accurately. Guys who tell me they are 8% fat or less make me roll my eyes and say “whatever”. Seriously, if you are 8% body fat then you are just 14 days away from stepping on stage at a bodybuilding show. Very, very, very few people walk around at 8% fat.

If you can’t measure your body fat accurately, just focus on hip & waist measures and progress in before and after photos (take these every 4 weeks).

Workout C of My New 4-Week Workout Program
Hang Clean (3×3)
Deadlift (2×2-3 or 2×20)
Rack Pull (3×5)
Stability Ball Rollout (1xMax-1)

Social Support Saturday!
•    30 minutes of fun activity…

I like this quote…and a lot of people on my motivational Facebook page did too.

“Lighten up. Most of the stuff you are upset about isn’t going to matter in the long run. In fact, most of it won’t matter in a half hour.” – Larry Winget

So stop arguing on the Internet and spend that time laughing and having with friends and family instead.

Workout D of My New 4-Week Workout Program
Band Shoulder Press (3×8)
DB CSR (3×8)
Foam Press (3×5)
EZ Bar Triceps Extension (3×8)
DB Incline Hammer Curl (3×8)

Sunday – Plan, Shop & Prepare
•    30 minutes activity and plan, shop, & prepare

Men’s Health, Dec 2010 provides a lot of nutritional info…But it is good, bad, and ugly.

The ugly?

Recommending these two drinks:

  • Monster energy drink
  • Naked drinks with 35+g sugar

The bad?

The info in this list of alcoholic drinks:

– 5oz wine — 100 calories
– 12oz lite beer —100
– 2oz martini — 119
– 12oz beer — 146
– 7oz gin and tonic — 189
– 7oz screwdriver — 208
– 6oz margarita — 327
– 12oz rum and coke — 361

But even though alcohol provides unnecessary calories, the food you eat is a LOT worse…

– chili’s bacon burger with ranch is 2140 (that’s 20 light beers)
– 48 ounce porterhouse at Shula’s probably contains 4000 calories

Now that’s U-G-L-Y!

By the way, I once watched my friend John Romaniello eat one of those 4000 calorie steaks in 4 minutes.  Crazy. 1000 calories per minute! He’ll need to do this workout for an hour to burn 1000 calories.

We’ll talk aboot some of the good advice next week.

Next week!
•    Training Tips – Abs Workout
•    Research Review – Abs Infomercial Gimmick
•    Nutrition – Counting Calories