My Daily Meal Plan & 7 Diet Secrets

craig ballantyne“Are you on a vegetarian diet?”

“What do you eat everyday?”

“What supplements do you use?”

The answers are:

“No, I’m not a vegetarian. I still eat meat 1-2 times per week, and more when I travel.”

“For supplements, I use Vitamin C, Fish oil, creatine (sometimes), and a Greens-Plus drink”.

And what do I eat everday? Well, “A wide variety of food”. (That’s my first diet secret right there…stolen from eat stop eat diet bookBrad Pilon, author of Eat Stop Eat, who says one of the keys to eating for fat loss and health is eating a wide variety of foods. Don’t get too dependent on eating the same food over and over again.)

So let’s take a look at every single meal I eat on a regular day – plus, how things change when I travel or when I take Bally the Dog to visit his “Grandma” out on the farm.

6am – Each day I get up around 6am (give or take 30 minutes), drink a cup of water and swallow a 1000mg vitamin C pill, and head out on a 60-90 minute dog walk with Bally the Dog.

I started taking 2-3 grams of vitamin C per day back in October, and I didn’t get any colds this winter. Usually I get one per year, but nothing so far since August, 2007. I use the Vitamin C for insurance, I guess.

bally-046smallWhen we get back from the walk (and his “swim” in the river in Toronto’s High Park), I write Turbulence Training workouts for 30 minutes, and by then I’m ready for my unique version of breakfast.

Here’s the recipe…

9am – Breakfast 1

  • Take 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter and melt it in microwave.
  • Add one layer of raw pecans.
  • Sprinkle in some coconut flakes.
  • Add 1/2 cup blueberries.
  • Add another layer of raw pecans.
  • Mix it up and enjoy.

ep_craig_ballantyne_breakfast_2-150x150Along with that recipe, I have either a pear or an apple, and I drink 1 cup of Green Tea and 2 cups of water. I like my water as cold as possible, and drink about 3 liters of water per day. Maybe more.

Every meal I eat is based around whole, natural foods. That’s secret #2. Avoid foods from a bag or a box. (Secret #3).

As I mentioned, I do use the sport supplement called “creatine” once in a while. Although it had been years since I last used it, I decided to try it again in March. It can help you gain weight, build muscle, and improve your performance in short, burst activities like sprints and resistance training.

11am – “Brunch”. I make a large 4-egg omelet (have switched over to organic eggs at the recommendation of many people…however, I honestly don’t know if it is necessary or not – and I doubt I’ll ever know). In the omelet, I add:

  • broccoli
  • spinach
  • red onion
  • mushrooms
  • red pepper
  • green pepper
  • and sometimes cheddar or feta cheese

I’ve also tried adding asparagus and apple slices with the feta cheese, and it was really good. Try that combo sometime.

Sometimes I’ll wrap up some of the omelet in a whole-wheat tortilla with 1/2 of an avocado and salsa. That’s good eating.

Along with the omelet, I’ll have a Greens-Plus drink. That’s a brand name for one of those “greens” drinks. Do I need this? I don’t know…After all, I eat a LOT of broccoli and other vegetables everyday. More insurance, I suppose.

I’m always trying a new fruit or vegetable (Secret #4). Year’s ago I was a picky eater, but over time anyone can learn to eat better. If I can do it, so can you.

12:30pm – Time to go workout. On M-W-F, I head to the gym for a 45 minute workout. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I head to a local coffee shop and drink a Green Tea. On those days, I don’t have the next “meal”.

Speaking of’s this week’s 5 minute workout…if you are short on time but want to see how TT can give you results in a short amount of time, simply do this superset

1A) DB Squat – 8 reps
1B) Pushups – As many reps as possible

Repeat as much as you can in 5 minutes. That’s a total body workout right there.

ep_craig_ballantyne_chocolate_milk-150x1502pm – 2 cups of chocolate milk after my workout. By now, I’m sure you’ve heard me say that I don’t use protein shakes, and that research shows chocolate milk is every bit as good as any higher priced “post-workout supplement” you can buy in a store.

After all, chocolate milk is just carbohydrate (with lots of sugar) and protein. That’s exactly what is in every post-workout drink.

Also,  I should note, that being a connoisseur of chocolate milk and having drank it in Europe and in the USA, nothing beats good ol’ Canadian “lait du chocolat”.

3:00pm – Now here’s where it gets random. Some days I’ll have almond butter sandwiches, other days I’ll have my “infamous” banana tacos, and other days I’ll have Amy’s organic chili with added vegetables. It’s easy to eat more vegetables by adding them to regular foods (Secret #5).

5:00pm – When Bally the Dog gets home from daycamp, I usually have an apple (shared with him of course) and some raw almonds and apricots, or almonds and goji berries. Sometimes I have raw cashews and cacoa nibs. The cacoa nibs and goji berries are an acquired taste, but like many things, I’ve learned to like them.

On a side note, I recently read about “chocolate covered bacon” and a TT member was nice enough to send me some from her candy shop…unfortunately, it wasn’t what I was hoping for. But hey, it was worth a try.

Other nights I’ll have a salad of…

  • spinach
  • red onion
  • red pepper
  • walnuts
  • feta cheese
  • strawberries or pears

For a guy who can’t cook, that’s a pretty good snack. Full of nutrients and appetite-satisfying fiber (Secret #6).

6:00pm – Time for another dog walk down Queen Street West or over to Bloor West Village or down Roncesville Ave.

8:00pm – Dinner. I like to eat a later dinner. Half the time I head out with friends…sushi, roast chicken, sometimes steak. Stick to the meat and vegetables. On Friday nights I’ll have a beer. (In the States, I go with Blue Moon. In Canada, Rickard’s White or Alexander Keiths).

ep_craig_ballantyne_dinner-300x238If I’m busy and just eat at home, I’ll make Amy’s Organic Chili and add spinach, onion, and mushrooms.

Or now that summer is here, I’ll start using the BBQ again and making grilled chicken or steak, but frankly, I’m too lazy to do that more than once per week.

So that’s it for a regular day in my diet…

Now what about when I travel?

As you know, I recommend packing raw nuts, apples, and dried fruit for the plane…or you can use Brad Pilon’s Eat-Stop-Eat program…I’ve done that a couple of times while traveling.

So there are no excuses for bad food choices in airports.

But when I travel,  I often eat at restaurants, and I schedule those in my diet to enjoy my dinners there. Most of the time, I order steak. Skip the bread, have a drink, order lots of vegetables, and once in a while I enjoy a chocolate dessert. I’m a big fan of chocolate cake. And who isn’t? Recently I tried Profiteroles for the first time – possibly the perfect dessert.

But most of my travel meals are the same as my home meals. I plan ahead and eat whole, natural foods (mostly fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts) 90% of the time. Enjoy rewards once in a while. It’s that simple – and effective (everything in moderation is secret #7).

And finally…what about when I’m eating with family?

Well, again, I plan that out so its not a big deal to enjoy a hearty meal of meat and potatoes. They know to make extra vegetables when I’m around. Most of us can easily plan around family events to enjoy them.

For example, last weekend I went home and had dinner with my mom where she made steak, grilled vegetables, baked potato, and broccoli. It’s easy to fit that into a diet plan. Just don’t go back for 3rds!

Alright, you’re probably hungry by now, so I’ll stop there.

That’s what I eat. It’s definitely better than the average “Western Diet”, but it’s also “human”. I like to slip a little chocolate into my weekly meal plan, and I like a nice cold beer too.

Personally, I think the biggest thing to keep out of your diet is any high-carbohydrate food that contains trans-fats. So avoid fries, chips, pastries, donuts, and anything deep-fried. dspebooklg

For more nutrition help, I recommend Isabel De Los Rios’ Diet Program.

If you do that, and eat a wide variety of foods with the foundation of your diet coming from fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts, you’ll lose fat without being hungry.

Let me know if you have any nutrition questions,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – Please post your nutrition questions and comments below!

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  • Your food sounds really yummy! That’s proof that you can eat healthy and enjoy the foods that you eat. 😀

  • Look’s good Craig. Is Amy’s Organic Chili something we can buy in stores or is it a secret recipe?

    I think the most import part of your diet is that you have a source of protein with each meal/snack. There’s no need for protein shakes if you are getting some protein with each meal.

  • Jonathan Cedolia

    hey thanks for all the great info you post. I train for climbing, skiing and mountain bikeing and some jujitsu, I have been doing stronglifts for about 3 months with great results and doing your body weight circuts on the side. What do you think of this program. I am 185 and want to get my squat up but I don’t want to bulk up. Is it possible to do this program along with yours and have the strength but not the size?

  • George

    Thanks, Craig for sharing this with us!
    I noticed you don’t include complex carbohydrates in your diet…(like pasta, bread, oats etc). How much of this food group would you recommend for most people that exercise 3-4times/week (like me)?
    And, how much fish oil per day?? thanks!

  • Chris

    Hey Craig,
    Your dietitary habits sound right up my ally, but isn’t it a little heavy on the fat from the all the nuts. Just wondering your take on it. Nuts are probably my favorite thing to eat, but the fat content, even though good fats, still worries me.

  • elmer

    how about biscuits is it good to eat for fat loss?

  • So, you maintain all that muscle on that little protein? Eating meat one or two times a week seems pretty infrequent. Looking at your diet above, it sounds to me like you get most of your protein from eggs, is that right?

    I’m doing most of what you are suggesting here: I’ve learned to enjoy eating some things that I’d never tried before, I eat a wide variety of vegetables and fruit and I’ve eliminated a lot of the “baddies” without any regrets or cravings. But, I try to get some lean protein every single time I eat (about five times a day normally, six if I get up really early).

    I’m moving into the “lean” category, and I’m pretty happy with my results. But, I’m wondering if I should eat less protein. . .

  • jess

    hey craig

    your diet plan looks really good and rather unique really. But one question that I couldn’t seem to find around in your posts and emails. You know with all the hype about Joel Marion’s Cheat Your Way thin etc, what’s your take on carb cycling or low carb diets?

    I found it quite hard to do actually considering that I’m an athlete and train 4-5 times a week intensely. Looking at your diet pointed out to me that you do consume a substantial amount of carbs, yet you have a super abs.

    So yup – comments?


    • Craig Ballantyne

      Hi Jess,

      I am way too lazy to worry about carb cycling. I keep things as simple as possible.


  • jess

    sorry- grammer mistake in the last line. A super SET OF abs. haha

  • G.Coleman

    I like your outline for meals,will try!!THANKS!!!

  • Nizar

    Hey Craig, I have a question…
    Isn’t a 60 – 90 minute dog walk considered some sort of exercise on an empty stomach? ( since you don’t get to eat before 9 am )
    Great diet though. I’m out looking for almond butter today and tortilla wraps! nice one

  • Wow, Craig, those are some awesome sounding meals. I can’t wait to try the banana tacos I saw on another post recently.

    Mike G: Amy’s is a pretty well known brand of organic packaged foods. The chili is out of this world yummy. I also eat their burritos, lasagna (with whole wheat pasta even) and even their pizzas. Their soups are really great too. Depending on where you are, you should be able to get it at Capers in Vancouver, Whole Foods in Canada & USA & Trader Joe’s in USA.

    cheers. thanks Craig for an awesome post.

  • vicky

    Hi. Thank you for the email. As always lots of useful info :o)
    You said that you eat meat only 1-2 a week. What other sourses of protein do you use? My husband is trying to put on more muscle weight so he has meet every day (chicken, turkey). Is it bad?
    Can you please email the ideal eating plan with less meat in it but still enough protein.
    Thank you.

  • Awesome article! The hardest part about maintaining a great diet plan is eating at holiday or family functions. I always tend to over eat 1. because I justify myself that is a rare occasion and 2. There is an unlimited amount of food sitting in front of your face. I need to learn moderation at all times 😉

    The section on what to take on an airplane or when you travel is great, many people forget about eating healthy or working out because it is too much of hassle.

  • Great tips, thank you! I was just now looking for nutrition tips for when I am away from home.

    What would you recommend as a packed lunch to take to work that can be prepared in advance and frozen? I shop, cook and feeze portions in bulk and am now getting a bit bored of the usual meat/fish + veg combo.

  • great post craig, its really interesting to see how peoples diets differ. Thanks

  • Hmmm…. variety is your beauty. At least you are not obsessed with Tuna for a.m, Tuna for noon and Tuna for p.m. kinda meal plan… ha!ha!

    • Craig Ballantyne


      I once knew a bodybuilder trainer that would eat tuna out of the can while drinking diet pepsi. Disgusting. Yet amusing.

      Here’s to real food.


  • Leonard D

    Craig, the bacon chocolate bars your looking for are in the specialty department at Whole Foods Market in Hazelton Lanes . (Bloor & Avenue)

    Check it out
    I work there weekends and will gladly send you a bar if you like

  • Chris

    Hi Craig,

    I don’t want to poop all over your love for good ol Canadian chocolate milk, but I have HEARD (it could be one of those myths) that when the dairies make chocolate milk, they use all the rejected milk that doesn’t pass the tests to be used for regular milk. It’s milk with puss and blood and so on. Yeah it’s filtered over and over, but the government won’t let them use it for regular milk, but for chocolate, it’s okay. Have you heard this too? We all know the food industry is sometimes right up there with big tobacco and perhaps even the SUPPLEMENT industry when it comes to shenanigans.

    So how about a recipe to make your own chocolate milk? Wouldn’t skim milk + chocolate syrup do the trick?


  • Kathleen Engel

    I’d love to see the “girl version” of this diet, Craig. Do you have any female friends who are in GREAT shape who can share their diet (hoping it’s somewhat similar to YOURS, of course). We women have different needs–lower calorie counts, for starters!

  • Sassy

    I’d like to know about that Amy’s Organic Chili aas well!

    What about legumes? Do you ever eat them?

  • Nick


    Hey man, I just signed up for your blog after seeing you on MH and researching you a little. Thank God for guys like you! Knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate about fitness and nutrition, but practical and down to Earth, or as you put it HUMAN. Very much appreciated. I look forward to learning and growing from this blog and other resources from you.

    Thanks man.

    Oh yeah, whats a banana taco?

  • Craig Ballantyne

    Hey Folks!

    Thanks for all of your comments. This meal plan actually gives you a lot more protein than you think…Here’s a recent blog post where I walk you through the surprising amount of protein in this diet:

    Alright, here’s how I’ve gotten 108 grams of protein today before dinner and evening snack:

    Breakfast: 2 tbsn peanut butter melted into bowl, with 2oz of pecans, plus coconut flakes, blueberries, and 2 small bananas

    = 13 grams of protein

    Snack: 1 giant apple + 1 tbspn almond butter

    = 5g protein

    “Brunch”: 4 egg omelet with 1/2 cheese, spinach, broccoli, red onion, red pepper, salsa, wrapped in 2 whole wheat tortillas

    = 40 grams protein

    Lunch: raw vegetables & hummus + 3 “banana tacos” (banana + blueberries + tbspn almond-hazelnut buttter wrapped in tortilla) + 500mL chocolate milk

    = 40 grams protein

    So there you go. Going out for dinner tonight. Maybe I’ll have meat, maybe I won’t. Dunno. I do know that I don’t have to have what Brad Pilon calls, “protein guilt” because I haven’t had any meat or worse, shakes.

  • Craig Ballantyne
  • Craig

    Great article and very doable as well for most people, and it’s good to see that you to believe in a Real World doable ‘diet’ that is something that one can stick with for the long run!

    It’s pretty Paleo like for the most part, however not as heavy on the animal products (Meat, Chicken, Fish, etc) as some

    Pretty simple when ya focus on eating REAL food not Food Products (out of box, can, etc) eh! 😉

    As Michael Pollan said, eat real food, mostly plant and not too much.

    Couple things:

    1) Do u know about and do u believe in MT (Metabolic Typing) which looks at all kinds of factors (ancestry, Genetics, etc) to determine if one
    is a Carb, Mixed or Protein type to customized a ‘diet’ that worked best for YOU, the Individual? Looking at your diet it appears you are (or like) a Mixed type as it is fairly balanced, where as a Protein type would be eating much more animal protein and fat. In fact Isabel De Los Rios (Awesome girl who ya mention above) is big into MT to help personalize and customize one’s diet, and I too see a lot of validity in this, as there is no ‘one size fits all’ diet (though certainly we should all be eating real, whole, natural foods).

    2) Chocolate Milk?! Mate come on now, I assume that is the good ole pasteurized, homogenized milk from factory farm raised cows with sugar and all kinds of other nasties?! That is the one thing I see in your diet that is not really ideal, in fact far from it and just not good for ya mate; good health can never come from a sick factory farm raised cow fed a grain based diet (and all kinds of other unmentionable nasties)!
    IF you enjoy chocolate milk, why not go get some fresh, raw milk from grass fed, pastured cows (from a local farmer, market if ya can) and throw it in blender with some raw cacao and agave and man that will be the best milk ever, and good for you (if your body handles milk and dairy well). Raw whole milk from grass fed, pastured cows can be very healthy for some, the other is no good for anyone. Give it a try mate. Have a LOOK/Listen to this video featuring a very passionate and knowledgeable guy Mark Mcaffe of Organic Pastures, this is awesome and tells all about REAL Milk

    3) What TT program were ya following for the weeks/months leading to your profile shot with Bally there?

    Thanks Craig for all you are and do mate!

    Say hi To Bally for me

    Canuck-Aussie In Texas!

  • Jennifer

    This is really helpful Craig, thanks for sharing. I love your food philosophy!

  • Julie

    I’d be interested in your comment re Metabolic Typing as well.

    I am a protein type according to Isabel’s program which limits the amount of fruits and vegetables I should consume in a day, the foods I prefer to eat…..and she highly recommends. I agree with a lot of Isabel’s other points but even after eliminating dairy for one month and then reintroducing it I find that I don’t have a sensitivity to it so I incorporate fat free cottage cheese and Allegro skim milk cheese (lactose free) into my diet as protein sources.

    Thanks for the food diary, I found that very interesting.


  • Felicia

    Hey, Craig
    what do you think about flax seed with soy tortilla chips. Made with organic corn? Do you ever eat them?

    Great post, thanks!

  • Kathy

    I have developed the habit of juicing my vegetables and eating meat and natural grains (though I am of the type that doesn’t need a whole lot of rice and grains to keep ‘going’). I can juice my RDA or more of fruits and vegetables into one large glass and chug it or split it up to a couple of times a day. It doesn’t always taste so great but I’ve seen the many benefits of juicing from lots of health articles and websites online and I’ve noticed how high my energy level is because of this. I also haven’t had problems with bloating or other digestive issues that we all can get from eating our veggies.

    I think that the most time consuming thing for me is washing out the juicer and that still takes less time than chewing up and swallowing a large salad or some carrots and celery. Because the vegetables and fruits are actually pre digested our body doesn’t have to work as hard to pull out the nutrients which also makes the body more efficient. I also find that I can drink the more icky tasting veggies (kale anyone?) that are so high in nutrients because if I drink it right out of the juicer and chug it I don’t have to taste it all that much and I can chase it with a big glass of water.

    Also for people that are obese, one website posting for juicing said that when you juice your body receives lots more vitamins minerals and nutrients than it would from normal consumption of fruits and veggies and this helps your skin to heal faster and gives it the elasticity to draw back up against the muscle rather than hanging loose after large weight loss amounts. I have lost enough weight to feel like I can say I believe this to be true because even my belly is slowly shrinking without a great deal of loose skin that keeps it hanging down to my knees (so to speak).

    Thanks for your tips some of this stuff sounds pretty tasty without a great deal of work involved.

  • Rosemary Zalen “Nancy Drew”

    <Craig, I appreciate your advice.
    <I do have a couple of comments to make about your diet: (1) please, do not microwave your food; microwaving kills all enzymes; and (2) please do not eat chocolate; chocolate is not good for the body, even raw chocolate; I know that many people say otherwise; and (3) I hope that your feta cheese is goat feta, not cow feta; basically, all dairy is unhealthy for us but goat cheese is a bit superior for us, and causes mucous to form in the body (relatively healthy people can “get away with” dairy, but truly, it is not good for us). Check out Paul Nison’s website (he cured himself of an incurable disease by going 100% raw):;;
    <I hope that you won’t take my ideas in an offensive way. I do like your advice and help. In my 57 years I’ve learned that no one person is 100% right, 100% of the time. We all can learn from each other, and I certainly have learned from you. Bye, with best wishes, from Rosemary

    • Craig Ballantyne


      I microwave peanut butter for 60 seconds. Its not a big deal.

      No chocolate?

      The bottom line about longevity is this: Avoid smoking, avoid obesity, avoid addictions, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and stay active and at a healthy weight.

      The stuff you mention is not going stop me from living to the end of my genetic lifespan.

      At least I agree with you that no person is 100% right 100% of the time.


    • Chantel

      this cracks me up..what a boring way to live your life, no chocolate or dairy EVER .

  • tk

    Thanks for the info, I always look forward to your emails/posts. Can you please let me know if I should be in a calorie deficit if I want to lower my body fat but don’t necessarily need to lose “weight”? I do TT workouts 3x a week and other days something “fun”. I already eat a diet very similar to your own (minus the meat but i love fish) and bought isabel’s book- I LOVE THE INFO in there -but the fat on my hips/thighs won’t budge. I am 5’4″ and weigh 124lbs. I eat about 1500 cals a day, a bit more when I work out . Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Hi TK,

      Has any particular program worked for you in the past? Do you eat grains? Do you have enough energy on 1500 calories per day?


  • Mmm. Alexander Keiths…good things in moderation, right?

    I haven’t had a beer in months now, maybe I’ll indulge on friday nights as well. Cheers!

  • Jen

    Hey Craig–I notice you talk about whole wheat tortillas often (which I personally enjoy too). What type/brand do you use or recommend? Do you eat lo-carb/high fiber ones or just your run of the mill wheat kind?
    Thanks for all the great hints and suggestions, Jen

  • Paul

    Hi Craig,

    I’m interested in ordering the T.T. program but I do not know which one to get. I’m an individual who loves going to the gym 4-6 days a week. I have taken personal traing sessions before, and I have been told that I’m fairly fit (If that means anything.) However, my chest needs some attention and I would love to get rid of the rest of my love handles. And since I work so much during the summer, I would love a combination of workout’s that are effective in 20 minuets on those busy days, and up to an hour on normal days.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Hi Paul,

      Get started with the main Turbulence Training program from and start with the Intermediate Fat Loss workout.


  • Julie

    tk (and Craig)….You sound like the exact same size and shape as I am. I am currently using TT 4 days per week on the 30 day fat loss fusion program (love it!) plus one day of light cardio, one day of hill running outside and one day of rest. I follow the majority of Isabel’s program with approx 1400 calories per day and still can’t budge the fat from my hips and thighs – very frustrating!!! I’d like to hear Craig’s comments after you answer his questions and we should talk of you’re interested.

  • Paul

    Hi Caig,

    I just got the main T.T. manual and I’m looking at “Intermadiate Level Workout A From The T.T. For Fat Loss Manual.” I can see that we are doing 8 reps, but I do not know how many sets. Or is it just one set?
    Your help would be much appreciated.

  • Paul

    Hi Craig,

    I got it figured out. The first part is just how you would do it. I must say, that is pretty crazy. I can’t wait to get started. These work-out’s look awsome!!!

  • Roger F

    Hi Craig,

    About your 2 cup of chocolate milk for post-resistance training workout, may I use 2 cup of vanilla skim milk instead. Is chocolate milk just a preference or can I drink 2 cups of vanilla skim milk for post-resistance training workout?

    I’ve read that they had some Canadian studies about drinking 2 cups of vanilla skim milk after a POST-WORKOUT and that it helped maintain or build lean muscle or something like that.

  • AC

    Thanks for the insight! Lots of good ideas to try!!!

  • Craig,

    I can’t believe you’ve only just discovered profiteroles!

  • tk

    Hi again ,
    Thanks for responding! I do have enough energy on 1500 cals/day, but if I am ever hungry for more I don’t starve– I will have a 2% greek yogurt w/ almond butter, berries, and flaxmeal.
    I do eat grains but in moderation. In the morning I have 1 pc. Ezekiel toast w/my eggs OR oat bran made with almond milk. In the afternoon or evening I will have some type of grain like buckwheat groats but about 1/2 cup. Sometimes beans/rice is a “protein” for me but again, very measured.

    What I have been doing has worked for the past year (body fat down 4% ) but now stuck @ 24% so not sure where to go from here and its hard to find info on losing fat without losing “weight”, unless it is about bodybuilding, and other “programs” have not worked, they tell me to eat less =(
    I really appreciate your advice!!!!
    Thanks again!!!

  • tk

    I am sorry to post twice I just saw Julie’s comment for me would love to talk to her too!!!!!

  • Jan

    Craig, I’ve been reading your info for about one year now (I bought the program) and I feel confused – or perhaps disillusioned is the correct word. I quit taking my long brisk walks (3-4 miles, 3 or 4 times a week) because you said that we don’t need long boring cardio. But in your daily diary you tell us that you take 60-90 minutes walks every single morning! Plus another walk at night? And you don’t think these walks have any effect on the number of calories you burn each day? It doesn’t count as “long boring cardio” because you are walking your dog? I could just about scream with frustration that I altered my whole thought process about exercise because of the information I was reading from your site, when all along I was really doing something good and healthy…no wonder I’m not as in shape as when I was doing some form of exercise six days a week. I cut down my working out to 2 or 3 times a week for 20 minutes because you said that is enough time – yet you work out for 45 minutes! You are getting a LOT of exercise every single day – but I wonder how much money you have made with your WHY CARDIO SUCKS program. I feel foolish for spending money on your program, Joel Marion’s program, and the others I’ve “invested” in this past year. Thank you for opening my eyes to the fact that most of you guys are just on here to make a lot of money. I know this won’t be printed, so while you are deleting it you might as well unsubscribe me from your mailing list. Instead of spending every morning reading all the Turbulence Training articles and all the other exercise and nutrition sites that are sent to me, I’m going to go back to taking my morning walk.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Hi Jan!

      My physique is the same now as it was before I got my dog. Sorry you feel so angry. I don’t count a dog walk as cardio. Some days we go 500 meters (depends on how many butts he sniffs and dogs he chases) and some days we go longer. I don’t count that as workout time.

      Let me know how i can help you,


  • James

    Hi, I was just wondering if you had any tips or bits of advice for a picky eater like myself?
    I’ve read several e-mails where you have said you used to be a picky eater. Did this involve any small gradual changes to your diet or was it an over-night thing and just forced yourself to eat things you wouldn’t before?
    Also, did it involve forcing yourself to eat something you didn’t like until you eventually did like it?

    – James

  • Thanks for sharing your daily meals, Craig! My golden retriever Coda likes to share an apple with me, too!

  • I must confess. I have stolen some of your meal ideas. : )

    The banana taco is especially good. Thanks for the ideas!

    I’ll let you know if I have any unique ones myself.

  • Sherry

    What are your thoughts about the Eating for your blood type diets

  • Alejandro

    Chocolate not good for health? Perhaps what’s sold in the normal market… but what we get in Latinameria (it’s where cacao is grown, the “chocolate tree”) we know better: we have raw, solid cacao liquor grinded and powdered sold in supermarket. That’s full of cacao butter and all it’s properties (it’s liquor not because of alcohol, which it doesn’t have, but because cacao seeds are fermented in their own juices, and the result is like a butter). It’s bitter to taste before adding some sugar. I drink it with organic stevia and 0% fat milk. And the cacao is organic and wild collected too! Yummy!

  • AA

    i am a relatively active 27yr old female. i sprint 20 minutes 4 days a week and then try and do something fun such as hike, skateboard or surf one other day during the week. i watch what i eat pretty much all the time having homemade green smoothies for breakfast, salads with protein and half a sandwich for lunch and something fun like quinoa stuft bell pepper with chicken for dinner could be a typical day for me. occasionally i indulge when im craving something however i came out of a 10 yr battle with anorexia turned bulemia and i have to be super careful with restricitng and overexercizing. that said, im super frustrated with my body. im very thick, especially in my lower half and i gained 20 pounds last year while on prozac that i have not been able to get off. I enjoy about 2 drinks per night, either plain vodka (no flavored ones as they have sugar) with diet 7 up, maybe a smidgen of 100% fruit juice, or wine. ive read that vodka is one of the best for diet purposes as it does not have the carbohydrates but im curious if this could be contributing to the inability to get the weight off. i did go off prozac a few months ago so was expecting it to get easier and it is not. i do really enjoy my after work cocktails but would you say that could be the culprit in a nut shell? any advise is greatly appreciated

  • Stu

    Ah the good ol’ food discussion. As a vegan and someone who has seriously fallen off the health wagon after my daughter was born 6 months ago, I have a lot to correct in my life (including getting back to a good level of fitness).

    Really like the sound of your breakfast. The only thing I’d add would be shelled hemp seeds. Delicious AND so damn good for you (please don’t inform me otherwise).

  • babybella

    What do you use to cook your eggs? I use a nonstick pan but it’s a high quality one (unison by calphalon) was SURPRISED that its directions say DO NOT USE nonstick SPRAY because it will damage it! My boyfriend uses a tiny bit of butter and tiny bit of olive oil to cook both our two eggs each in it and it slides off easily, doesn’t seem too greasy. I think it should not hinder me from losing weight, this butter, but whats your take? I am wondering how you cook your eggs! Also I was surprised to see you use chocolate milk, since it has regular cane sugar I am assuming. Interesting take..I might try to use cocoa and sweeten with agave nectar. I understand agave doesn’t spike your insulin as high as white sugar does, you agree?

    • I use butter. A little butter shouldn’t be a problem.

      Correct, chocolate almond milk uses cane sugar.

      Agave nectar still has the same number of calories as any sugar, so it is no better than any sugar despite what anyone tells you. Sugar = sugar.

  • Chris C

    Reading your logs was really what I needed and most of the stuff you have said have met the requirements my new MMA coach has given me. For over a month I have been doing the intermittent fasting and my training and physique is better than ever. Thanks buddy

  • What book do you recommend to get some more ideas for meals. I have lost serval inch and pounds, but it is that last 10 lbs or so that I can’t seem to loose. Also, I need to watch my portions better. My body fat still needs to go down.
    i have a “4 pack” but still have that fat either from the excessive blubber from the 50 lbs I lost, or I’m not working hard enough.
    I know you can overdo the core exercises, but I’m at a stand still here. I’m happy with my trainer.
    Please help with my diet (I don’t like calling it that-I like the eating better theory. Sound better 🙂


    • Hi Phil, I recommend The Diet Solution Program by Isabel De Los Rios.

  • Digging in your blog posts was really what I needed and most of the info you have said have met the requirements my new MMA coach has given me. For over a month I have been doing the intermittent fasting and my training and physique is better than ever. Thanks guy!