Do Your Personal Goals Take a Back Seat to Work?

Early in my career I became quite adept at setting a schedule for my workday and sticking to it. This “time tasking” made me very efficient and productive. But I had a heck of a time doing the same when it came to my personal and social goals. I was so involved in moving my business and financial goals forward, I simply ignored the rest. And because of that, I wasn’t making my time outside of work count for much of anything!

Not a good idea. As you know, here at ETR we strongly recommend that you strive for balance in all areas of your life.

Fortunately for me, I realized the error of my ways. About seven years ago, I began applying myself to my personal and social goals with the same vigor as I had been applying to my work goals. I added bowling (a favorite sport) to my weekly schedule, and shot a 300 game last year. I took up golf. I began scheduling time with friends. And after 25 years of being too busy with work, I began taking real vacations with my wife.

Do I sometimes feel like I am “sacrificing” my work for my personal goals? Yes, once in a while. But when I look back at the choices I’ve been making, I realize that the memories I am creating and the sense of well-being I’ve gained from using all my time better are priceless.

Take a second and remind yourself of this important fact: Time cannot be replenished once it is gone. If you’re not including time with friends and family (and time with yourself!) in your schedule, you’re losing that time for good.

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