More Fitness Predictions

cb-t10flp42010-ebook-41Last week I posted 3 more fitness predictions, but those aren’t the only trends I see going big-time in 2010…

More fitness predictions:

4. Kettlebell-friendly gyms will become more popular

Without a doubt, kettlebells continue to get more popular every year, since they were first introduced. But the first decade of Kettlebell popularity was spent creating a hardcore mentality about kettlebells that slowed their acceptance into mainstream fitness. images8

In my opinion, KB’s could be 20x’s more popular than they are now. So in 2010, you’ll start to see a more family friendly version of Kettlebell Workouts and training areas at your local gym.

Since they are already being sold on infomercials, it’s time for kettlebells to explode in popularity and to be given the space they deserve in your neighborhood gym.

5. Trainers and fitness authors are going to create more age-group targeted programs

Whether or not this is necessary, we’ll see more and more books and trainers specializing in helping “women over 40”, “men over 65”, etc. Now to be honest, with the exception of individual injury considerations – which applies to all ages – there really isn’t much difference in training someone for fat loss over 50 or at age 30 or age 60.

However, on the bright side, every age group will now have access to more specific role models, tighter communities, and peer-delivered messages that hit home stronger than ever.

6. More trainers will create 5, 6, and even 7-day per week programs – even me!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! 7-day per week programs? How could I ever create a 7-day per week Turbulence Training program? Let me explain…cb-ttrecon-ebook-4

First, these programs won’t include 7 hard workouts per week. Rather, folks just want to be told what to do on their off days as well as during their workouts.

So instead of creating articles, books, and programs that just give you three workouts per week and leave you to your own devices for the rest of the days, trainers will now be giving you the exact stretching, recovery, and off-day activity plans for a complete 7-day program.

Talking with P90X creator, Tony Horton, really gave me a lot of ideas for this new system.


Okay, that’s it for today, but I still have about 6-10 more predictions coming your way soon.

Click here for the final predictions.

Let me know if you have any predictions,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training