July Diet Reconstruction

veggie recipesAlright, so my strep throat is gone. Hurray! What a difference a day makes.

So now I’m back on track…with a new diet for this month and a new workout program.

I’m sticking with the vegan diet, but switching it up a bit. Last month I ate a lot of grains…you might even call them processed – depending on how literal you want to be. But as you know, I was eating whole grain breads, spelt bread and pasta, and oatmeal.

This month I’m going to cut that out and go with as many raw foods as possible. I’ll probably cook beans and chili for some dinners, but I’m going to skip the pastas and breads.

Really makes me feel like I’m running out of food sometimes, but it will make me do even more digging for ideas.  fast-times

Gotta keep learning. Never stop!

Plus, I always have my friend Kardena for ideas…she’s the queen of raw food and vegan eating and will help me get enough calories to gain more weight and hopefully get up to 190-ish by the end of the month.

And another go to resource is Jay Ferruggia. He’s always posting big vegan smoothie recipes on Twitter or Facebook. Click here to read Jay’s diet and workouts on Twitter.

Now let’s look at what I’ve had to eat today…

Started the day with breakfast of oat groats (soaked 24 hours in water to soften them up) mixed with organic cashew butter, a banana, and blueberries. Also had a pear.

Before my workout, I had raw vegetables and hummus, and a quinoa bread sandwich (last sandwich before I stop eating all bread for the month). The sandwich spread was Mystery Butter #2 (I swear that’s what the label says!) and a banana.

(The actual contents of mystery butter #2 are peanut butter and hazelnut butter. The company that makes it calls it mystery butter.)

After my workout I had a bowl of aat groats with almond milk, blueberries, and a banana. On the side I had a bowl of cherries, and an apple with another tablespoon of mystery butter.

I need a snack, then dinner, and then another snack to finish off. But even that won’t be enough. I have to add a big power smoothie to the plan tomorrow. And more raw nuts.

Did you see the mistake I made?

I was not fully prepared. My bad. Don’t let this happen to you!

And that’s the same mistake I see a lot of TT users making. That’s why I recommend getting Done-For-You Meal Plans.

Alright, more to come on better nutrition tomorrow. Now let’s look at my workout today…

1) Power Clean 2×5

2A) Squat – 4×4-6 (worked up to 335)build muscle book
2B) Chinups – 3 sets going 2 reps short of failure

3A) Good Morning – 2×8
3B) Close-Grip Bench Press – 2×6

and for the Meatheads

4A) DB Curl – 3×6
4B) DB Triceps Extension – 3×8

Got that done in about 40 minutes. Very little rest. Very efficient warm-up.

Back in on Friday to deadlift,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – Let me know your diet plans for this month. Please comment below!