2 Unlikely Sources of Fat-Loss Advice

Recently, I came across two quotes that are unlikely sources of fat-loss advice. The first is from legendary real estate speculator Frank McKinney: “Figure yourself out. Spend time in introspection.” The other is the title of a coaching program from Dan Sullivan: “Discover your strengths.”

Both quotes serve as a reminder to take the time to identify our strengths, and then to focus on those strengths for business success. And that’s exactly what we should do for fat-loss success.

So take a good 15-30 minutes today to figure out your strengths and weaknesses. When do you always have energy? Identify that and try to plan your workouts at that time. What foods do you really like that are also good for your health and fat loss? Think about that and stock your fridge and cupboards with those foods.

A bit of reflection can help you re-engineer your life to suit your strengths and get you more results. Plan your day. Design your life. Engineer your success. Don’t be afraid to be a little bit “selfish” and make time for YOU! Once you start planning for success, you are already on the path.

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