Diet Depletion – What Will You Give Up?

diet creepI have been the victim of “diet creep”.

Diet creep is what happens to a great diet when you get a little too confident and a little too lazy. Happens a LOT to folks who finish up the TT Transformation Contest and then start sliding back into their old habits.

It doesn’t happen very often, but I’ve found my diet compliance going from 90% perfect to 85% and down to 80%. Time to do something about it.

(And hey, if you want to give up a few things this month, just let me know in the comments section…we can support one another!)

Now I know that because of my workouts I’m still gaining muscle and not gaining fat, but as a role model to you and hundreds of thousands of other TT readers, I’ve decided to get strict and lead the way this June.

So for the next 30 days, I’m kicking these foods out of my diet:

  • Caffeine
  • Added sugar
  • “Processed foods”
  • Dairy
  • Meat
  • Alcohol

Let’s take a look at why I’m removing each one of those…

1) Caffeine green

This one always causes so much confusion. So let’s get something straight.

Frankly, I see nothing wrong with folks drinking coffee or tea in moderation. That’s not a big deal. Do what you like.

But personally, caffeine makes me anxious, and I already have issues with anxiety, so no need to fuel the flames.

However, I found that more and more caffeine was creeping into my daily intake, and so I’m cutting it out.

I’ll be sticking to naturally de-caffeinated Green Tea instead, as Men’s Health magazine assures me that I still get the health benefits of Green Tea provided the caffeine is removed naturally.

So that’s my stance on caffeine.

2) Added Sugar post workout drink

The main source of added sugar in my diet was the chocolate milk I’d drink 3 times per week after my workout. But for the month of June, I’m cutting it out.

And then there was also a little bit of diet creep going on as well…Last week in Vegas I also had a couple of Gatorades, and I noticed I was starting to buy the mixed nuts in the airport that also had the M&M’s.

But I know that’s not setting a good example for you, so let’s get back to square one and cut out all added sugar, shall we? Anyone want to join me on this one?

3) “Processed foods”

Alright, this is a tough one to define, but here’s my definition for me this month…

a) No added sugar

b) No refined flours

So for example, I’ll still consume bread, but only breads such as the “Organic Sprouted Spelt” from ShaSha Co. that I bought today for my almond butter sandwiches.

The ingredients are:

Organic Whole Spelt Flour, Water, Organic Sprouted Spelt, Organic Sour Dough (Organic Spelt Flour, Water, Bacterial Culture), Salt.

I generally don’t eat pasta, pastries, rice, or white bread, so this one should be easy to stick to.

Maybe next month I’ll go “no wheat”.

Other “organic” and “natural” foods that get cut from this list include:

– Mrs. Renfro’s salsa (any versions that contain added sugar)

– Almond milk (the ones I have contain added sugar…so I’ll look for ones that don’t…any help?)

ep_craig_ballantyne_lunch_chili-300x156Now here’s where you can argue with me…

but I’m keeping these foods in my diet even though they come in a can or a jar…

– Amy’s Organic Chili (Ingredients: Organic Red Beans, Filtered Water, Organic Onions, Organic Bell Peppers, Organic Potatoes, Organic Carrots, Organic Corn, Organic Rice Flour, Organic Safflower Oil, Organic Jalapeno Peppers, Spices, Organic Garlic, Sea Salt)

– Beans (Organic Kidney Beans, Water, Kombu Seaweed)

– Organic and Non-organic nut butters (such as cashew butter, almond butter, pumpkin seed butter and peanut butter)

Alright…feel free to argue my defintion, but I’m happy with it.

4) Dairy

This isn’t a big deal because 90% of my dairy intake consists of those 3 chocolate milks per week, so I figured why not throw it on the list. Sometimes I add an ounce of cheddar cheese to my morning omelets, but I’ll give that up for now.

Here’s a tour of my fridge stocked for this new plan:

5) Meat

I still like meat and plan on eating meat as soon as July 1st hits, but I figured, why not throw it on the list. Besides, I ate enough steak for a month when I was in Vegas last week.

So no meat this month.

6) Alcohol images3

I usually have 2-3 beers per week, but I’m cutting those all out for June. This should be the easiest thing to give up of them all. Those bottles of Rickard’s White Ale will just have to chill in the fridge a little while longer…

So what’s staying in my diet?

– eggs, whole-grain breads, nut butters, raw nuts, and dozens of different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Pretty simple, and of course, regardless of your dietary preferences, your food foundation should feature a lot of fruits and vegetables – so your diet shouldn’t be much different from mine even if you eat dairy and meat.

So what will be my challenges?

First of all, getting enough protein will NOT be a challenge. I’ve discussed that before here…

Vegetarian Protein Intake

But my challenges will be the obvious…

– I have a work dinner on Wednesday night, but my colleagues are healthy so we’ll go somewhere vegetarian…

– I’m supposed to go to some boat cruise party on Sunday…looks like no cold beers for me images7

– I have to travel to LA for 5 days next week…the first 2 days will be easy because I’m hanging around Kardena Pauza, a vegan raw food expert for 2 days, so that should be no problem. But then I have a 2 day meeting with some strength coaches who like to eat steaks and party,ย  so it will be more difficult, but not at all impossible. I’ll just plan ahead, right?

– But the biggest challenge will be when I take Bally the Dog to Grandma’s house…because it’s meat twice per day and plenty of processed food temptation. But again, we’ll just plan ahead and take some foods that are on the “okay” list.

Overall, a nice little “diet depletion” challenge for June.

Care to join me?

Is there at least ONE food or ingredient you could give up for an entire month?

Let me know what it is by commenting below…

And make sure to follow my progress and give me support on Twitter and Facebook here:

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Here’s to your diet success,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – C’mon, don’t be shy…

…commit to giving up one thing this month and tell me what it is below…

Stay strong!

  • Amykr

    I am game. There was some things I need to give up completely, processed foods, fast food, sugar, white foods, no red meats, artificial sweeteners. I am not ready to go vegan or vegetarian yet. If I do this and add more veggies I should be in good shape.

  • jacqui

    Hi craig, i have been trying to cut out dairy for a few days now, so i will completely give it up as of tonight, and wheat. dairy and wheat are often the two things that hold back fat loss apparently, so…. here we go! hopefully it will be easier knowing that you are cutting out soooo much more!

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Nice work everyone!

  • Sabrina

    I had already planned on trying to do without dairy & wheat this month. The wheat one is hard simply because it’s in everything! Things you would never think of. To that I will add processed foods and added sugar. I don’t eat a lot of red meat anyways, twice a month maybe. My biggest challenges will be a family weekend wine tour June 12-14th that includes celebrating Father’s Day as well as another family weekend in late June. I find that by simply going over those, what could be, cheat days ahead of time helps me to say no when I need to.

  • Jen

    You were looking for almond milk that has no sugar. Blue Diamond makes a line of unsweetened almond milks in original, vanilla, and chocolate flavors (the chocolate comes from dutch process cocoa) They tend to be hard to find but so worth it! Personally, on the “giving up” issue, I find that when I designate something off limits for a certain amount of time, I rebound horribly. I have been successful in giving up peanut butter and nutella, only eating natural almond butter. And I don’t eat meat all that much or dairy for that matter (1 greek yogurt a day–no sugar added–because it has a crazy amount of protein) Hope you can find the almond milk.

  • @pnwfitness

    I’m with you Craig!

    My list:
    Processed foods (in almost any form)

    To give up caffeine & meat is just unrealistic, but I will until at least June 15. I have no problems with high caffeine intake and will be low meat (1/2 dozen meals) the rest of the month. Maybe I can cut it…

  • johna Muller

    I will be giving you a lot of processed foods, cheese, , no more than two slices of bread a day, and onil one meat product a day..
    will give up my Pasta ( boy this one will be tough). but if this works I will do it..
    Thank you ,

  • johna Muller

    I will be giving you a lot of processed foods, cheese, , no more than two slices of bread a day, and onil one meat product a day..
    will give up my Pasta ( boy this one will be tough). but if this works I will do it..
    Thank you ,

  • johna Muller

    I will be giving you a lot of processed foods, cheese, , no more than two slices of bread a day, and onil one meat product a day..
    will give up my Pasta ( boy this one will be tough). but if this works I will do it..
    Thank you ,

  • Craig Ballantyne

    Thanks Jen!

  • Sounds like a good list. I could do that and think that I will! Time to “buck up” and get my eating back to 90% clean.

  • Ellen Dohrmann

    I’m also pretty good about eating clean, but lately I’ve been slipping a bit because of traveling back home and staying with my mom and such so it is a good time for me to revisit the issue and become a little stricter myself. My biggest downfall is becoming too busy and forgetting to prepare food ahead of time and take it with me, or not taking the time to actually eat six meals a day, and then I just eat whatever I want for my last meal. So I want to give up a few things but also make sure I am getting all six of my scheduled meals that are the right foods.

    So for me it would be NO-
    *no extra cheat meals

    And make sure I eat my six meals.
    Good luck everybody!

  • I already gave up processed/junk foods, white flour and refined sugar several years ago. I did, though, replace sugar free chocolate and candy for the sugar stuff and well…I will give those up. I am a vegetarian, so don’t have meat to give up, already don’t consume much (if any) caffeine.

    So sugar free candy and chocolate. Those I will give up.

  • Melly

    Wow just so tough! I generally don’t take simple or processed carbs, and if I do eat bread (like a whole slice) it will be an all-grain wheat free bread. I’m concerned about cutting out milk – isn’t calcium from milk important for bone density? I should seriously be cutting out alcohol but its extremely hard as my work requires me to have drink or two at functions! So: limiting alcohol, zero processed/simple carbs, zero sugar and processed foods – while I train for my first marathon. Everyone’s got such great and inspiring lists!

  • Aji

    You guys are my inspiration!

    No more Soda, Junk Food or Added Sugars. Have to crawl before I walk……will expand the list next month. Will also replace half of my meals with fruit and vegetables.

    I already feel like I am going through withdrawal, but will suck it up. No pain, no gain. TO GREAT HEALTH!

  • missrobyn007

    Great motivational idea Craig. For at least the last half of the last contest, (TT TC#4), I didn’t eat anything with flour, (can cause inflamation of joints) or salt, or any processed foods, (including alcohol) either. I think I had a few coffees with sugar and milk in that time, but apart from that, it was salmon, chicken, turkey, and clean foods only. After the contest, I had exactly what you described above,,, the dreaded ‘Diet Creep’. And it’s sooooo embarrassing, esp. as people were looking to me as an example and inspiration. Plus, I felt like cr#p, put on weight, and was getting real moody and depressed again. (at least I still haven’t touch a cigarette,,, have come close though,,, lol). OK, lesson learnt. Starting the TT TC#5 last week has got me back on track. This time, over the first week I progressively cut out ALL processed foods, wheat, sugar, salt, alcohol, (don’t really drink anyway), and all dairy except for organic unhom. milk. Will still have salmon, chicken, turkey, and kangaroo meat for about the first few weeks.

    Stay strong everyone,,, Thanks again Craig. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Judy

    My list of give ups for a month are:
    Added Sugar
    Processed foods
    caffiene – gladly – it is amazing how this creeps in my diet.

  • Liz

    Hi Craig! I SO know what you mean about diet creep. After going below my college weight of 112, I felt like, “what’s the harm,” and would find myself indulging in a cookie or other sweet.

    I have certain things I’m just not ready to give up at this time, but here’s what I will give up for June:

    Alcohol – okay, pretty easy for me, since I rarely drink it anyway, but I will not indulge in a glass of wine, even on my anniversary.

    Sweets – while added sugar will still be okay for me (my post-workout chocolate milks are still a staple), I’ve started to have more and more sweets slip in as mini-cheats, simply because I’m eating more calories and somehow feel like I can justify the sweets in the context of my diet and fitness level. So no cookies, brownies, donuts, or anything like that for the month of June. I’ll even extend this to the wintergreen mints I like to treat myself to at work. The one and ONLY exception will be a weekly planned cheat. Must be planned, one treat only. Typically, this has been ice cream or frozen yogurt. This is what I did during the contests and if I do it again, I might actually get my abs back, even on my higher calorie “muscle building” diet. We’ll see!

    I applaud you for setting a great example for us. I’ll be there to support you on twitter!

  • Aaron Guy

    Blue Diamond Unsweetened Almond Milk is definitely the way to go! They sell it at Trader Joes and I believe that Whole Foods has the chocolate variety.

    Ive given up all diary for the month of June. I always notice a drastic change when I eliminate it from my diet.

    Sugar is definitely my “creep” and I am trying to be VERY conscious of how much is making its way into my food.

  • alright, I’ll join in – I’ll cut out sodas and added sugars/sweeteners and as much packaged stuff as I can. TBH this shouldn’t be too hard, except for diet sodas, I’ll see how long I can go!

  • wow, that diet sounds just like my REGULAR diet. I eliminated all that stuff permanently once I got smart about reading ingredients lists. It just scares me too much to put that processed stuff into my body anymore. Sounds like you’re going to be pretty energetic and clean on the inside by the time July gets here.

    Gotta love Amy’s brand foods eh? Its great stuff.
    good luck with your eliminations!!

  • Andrew Lowry

    CB, give away the beer that is in your fridge. Beer does not have a great shelf life, unlike wine, and will lose some flavour over the next month. So give it away (no temptation then with it in the TT Corporate Headquarters) and buy fresh beer on 30 June to celebrate Canada Day.

    Neat idea BTW. I need to think of what to give up.

  • Sue

    I think Almond Breeze also makes an unsweetened version of almond milk. So what is the reason to give up peanut butter? I eat the organic ones, no hydrogenated oils or added sugar. I discovered almond butter and cashew butter and I put some of it in oatmeal or flaxseed meal for breakfast – sticks to the ribs. Do you think soy milk is bad for us? I was making protein smoothies with it since I can’t do dairy. Those foods like breads, rice , potatoes are trigger foods for me – I guess I am a carb addict – can’t stop eating them – and my body can’t stop growing either.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Hi Sue,

      I’m not giving up peanut butter.

      I have no idea about soy milk.

      I’m probably not going to drink almond milk either. No need.

  • Pete


    I keep the consumption limited to a day or 2, but I will tell you, when I have 1 beer, there goes my judgement regarding food choice.

    I am a very good eater usually, I keep my diets limited to chicken, eggs, organic oats, chicken, and lots of veggies with some fruits. But every time I have any alcoholic drink, I allow myslef to delve into the processed foods.

    I have decided to eliminate alcohol completely untill my birthday (August 2nd) and monitor my results.

    I will let you know the results! Thanks Craig

  • Jennifer Chiasson

    I’ve cut out things not just for a month.

    I’ve been living a gluten free lifestyle. I am not celiac but I find as you said in one of your emails that breads and gluten gives me the bloated belly look. and I’m really trying to buy my first bikini ever.

    so No gluten for me, I also eat mostly vegetables and fruits. homemade vinaigrette dressings.

    Sorry peeps out there I’m totally carnivorous and eat my meat.

    I’ve replaced basmati brown rice with Quinoa. (which by the way is really sad how expensive it is since it’s considered food for poor people in third world countries)

    have trade my breads made with wheat to quinoa flower ( good protein source btw) and I make flat breads for wraps out of it.

    I don’t do any breads, potatoes or pasta at all, nor beer ever (which sucks cause I love beer)

    And I make everything myself, never buy pre-packaged meals.

    So thats my living lifestyle. Sort of along the lines of your cutting out challenge, but more permanent. It’s definitely made a big change for me thu far. I just have 10 more lbs to go.

  • CB,

    I know a guy who will drink that beer for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I tried to think of something I want give up so I could play along..but the best I could come with is Tic Tacs. So for June I will give up the Orange Tic Tacs.


    PS – Seriously – send me the beer.

  • Deb

    I’m in. No Alcohol, Processed Food, Wheat or Caffeine for the month of June. Thanks for the kick in the pants, I needed it.

  • Avis

    Hi Craig,

    Love your work Craig!
    Diet creep thats exactly what happend when I hit my weight lost plateau.
    Just joined as a TT member last week and here is my list =)

    1. No added sugar
    2. No refined flour (white bread)
    3. No pasta

    Keeping dairy as I have no fat yoghurt daily. Good luck everyone!

    Thanks Craig!

    I am already a vegetarian hopefully this will keep my diet clean this month. Love your work!

  • Dianne

    Hi. If you read Isabel De Los Rios’s information about Soy it is very interesting and explains some of the dangers of soy products in our culture today. I am going to give up processed foods and added sugars this month. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Hey Craig,

    I see your comments about the tins of chilly – now I’m not condoning the eating of these – just coz it’s in a tin it aint necessarily bad for you.

    I just thought I would point out that chilly is soooo much nicer when you make it yourself from fresh ingredients. And, for anyone on a budget a bag of organic dried red beans can go an awesome long way – that’s what the beans are in there for – to strech the mince (or if your cuting out red meat soy protein I guess) further after all!
    [Yes, I know a sentence shouldn’t start with ‘and’.]

    And you can make huge pot and freeze portions – hey presto, as good as getting tins ๐Ÿ™‚

    On the subject of red meat – I’ve tried cutting it out on several occaisions but after a few days of trying to get my protein elsewhere I find I get tired, run down and downright grumpy!
    I’d say around 3 high quality freshly cooked low fat burgers (made from real good steak or similar) is about the absolute minimum I can eat per week and still put in 3 or 4 days snowboarding.

    Anyone able to suggest something else I could try?


  • Jennifer Chiasson

    To Joanne

    quinoa is considered to have a high protein value, that could be used in your diet. here’s some infor on it

    Nutritional value

    Quinoa, uncooked
    Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
    Energy 370 kcal 1540 kJ
    Carbohydrates 64 g
    – Starch 52 g
    – Dietary fibre 7 g
    Fat 6 g
    – polyunsaturated 3.3 g
    Protein 14 g
    Water 13
    Thiamine (Vit. B1) 0.36 mg 28%
    Riboflavin (Vit. B2) 0.32 mg 21%
    Vitamin B6 0.5 mg 38%
    Folate (Vit. B9) 184 ?g 46%
    Vitamin E 2.4 mg 16%
    Iron 4.6 mg 37%
    Magnesium 197 mg 53%
    Phosphorus 457 mg 65%
    Zinc 3.1 mg 31%
    Percentages are relative to US
    recommendations for adults.
    Source: USDA Nutrient database

    A few Quinoa grains close up.
    Quinoa was of great nutritional importance in pre-Columbian Andean civilizations, being secondary only to the potato, and was followed in importance by maize. In contemporary times, this crop has become highly appreciated for its nutritional value, as its protein content is very high (12%โ€“18%), making it a healthful choice for vegetarians and vegans. Unlike wheat or rice (which are low in lysine), quinoa contains a balanced set of essential amino acids for humans, making it an unusually complete protein source.[3] It is a good source of dietary fiber and phosphorus and is high in magnesium and iron. Quinoa is gluten-free and considered easy to digest. Because of all these characteristics, quinoa is being considered a possible crop in NASA’s Controlled Ecological Life Support System for long-duration manned spaceflights.[3]

    • Craig Ballantyne


      Unfortunately for me, quinoa also has a high “you gotta cook it or something” value.

      I do not cook.

      I will BBQ. I will make omelets. The end.

      But frankly I’d rather spend my time writing workouts and nutrition posts than cooking.

      Cooking is for guys like Brad – who I will not give my beer to.


  • Wazzup

    I just do refeeds after hard workouts once or twice a week so ice cream is only half a week away on average ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS: I love to cook and being on a diet I make sure of taking extra care of delicious food. Just a bit less (and less carbs or none) It helps if you love veggies.

  • Hi Craig- this is a timely little test for me…today was my first weigh in and BMI check that I didn’t make progress since starting in October. Almost thirty lbs. down since then but I felt deflated after today…sooooooo I am going to focus on eliminating added sugars. I haven’t eaten red meat in 5 years but I just don’t think I can give up fish and chicken…I will try though…

  • Craig, You are hardcore my good lad. Very brutal month ahead of you! (But will make tuning back into certain of those all the more rewarding come July. You’d be a fool not to devour some ribs, steak, or something grilled for 4th of July!).

    I salute your discipline this month. I was going to do something of similar (but leave dairy in because I love my yogurt and almonds fix), but I realized I have much family coming around next week for a couple weeks and grandma will be cooking so I don’t want to be the jerk that has to do my own thing while my family enjoys dinners together so I am going to stay a tad bit loose this month.

    I will be doing similarly this next month. DEFINITELY focusing mainly on eliminating all processed foods, sugars, and refined carbs AND whole grains. (basically follow a paleo eating style). Debating if I can build the discipline and will power to cut meat though! Ahhh.

    Stay strong, stay true, and keep your focus bro!

  • Jose Sanchez


    Fortunatly, I am already doing it. Oh, I have replaced my BREADS with EZEKIEL bread.
    I love this Stuff.


  • P.S.

    If you’re looking for a sugar free almond milk, ‘Blue Diamond’ makes a fine unsweetened chocolate almond milk (Almond Breeze)

  • Chris

    Craig: get a rice cooker. Very easy to prepare quinoa in it.

    Good luck, look forward to seeing how it goes for you. I may try this during Lent next go-around.

  • Michael

    Ok, Craig I am in. You have been a pretty good mentor thus far. I will give up:
    1. Alcohol
    2. Added sugar
    3. Processed foods
    I’m still pretty early in the game at six weeks of new eating habits and two weeks of Turbulence Training, but I will also strive to add one more fruit and one more vegetable serving a day as well. Got to keep a good balance.

  • Bojsy

    hi Craig and everyone!

    I gave up processed food, added sugar, I’am just going back to eat meat, so i won’t give this up.
    I’ve started my diet almost 3 weeks ago,but unfortunately I don’t see any changes… Maybe I’m doing something wrong.. ๐Ÿ™ Littlebit disappointing, but I won’t give p, I am determined to eat healthy whatever happens ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Craig Ballantyne

    Remember folks, its okay to just pick one thing too…if dropping everything seems overwhelming, just choose one thing and control it for the month!

  • John Mulcahy

    I’m doing pretty good on most of these choices. I have no caffeine or alcohol in my diet. I could make a better choice of peanut butter, but here in Korea western food choices are limited – some pretty severely. So, given I have no nut butter choice – and I only eat 2 Tb/day on multigrain bread anyway – about the only place I can make a cut would be junk food. While I have that pretty well under control most of the time, a month of no junk at all would really help. I could probably even eliminate it completely after 30 days. I’ve come a long way on that issue on my own, but it would be nice to drive the final nail in that particular coffin.

  • Okay, I live on the west coast of Ireland – (Galway) I am a fitness instructor and personal trainer, I have 3 boys – 13, 10 and 6 and 1 husband, 3cats and 5 chickens – 1 polytunnel (plastic greenhouse) 1 proper greenhouse – I grow tomatoes, chillies, peppers, cabbage, kale, broccoli, onions, garlic, broad beans, spinach, carrots, french beans, barlotti beans, parsnips, potatoes, lettuce, spring onions, strawberries, blueberries, rasbberries, logan berries and am trying out ginger and make my own bread (mostly) (Irish spellings not American sorry) I do not have time to think yet alone plan. Once a year I buy a cow, (dead) a couple of lambs and an awful lot of chicken and turkey – free range when I can but sometimes you just gotta feed the brood! If we have pancakes I make them, if we want cake I make it and if we want chocolate chip cookies (three boys – thats onces a week) I make them! I don’t count this as processed!

    So processed food is home made processed food – I cannot survive without pasta, rices, and spuds! I cant survive without home made granola (no apple sauce just grated apple) and I will not survive without cheese and some dairy – it helps to eliminate fats………..

    However, I will cut out the coffee and the tea and will stick to green/white tea and increase water intake and if pushed will cut out alcohol but really believe in a ‘little of everything does you good’

    ps am feeling mildly grumpy now about giving up my morning cup of tea:-(

    pps ate a huge bowl of strawberries picked and eaten within minutes today so am gloating:-)

    ppss ……no tea ouch, no coffee, aaagggghhhh, no alcohol ….i’m Irish help!

    Go N’airaigh an Bothair Leath = Good Luck on your route, whichever one you have chosen.

  • Craig Ballantyne

    I love it Sharon! Sounds fantastic. Also sounds like a TT road trip to Galway!

    Keep up the great work and let us know how it goes,


  • ellen wilson

    hi Craig!:) last week i gave up wheat, all white foods, except the good ones like eggs, tuna, turkey,chicken,fish… and had only one small cup of coffee a day.. i lost 4.2 lbs! ๐Ÿ™‚
    then yesterday i tried a bun, just a weeny one.. i have been so itchy!.. maybe its in my head… but i am thinking i like your 30 days instead of 7 to see what works for me.. soooooooo i will not have
    whites, the bad stuff.. processed, sugary, and well white stuff thats bad for me… this includes dairy except eggs.
    limit coffee to one black coffee per day.

    i like meat so don’t touch my steak! but i will be reasonable in the servings …
    more like a 60/30/10 diet for a month.. i can do it!

    p.s. almond breeze is the bomb!

  • ellen wilson

    i found almond breeze at Shoppers Drug mart, Dominion( metro now) loblaws heath section, and wal mart.:) i only used it in my coffee and sometimes when making scrambled eggs , its consistency is like 1%, not too watery.. and tastes waaaaaaaay better than rice milk.

    oh and beer is good for your hair, so you might want to rinse with it , instead of giving it to brad..;)

  • Kevin Taylor

    Hey Craig, the only thing I would have to cut out would be the meat, which I can do. I used to be a chef which means I can make anything taste good!
    I am pretty hardcore when it comes to my diet.

    Good luck with your challenge, Kevin

  • ever since the contest was over…I’ve had a fondness for something you mentioned in this blog, CB – M&M’s. The NON PEANUT kinds. I used to love those things and now that’s “creeping” up on me as well.

    Ill let that go this month. Haven’t had any since May 31st so this is perfect.

  • Scott

    I feel it is very inspiring for someone like you, who is in excellent shape and could probably handle an 80% compliance diet with ease, to evaluate how you can improve your nutrition. Thanks for the added motivation!
    I eat mostly a vegan diet (with the exception of a whey protein supplement and fish oil), and I eliminated dairy in January and haven’t been back since. I do miss yogurt, but dairy products did not digest as well. The whey supplement is lactose free and I don’t have issues with it.
    I’m currently trying to gain muscle (lean body mass) without fat, so I’ve been on a strict diet to accomplish this. I consulted a local fitness expert and he recommended eliminating soy, wheat, gluten, and peanuts. I wasn’t consuming soy or wheat, and most of my diet happened to be gluten free. What sucked was giving up peanut butter. Apparently it can be a food intolerance, even if a person is not exhibiting symptoms. I eat a varity of nuts daily, so I switched to almond butter and really enjoy that.
    I’ve been on this plan for 4 weeks and have gained 5-6 lbs of lean mass. I have also lost about a pound of fat based on my caliper measurements. I doesn’t sound probable: a vegetarian gaining muscle without fat, and it is a slow process, but a successful one so far! I’m currently at 156 with a goal of 160 by the end of June. By the way, this was inspired by your post of needing to weigh at least 160 since my height is 5’8″, so I’ll keep you posted if it greatly improved my abs or not.

  • I guess I got to cut down the carbs a lot. Planning to do it this month. I will be cutting down everything which has got grains in it!

    Hope I can go for a strict diet!!!!

    Top Fat Loss Secrets

  • Jacqui T

    Hey Craig ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m giving up added sugar and processed foods. This will be tough as I am celebrating my son’s graduation, next week. The menu is undecided but will accomodate my son and me!!! However, there will be a cake, probably chocolate!! I will have to call you on that day to keep me strong cuz I’m in it to win it!!!! Thanks for leading by example.

    Jacqui from San Antonio

  • Good timing for me. I just joined this challenge on another website. I’ve given up refined sugar & processed foods. So no dark chocolate for me until July. I had already eliminated all things white except for dairy – no white bread, potatoes, rice, etc. Since I don’t drink alcohol or sodas of any kind, no problem there. Just plain cold water for me.

    Since we have a yard full of fruit trees loaded with fruit, I’ve been eating nothing but fresh fruit. My vegetable garden isn’t producing yet, but in another couple of weeks, the plum tomatoes should be ripe.

    I like to eat meat & fish, so will keep them in my diet.

  • Jane

    Lucky me, I don’t have to give up anything at all, since I eat fruits and veggies only since 3 months.

    Therefore, I am in, too.

    Good luck Craig and of course to all of you. Stay strong and think “health and longevity” when cravings should arise ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kory

    I am new to Turbulence Training, have actually just started. I have already given up alot of the foods you list you are giving up. I guess the one thing I am going to do is to give up adding sugar to anything. I rarely eat anything with added sugar, but I just can’t fire up in the morning without some coffee; which unfortunately has included addiedsugar for the last few years. And 1/2 and 1/2. That is pretty much my entire dairy intake though, that splash of 1/2 and 1/2 in my coffee. I stopped processed foods awhile ago.

  • Alan

    Hmm, this is a hard one, I don’t eat anything processed so can’t give that up. I don’t eat sugar so dito. I don’t eat grains or wheat, pasta, bread etc. I don’t drink. My only dairy is a slice of cheese and a dash or cream in my scrambled eggs at breakfast. I have a very small coffee every other day, no problem to not. Meat is non-negotiable, it’s not a meal without meat. I normally eat 7-8 different vegies every day and an apple or two. I’m not giving up almonds, or flax seeds. Can’t think of anything else to give up. Anyone?


  • Chris R. Falconer

    My ones to drop this month are 1.Alcohol (MUST stop drinking at the University bar after those stressing and annoying lectures and tuts..), 2. processed/fast foods, no more white breads/refined flour/carbs/gluten. I will also cut potatoes, pies, rice and pasta (not that I eat that much anyway), I don’t do hydrogenated oils, and have learnt the truth about trans fats. This for me, I see, is necessary to cut the excess carbs and focus on proteins so this month and of course onward, i’ll stick the shopping list’ to Chicken, meat/steak, fruits/veges, dairy/yogurt, eggs, cheese, and drinking tea, water, cutting orange juices and the real fight is going to be cutting the coca cola, that’s easier said than done; all this talk of cutting is making me sound like a government politician, oh no. ha.

    And I don’t do coffee that all so that’s fairly easy. and I don’t cook either Craig, I try to leave that to the ladies, they’re better at it than I am, and besides i’m too busy as it is, learning new workouts and putting into practice newer knowledge of nutrition/health is going to be absolutely vital.



  • Tom

    I just started TT but here are my goals for the month of June.
    1.) 1 square of dark chocolate 72% per night from Trader Joes ( I usually eat 3).
    2.) 2 cups of coffee per day (I usually drink max 3)
    3.) No caffeine in the afternoon
    4.) Switch from 2% to 1% milk
    5.) No chips from Chuy’s (fav mexican restaurant in Houston)
    6.) Keep track of daily food intake on

  • Great post! I think people don’t really know how their body is going to react to eliminating something unless they try it!

    I don’t eat wheat, the only caffeine I have is in green tea (2 – 3 cups daily), rarely any alcohol, and no sweets. I do have dairy in the form of greek yogurt and kefir but I like it so not willing to give that up.

    I guess for me I’d like to switch from steamed japanese white rice to better whole grain choices like brown rice or quinoa. I think I’m going to commit to that!

  • Craig Ballantyne

    Nice work everyone. Great to see so many people taking part…and also very impressed to see so many people doing so well already.

    Stay strong!


  • Lyn

    I have taken red meat out of my diet last month with my girlfriend who has gone vegetarian. I will be giving up the alcohol this month and the creamer in my decaf coffee. I don’t use much sugar and don’t drink soda. My weakness is Aquafina flavor water. Don’t drink much dairy only for my Kashi cereal. I have been using fat free lactate for that. I do have another weakness. I work in an Italian restarant and we have homemade stone bread. It is great just by itself but with olive oil OH MY! I usually only have 1 slice like that and maybe one more with a hot pepper. That is heaven! I’ll try harder on the bread and definetly NO butter!

  • So what will you eat/drink post workout?

  • Hi Craig;
    Because of intolerances I had no choice but to give up wheat (anything that has gluten in it) and dairy. My diet consists of lean protien, lots of veggies, fruit, nuts and healthy oils. Nothing processed and no sugar! It didn’t take long before I was feeling great and had my energy back. People don’t realize how sluggish you become when your body is ridden with processed foods and sugars. I have no cravings and no desire to go back to the old way of eating.
    I’ll bet alot of you won’t want to either!

  • Sukhy

    Hi Craig

    I have been on the Cambridge Diet (CD) for about 6 weeks which meant cutting out, well all foods, I also cut out caffiene and atrificial sweetner as part of the detox I built into the diet. Alcohol was also cut out…unfortunately. Two weeks into the CD I started the Introcuctory TT programme and moved onto the Beginners TT programme. The first 3 days was hard, mainly headaches as all the toxins were being flushed out of the system with the help of the 3-5 litres of mineral water I was drinking.

    Before the CD my diet consisted of pretty damn good Indian food, thanks to my mum and dad, alcohol at the weekends and cups of coffee at work. The heartburn I was getting made make the decision to try a detox and diet at the same time. The heartburn stopped after 3 days and the diet/detox carried on.

    Since starting TT I have used the CD shakes as post workout shakes in the mornings after a workout, then a mad dash to get into work where I consume another 2 CD shakes, in the evening it was a CD soup, by the way I’m not a CD rep, just using it to kick start my get fit regime which with the help of TT workouts it great.

    Hardest part: mums cooking and attending all the weddings and parties…

  • This will be a challenge, but that’s the point. For at least the tenth time in the past 3 years, I will make a run at ditching soda from my diet. The main culprits for me are Mountain Dew and energy drinks (Monster, Red Bull, Amp, etc.).

    I know that these things are bad for me – empty calories, blood sugar spikes, the jitters when I drink too many, and they make my skin break out a bit, but it’s an addiction that I really need to break.

    Thanks for the great materials you put out, Craig!


    • Craig Ballantyne

      You can do it Jassen!


  • Linda

    apparently I have been doing everything there is to gain wieght.
    I always eat wheat bread (thought that was the best choice)
    I eat dairy daily since I do not drink milk.
    Beer for Hair ….is that true.
    I am the grandmom ‘s house you all are talking about.
    Wheat and Dairy keep weight on?
    I am so confused.
    I don’t even know where is start.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Hi Linda!

      Let’s start simply…

      Do you eat junk food? If so, time to cut back. What one piece of junk food can you remove for a month?

      If not, do you eat foods from a bag or a box? What one food can you remove for a month?

      Also, can you eat an extra serving of fruits and vegetables everyday for the next month?


  • Chris

    Iโ€™m into my third week with no sugar and I feel fantastic! Not only do I have way more energy but i’ve lost weight too (not that I had much to lose). I’ve noticed my mood is balanced and I have now taken up a more serious and permanent approach to gaining muscle and staying healthy. The choice to eliminate added sugar is a huge eye opener as so many foods contain it. I always ate well but now Iโ€™m eating and living even better!

  • Kassidy


    I will join you on this challenge. I will give up anything with wheat in it for the month of June.


  • Anna

    Did you find unsweetened almond milk? Most of the brands have unsweetened versions.

  • Remember though, Craig.
    The key to success lies in focusing on what you include rather than what you’ll exclude. As a vegan, I am often told by others that they couldn’t commit to that way of eating because they couldn’t live without cheese or ice cream… I reply, “maybe so, but I love avocados and peanut butter just as much.”
    Besides, coconut milk ice cream is vegan and far more creamy and delicious than any milk based ice cream I have ever had. That isn’t the point…

    Point being, by focusing on the nutrient dense alternatives you love, you won’t even miss the foods you are eliminating!

  • Andrew Lowry

    CB, just watched the video. Very good if a little shaky. Glad to hear that you are taking my advice and giving away the beer. Still working on my give up. It is hard.

  • Juliet

    Easier for me since I’m on a pretty strict diet until I lose the weight I need to lose: I’m giving up chocolate (I was allowing myself a square of dark chocolate three times a week) and wine (my alcoholic beverage of choice)- oh, and refined grains. Certainly not as stingent as your plan; but challenging since I’m the cook in my house and my roommate will not touch whole grain pasta, etc. The rest of my diet remains the same: 6oz protein daily, spinach salads with non-fat vinaigrette dressings and low-fat feta cheese (and lots of raw fruits and veggies), and gallons of water. Hopefully, I’ll start recognizing myself again soon.

  • Jayce has an excellent point: “[B]y focusing on the nutrient dense alternatives you love, you wonโ€™t even miss the foods you are eliminating!”

    If it tell you, Don’t even think about pink elephants, all you will be able to think about is pink elephants.

    Concentrate on the good foods you have available, and the other will become junk pretty quickly!

    This month, I am going to try three new green leafy vegetables!

  • Jacqueline

    Hi Craig, thanx to your inspiration I have already given up sodas, quite frankly, I do not have a taste for it any more. I do still have a weakness for chocolates and cookies though, I’ll try to forgo till the end of the month and see what happens! Good luck for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rose

    Hiii everyone..

    About that Almond-milk.. Have you tried the homemade Almond-milk?
    Very easy to make…. there are diffrent recepies on the Internet.

    I Honestly don’t know what to give up in my diet, it is obvious that Iโ€™m gaining muscle (I’m a vegetarian) so i might be doing a good job even without meat BUT Iโ€™m not losing fat which makes me veryyyy frustrated (19% fat percentage) My only diary is a low-fat buttermilk (Dutch version: Karnemelk) and Low-fat Cottage cheese. I do eat bread (organic whole grain) I die without it haha
    Should I give up my organic peanut butter (no added sugar or extra oil)???? is that what keeps me from losing fat?????

  • Chrissie

    No unnecessary sugar sounds like the plan for the rest of June.

    Craig – is your beer low-carb? Is it worth switching?

  • Yoke

    I’m giving up white rice. It’s pretty much the only refined thing in my diet. Being Asian it’s really difficult as white rice has been a staple in my diet since I was little. Meals are typically meat / vegetable dishes eaten with rice (which is almost always white).

    I’m just wondering if I should switch to brown rice or give up rice for June and start on brown rice after the month is over.

    Currently I’ve just “replaced” the white rice with extra helpings of fruit and vegetables to put the carbs in.

  • Irum

    Hi there!
    I m gona try cutting out wheat, whites, sweet stuff (tho dont hav much anyway), and fried… (but literally everything has wheat!!)I did it for 1 day (yesterday) and found it so difficult..the wheat part..
    Im already vegeterian and dont drink alcohol or caffeine..
    My major concern is-what can one eat on a continuous basis on this sort of diet? What about brown rice? (or something called wildrice-apparently has ALOT of protein?) With Indian food, one always needs something to go with the vegetables, so Im gonna try cutting the chappatti(wheat) for the brown rice. What about noodles?
    Can u please give an example of what you would eat on a day like this? Coz i may need ideas before I get bored of veggies and beans. (I live in United Arab Emirates, so I dont know if ill get alot of the food here-need to check out organic store)

  • Hey Craig, if you don’t want to give up your almond milk try my recipe for making it fresh.

    half a cup of almonds, soaked over night and drained
    3 cups of pure water
    1 T honey or a bit of stevia (optional)

    Whiz in in the VitaMix til creamy and then strain in a strainer or thru a ‘nut milk bag’–fine nylon mesh. Discard the pulp. Refrigerate it.
    This is much tastier than the ‘store-bought’ stuff!!

    Jan Masters
    The Everyday Joy Coach

  • Kitty

    I have intolerances to wheat and dairy, so need to avoid processed foods anyway. I also stay away from sugar. So for the rest of June, I’ll drop alcohol from my diet. No need for the extra calories anyway.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Nice work Kitty!

  • Maria

    Hi Craig,

    I don’t think I saw any comments on Agave nectar or raw organic honey. Would these be considered added sugar or can I have them if I set out to give up sugar this month or stick to Stevia for sweetening drinks?


    • Craig Ballantyne

      Hi Maria!

      That is totally up to you…I was just thinking about this morning and I’m going to avoid these…mostly because I wouldn’t have any need to use them anyways.

  • emma

    Nice tidy fridge Craig ๐Ÿ™‚

    My other half and I are doing the elimination diet by Dax Moy for the month this June – so will be cutting out much the same as you – other than meat.

    We are also following your TT – and I love it – thanks so much ((hug)) you’re doing a brilliant job ๐Ÿ™‚

    Emma x

  • Carl

    hey bro,
    sound great but alittle to much .
    -no simply carbs? what about post working out?
    -no chocolate? what about antioxidents?
    -cutting out Dairy for a month is only good to cut calories. why not fruits also for a mouth to get that leaner look?
    -no Meat? what about Protein?
    – no Alcohol perfect!
    -no caffeine great!
    -no Processed foods great!
    it sound like a good diet for a month. Thats going to be a lot of Dedication!

  • Elsa

    A very good post. For me, I’m giving up sugars and processed foods like Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice Dinners and Weight Watchers frozen dinners for the month of June to see how I do at the end of the month. It’s hard to give up dairy because I need the calcium since I’m in Menopause so I was wondering if I could still drink Mootopia milk which is sold at HEB food stores. The skim milk has 90 calories, O fat, 6 grams of sugar which I think is pretty low for milk and 12 grams of protein. Craig, would that be okay? I just love drinking this stuff and I don’t think I could give it up as I use it for my base in Protein shakes. I’ve already given up eating any types of red meat and as for bread, I only eat the Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin bread, which is very tasty once you toast it with 1 tbsp of Flora Flaxseed oil. It gives it a nutty taste. Delicious.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Sounds good to me Elsa!

  • Stella

    i’m going to be eliminating:

    – added sugars and anything with an e number of some sort

  • willowsprite

    I need to cut out sugar!
    Question: if you cut out dairy, how do you get enough calcium?

  • Debra

    I’m in. Going for broke and cutting it all. Should be fun! Thanks for the challenge.

  • Craig,

    Looks good. I think I am going to wait until my last month of TC5 to give up dairy. I sure am going to miss my chocolate milk after my workouts and my half green bell pepper with cottage cheese inside!

    Since you are giving up the chocolate milk what is you plan for June for your post workout intake?

  • Mike

    I’m in…giving up dairy. Had already given up added sugars, including anything w/added fruit juices or alcohol (except for the bottle of wine I share w/my girlfriend Friday nights)…no more unnecessary lactose sugars and saturated fats from dairy…replacing cow’s milk and all cheeses with hemp milk and hummus.

    BTW Craig, check out the unsweetened vanilla hemp milks from or…both have the creamy texture of whole milk, but with healthy omega 3/6 oils, and neither has any sugar at all.

    And once July hits, definitely check out the sweetened chocolate hemp milks from either company…very yummy!

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Mike, thanks for the resource!

  • Right there with you buddy!

    Just finished off a HUGE salad with spinach, blackberries, sharp provolone cheese and white wine vinegarette! Was awesome.

    I’m giving up double portions of Ribeye!


  • Chris

    I can help with a sugar-free almond milk. I have been using the Blue Diamond Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze. Vanilla is the best flavor, I think. If you need a little sweetness, just add a few drops of stevia. Good luck!

  • Gayle

    Okay, Craig! I’ve read your e-letters and articles with great interest. I worry about exercise routines having a herniated disk, often feeling pain on a daily basis and fear the risk of further injury. Cutting some foods is something I CAN do. I am hoping to cut extra sugar, glutein, and fried foods. Amping up on more fruits and vegetables. I’m taking a “before” pic and noting my starting weight. I plan on joining my local gym and working on cardio and resistance that won’t put undue stress on my back… with my physical therapist’s blessing. We’ll see how things look in 30 days!

  • plnjoebob

    Try making your own Almond Milk – it’s super easy, super fast, super good. 1 C. Raw almonds (soak 6- 8 hours or overnight). Drain and rinse. Toss in high speed blender with 3 C pure water. Add a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt and a little vanilla if you so choose. Blend on high until done (really probably less than a minute). Strain through cheese cloth or a nut milk bag. Store in a glass jar in the fridge for up to 3 days. Takes less than 5 minutes to make. Tastes yummy!

  • Paul

    Hi Craig,

    I have two questions for you.
    I love adding nuts to my morning yougurt. Is trail mix okay (no m&m’s or any form of sugar added)? Are rice-cakes okay (plane & organic)?


  • Ursula

    Hi Craig
    Will be giving up all white foods, alcohol and chocolates. Thanks for the challenge.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Great stuff Ursula!

  • Jody

    Hi Craig,
    I love your stuff!
    I am a huge potato chip eater so for June I’m throwing them out!!

  • RobB

    SUGAR- had none since Labor Day…….Chewing sugarless gum and having snack of grapes and walnuts in the evenings………..

  • RobB

    SUGAR- Had none since Memorial Day – walnuts and grapes for evening snack, and sugarless gum.

  • Bridgett

    Okay, I went from “I did Dax Moy’s Elimination diet in January” to “okay, okay, I’ll do it.” ๐Ÿ™‚

    So, I will give up alcohol Monday through Friday (but allowing on at least Saturday), bread (hard on the weekend because it is easier to make a sandwich for lunch on the go; bread includes wraps), and I will try to give up cheese (very hard). Oh yes, and no sugars (bye-bye chocolate). Starting the Awesome Abs workout this week and really liking it, even the kettle-bells, which I never thought I would try. Less concerned with “seeing” my abs with having a really strong core.

  • Veronica Trejo

    I just read this post and it’s 8 days after you posted but I will give up sugar, dairy, bread (except sprouted). I’ll just finish my 30 days on July 8. I’ve been thinking about doing this sometime and it’s motivating to hear that you’re doing it. Thanks Craig!

  • mary

    This will be tough, but I will give up store bought trail mix for the rest of the month.
    It’s ok if I make my own from raw nuts and seeds and then only a small portion 2x -3x a week.

  • Dave in Japan

    OK, I’m in.

    No burgers, pizza, fried foods, or beer for the rest of the month. Even for a “cheat meal”.
    Heck, let’s toss in (or, rather, out) all other refined starches, too.

    I’m keeping sushi, though.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      the fried foods are the most important to eliminate!

  • P.S. It’s very important to be prepared for social and business functions by taking your own or calling ahead to be sure your needs will be accommodated — everyone is health conscious these days, and you can usually find a decent salad available wherever you go.

    Eat before you go out, and prepare a big bowl of fresh fruit compote and/or a veggie platter with a fresh dip (avocado & lemon or orange is a favorite) for sharing at family-friendly gatherings. Just be sure to bring enough because the good stuff is a rarity in social circles and people go wild for it! When they see how great you look & feel, it will be an inspiration to try something new and liven things up a bit. You’re not giving up so much as making room for even better things to come!

    TIP from a few of my favorite living foods advocates (not sure if this is also included in ESE): Eat fresh, juicy fruit to satiation 30 minutes before meals or dinner engagements to curb cravings for high calorie dishes & desserts during & after the meal. Follow-up with a “Jethro” bowl (remember the Beverly Hillbillies?) piled high with a variety of gorgeous greens as the main dish, using protein and/or carbs (but not both together) as a side dish or salad topping — works beautifully and the excess weight/waste melts away! Volume is key when it comes to fresh, whole, ripe, raw foods, so enjoy the satisfaction of all you care to eat, at home or on the go!

    This is how I dropped six dress sizes and over sixty pounds last year (click on my username to see my photojournal with commentary.) Living foods rock!!

  • LuckyPenne

    WOW, like perfect timing! I was just wondering if I really wanted to make public my goal to return to 100% low fat, raw vegan for the remainder of the 5th TTTC, and then you come along with a fantastic show of courage and determination to spur me on!!

    One thing that really helped me was a piece of advice from Dr. Doug Graham’s “Perfect Health” program, namely that cravings (caffeine & complex carbs, et al.) are a sign that you haven’t eaten enough fresh, whole, raw, ripe (and preferably organic) fruits and veggies! I started this journey last summer with a 30-Day Challenge, and it took that long to conquer the artificially processed addictions (including sea salt and avocado oil as my salad staples!) and revitalize the ol’ taste buds.

    Thanks for the motivation to keep on track!! {{{BIG HUGS}}} And Brad, LOL at the tic tacs. No beer chillin’ in my fridge to send ya’ — never developed a taste for the stuff, even though it was free-flowin’ at the frat houses when I was in college. The Canucks corrupted, um… offered my son (just turned 20) his first cold one when he went up to Craig’s neck of the woods to study at the Sendokan dojo last year — he wasn’t impressed (queezy’s more like it,) but just as well — he won’t be old enough to get one here in the States till fall! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Cheers ~

  • Charity G

    Hi Everyone,
    I’m new to TT (joined about a week ago) and I’m really enjoying the workouts but have found that I really need to overhaul my diet. Sooo for the balance of June I am going to give up sugar and cut back on my caffine intake and try to replace it with Green Tea. I’m also going to drink more water through out the day to hopefully help curb the afternoon snack attacks!

    Good luck Everyone!!

  • I definitely cannot pull out dairy from my diet. I drink low fat milk everyday! Anyway, I shall kick out refine sugar, caffein, process food, and most importantly oil! I am reducing all of these but i cheat sometimes. This time, no cheating!

  • Graham Gayle

    Craig I must say that your work outs are wicked. Im also very impressed by your knowledge of diet and nutrition too.

    I need to loose weight around my stomach area. Also, I have very huge thighs which I want to reduce. Do you have any suggestions. I have done hours of cardio jogging, which I now hate.


    • Craig Ballantyne

      Hi Graham, what TT workout are you using now?

  • sylke

    Hi Craig,

    I am a fan of your training plans but today I am shocked.

    The cause: fancy dieting like taking your meat ratio out of your diet totally.
    Let me just say that I was living as a vegetarian for not less than 7 years!

    The result: I depleted my system of many essential substances so that my immune system was working on the edge of failing. And please don’t get me wrong I ate lots of diverse plant foots and plant proteins, no processed rubbish foot.

    I needed to start eating meat again in order to better my fragile health.
    Meanwhile I have found out that I’m a a protein type and I even crave for read meat after I had my monthly period. For sure I would prefer to eat vegan and to let all the animals alive But not for the price of my own health.

    For what reason do you want to give up meat?
    Have you ever found out what your metabolic type is?

    Wishing you all the best with your plans,


  • I guess I’ll try something like this as well. I’ve already cut out alcohol from my diet and I’ll cut out processed foods as well. Coffee isn’t an issue either. It’s mostly the processed grains that are my problem. I’m also switching to almond milk, so no dairy shouldn’t be an issue. I’ll have to start after by birthday, though. So, the week after the next.

  • rashida ibrahim

    i quit all the junks food, now i stick to Lipton yellow label tea and lime. first thing in the morning and also morning exercise with am gonna be in shape.

  • Daniella


    It looks like this website is mostly just about weight loss diets but does anybody know about food allergy elimination diets? I started having problems about 10 months ago. Bloating, cramping, flatulence, abdominal discomfort and distention. I’ve also been gaining weight really fast and I’m afraid it might be related. I’ve gained about 10 lbs since August. Lately I’ve been trying to lose a little weight (simply because I’m not pleased with the weight gain) and instead I’ve gained more. I’ve been to three doctors. Nobody knows what it is. I want to try an elimination diet but I’m so overwhelmed I don’t even know where to start.

    Anybody know anything about this or where to look for research?

    Oh, yeah, I’m also a vegetarian which makes some of these strict diets difficult for me. I’m not willing to add meat into my diet because I think that would be just too much for my intestines to handle. My colon doesn’t seem so happy these days ๐Ÿ™


    • Hi Daniella, I’m sorry, I can’t help, this is out of my scope of expertise.

      Craig Ballantyne

  • Shailesh

    as i am Indian our daily food contains whole wheat roti/chapati & white rice(both about

    50%) & cooked vegetables.I do take protein shake with low fat(cows) milk daily after workout should i skip it?

    but what to do with chapati? i heard that we all Indians have big belly because

    of we eat most of wheat,is it true? if yes then whats to eat instead ?

    i already cut w.rice