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The Journey to High-Performing Leadership

By Daniel Woodrum | 12/8/2023

Leadership is often perceived as an innate quality and something that people are born with. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Natural born leader” many times in the business world. Leadership is not a genetic trait. It’s a skill that can be cultivated and learned through hard work, dedication and…


3 Rituals For Virtual Overnight Success

By Craig Ballantyne | 11/21/2023

The key rituals for overnight success explained by Craig Ballantyne, author of The Perfect Day Formula, to Startup Magazine.

Believe in Yourself, Remove Your Ego

How to Master Your Ego and Reach Your Full Potential

By Craig Ballantyne | 11/1/2023

This quick exercise will show you where you shine, and how you can use your strengths to become even better—without guilt, shame, or fear.


Mentor Protege Magic – How Mentors Can Change Your Life

By Mark Morgan Ford | 10/27/2023

A man looks at his youth and says, “I wish I knew then what I know now.” That’s what “Eric,” a pot dealer who spent four years in jail, said to me after he had become a multimillionaire. Eric was talking about what he had learned about direct marketing. I…

Successful Morning Routine

3 Mistakes NOT To Make In Your Morning Routine

By Craig Ballantyne | 10/3/2023

You’ve read about what you SHOULD do in your morning routine, but what if you’re doing TOO much? Here’s how you cut unnecessary activities …

two-hour work day

Two-Hour Work Day

By Craig Ballantyne | 08/24/2023

Use this daily structure to get everything done in a two-hour work day, whether you’re on vacation on working a regular week from home.

Work-life balance

The Truth About Work/Life Balance

By Craig Ballantyne | 07/20/2023

Work/life balance is a goal for many would-be high-performers, but is just not tenable. Instead, aim for a work/life mix—and clearly define your goals.

creating a life vision

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Life Vision

By Craig Ballantyne | 07/18/2023

By creating a life vision you can determine what the end destination or goal is you are working for, and how to accomplish it faster.

life lessons

10 Life Lessons from My Dad

By Craig Ballantyne | 07/13/2023

Ten life lessons from my father, who exhibited so many good and bad habits during his life, including consistency and working early and hard.

5 Steps to Work-Life Mastery

The Only Formula You Need for Work-Life Mastery

By Craig Ballantyne | 06/27/2023

Tired of the 9-to-5 game? Take control of your schedule and make time for your #1 priority with these 5 easy tips for work-life mastery.

success quiz

Take This Success Quiz For Your Life

By Craig Ballantyne | 06/14/2023

For this success quiz, ask yourself what will you never, ever do (again) in your life, and then make a Perfect House Management Audit.

goal setting

The Ultimate Guide to Successful Goal Setting

By Craig Ballantyne | 06/8/2023

In this Ultimate Guide, you’ll discover why you need to ditch the shotgun approach to planning your goals and start using the 4×3 approach.