3 Intense Fat Burning Workout Routines

Fat Loss FacebookWow, crazy week just went by…

We added the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest to Facebook.

And I recorded a free call for you going over every single last detail about how to enter the contest, how to take amazing photos, and how to win some money by losing belly fat!

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Alright, now let’s get into the best fat burning tips of the week! You’ll discover some slight workout tweaks I used when creating the TT Buff Dudes-Hot Chicks program that we are giving away this week.

This week’s best transformation tip is…

Squeeze EVERY repetition at the top of the contraction. This will require you to use lighter weights for all exercises. hot chick workoutIt’s a classic “bodybuilder” approach to training, and what it does is help you recruit more muscle while using less weight.

Not something you want to do ALL the time, but it really works well in the TT Buff Dudes-Hot Chicks program.

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And our second tip is, if you do not want to gain any extra muscle mass, just stick to 1-2 supersets, rather than doing 3 supersets.

Monday – Workout A from TT for Buff Dudes & Hot Chicks

1A) DB Walking Lunge
1B) Stability Ball Ab Pike

2A) DB Bulgarian Split Squat
2B) 1-Leg Stability Ball Leg Curl

3A) DB 1-Leg Calf Raise
3B) Plank with Arms on Ballstability ball rollout

4A) Stability Ball Rollout
4B) X-Body Mountain Climber

10-Minute Interval Training Workout

Today’s an off-day, so enjoy your 30 minutes of activity in the park. These days, I’m taking advantage of the weather and doing extra long dog walks and hiking in Toronto’s High Park.

Good times!

If you choose to go for a long walk, then download this call and put it on your iPOD. It’s an amazing interview with Catherine Gordon, the winner of the 2nd Turbulence Training Transformation Contest.

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body transformation womenCatherine has amazing energy and really simplifies the contest for beginners. Everyone needs to learn how she used her “5 Pillars of Fat Loss Success” to transform her body.

We could have talked for hours about how you need social support – and where she found it – as well as how Catherine overcame her nutrition “vice” and how much she loves going to the gym.

I guarantee this call will inspire you to achieve your dreams and increase your confidence with your fat loss transformation.

Wednesday – Workout B from TT for Buff Dudes & Hot Chicks

First, if this workout intimidates, then please go back and just use the beginner Turbulence Training workout. However, the reason I wanted to share this program this week was because our record-fat loss transformation winner, Robyn, used this program in the last 4 weeks of her contest.

NOTE! In this workout, the 3rd & 4th supersets are optional. If you don’t want more muscle, skip it!

1A) Pull-up – 3 to 8 reps
1B) DB Chest Press

2A) DB Chest Supported Row (CSR) dumbbell row
2B) DB Incline Press

3A) DB 1-Arm Shoulder Press
3B) DB Shrug

4A) DB Curl with Palms-up
4B) Decline Close-Grip Pushup

10-Minute Interval Training Workout

Do your 30 minutes of fun activity, and then take some time to study your own personal nutrition.

Enter your food intake on Fitday.com.

Start reading food labels.

Discover how many calories are in the foods you eat. Here’s a quick, approximate list.

  • 1 piece of fruit = 100 calories
  • 1 serving dairy = 100 calories
  • 1 big potato = 150-200 calories plain
  • 22 almonds in an ounce
  • Beer wine alcohol = 150 cal per unit
  • Bread = 100 calories

And here’s one more thing you should do that most people never think of…simply write down how you feel after every meal or after each food you eat, and you’ll discover which foods make you tired and which ones give you energy. Very simple, but very powerful!

Friday – Workout C from TT for Buff Dudes & Hot Chicks

This workout was voted the “Hardest Turbulence Training Workout Ever!” by TT Members.


Because there is no rest between exercises OR supersets. You just keep going and going and going!

1A) DB Reverse Lunge
1B) Stability Ball Jackknife

2B) Elevated Pushups

3A) DB Row
3B) Stability Ball Leg Curl

Timed Intervals
Bodyweight Squats
(20 second squats + 10 second hold in bottom position x 8 rounds)
(20 seconds pushups + 10 second hold in top position x 4 rounds)
Plank + Side Plank
(20 second plank + 10 second side plank alternating sides x 8 rounds)
Touchdown Lunges + T-Pushups
(20 seconds lunges + 10 seconds T-pushups x 4 rounds)

Here’s a video that gives you more info about bodyweight intervals:

Finish with static stretching.

Social Support Saturday!
My favorite day of the week. Make sure to stop by the TT forums and help others.

As you might know, the more you teach and help others, the more you will learn and understand what your body needs in order to transform. Social support is a powerful two-way street!

Sunday – Plan, Shop & Prepare
After your 30 minutes of fun activity, make sure to plan, shop, & prepare for the week ahead.

If you are looking for a treat, try this healthy chocolate dessert.

Have a great week of transforming and losing fat,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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