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Keep Your Kids Healthy With 2 Natural Nutrients

By Ellison, M.Sc. | 01/26/2009

My kids understand that I don’t give out medication easily. The use of any drug -prescription or otherwise – can mean unpleasant side effects, needless expense, and even life-threatening injury. So, to avoid all that, I prefer to protect my kids by giving them two nutritional supplements that have proven to be safe and effective at warding off illness, especially in the winter.


Best Way to Get Funding for Your Business

By Mark Morgan Ford | 01/26/2009

Last week, I suggested that it takes more than an idea – even if it’s a really fantastic idea – to attract potential investors. You need to prove that your idea has legs by turning it into a working model.


Health Imposters in the Freezer Case

By Kelley Herring | 01/24/2009

The main benefit of frozen convenience foods is… well, their convenience. But a stroll though the frozen food section of your supermarket is likely to leave you hungry for better options. With good reason. The freezer case is packed with dietary pitfalls that can sabotage your waistline and harm your health.


But I Repeat Myself

By Don Hauptman | 01/24/2009

On National Public Radio recently, a newscaster reporting on the Middle East conflict said that Gaza had been “bisected in two.” Of course, the word bisected means divided into two parts, so the phrase is redundant.


7 Signs That You Are Doing Too Much Cardio

By Craig Ballantyne | 01/23/2009

The other day, while I was completing my Turbulence Training workout, I noticed that the folks sweating it out on the cardio machines were going through some interesting rituals. After watching them for a while, it was clear to me why they were doing it: They were doing too darn much cardio!


When Common Sense Gets in Your Way

By Mark Morgan Ford | 01/23/2009

When you’re at a crossroads in your career – when your heart tells you to go in one direction, but your family and friends are trying to convince you to take a more practical path – what do you do?


It’s a Great Time to Start Your Internet Business!

By Derek Gehl | 01/23/2009

I’ve been getting lots of e-mails and calls from people who don’t actually have websites up and running yet. And they’re all concerned about the same thing: “Sure, your strategies are good for people who are already making money online… but what about those of us who are still thinking about starting an Internet business? Isn’t this the worst time to launch a new website?“


A Secret to Success

By Craig Ballantyne | 01/22/2009

Yesterday morning, after an early morning walk with Bally, my 3-year-old chocolate lab, I sat down in my office and read a motivational quote. (Something I do every day.)

This one struck me as true for both business and weight-loss success. It says, “Intense desire is the foundation of all achievement.”


Why You Should You Take the Family on Your Next Business Trip

By Jason Holland | 01/22/2009

If your job or business requires you to travel frequently to meet with clients, attend conferences and seminars, or consult with business partners… it could be affecting your home life.

One way to tip your work/home balance back the other way is to bring your family with you on the road.


8 Simple Steps to Making Your Website More User-Friendly

By David Cross | 01/22/2009

The most important function of your website is to allow your customers to place their orders and receive the products or services they’re interested in. So make it as easy and hassle-free as possible.

You know how frustrating it is when you have to make a U-turn or take a detour when you could have been given fair warning beforehand. Don’t make your customers jump through unnecessary hoops to complete their purchases.


Choice or Illusion?

By Robert Ringer | 01/21/2009

While it seems like a simple enough proposition, the fact is that choice can be a very complicated subject. I think most people believe “You are a victim of your own choices.” They have shared story after story about how they made bad choices that led to their downfall, as well as good choices that led to great success – often in the face of enormous obstacles.


New Relief for Migraine Sufferers

By James B. LaValle | 01/21/2009

Undiagnosed food allergies can cause dark circles around the eyes, fatigue, chronic sinus drainage, joint pain, and general achiness. But they may also cause headaches. I’ve known this for years, and research is finally validating it.