How To Choose A Workout Program

What an interview series – Scott Colby and his facebook fans asked me some really great questions that I know can help you, too. If you missed last day where I told you my favorite ab exercise along with the best exercises to sculpt beautiful abs without harming your back, then head back to part 7.

The problem, however, is that too often people get bogged down BEFORE even doing anything. You see,  the wealth of information available on the internet can be a tiny bit overwhelming.  And sometimes these options seem incredibly appealing, making it especially difficult to choose just one. So what’s the difference between my workouts and all the other fantastic workouts on the market?

Let’s answer this question in the final excerpt from Scott Colby’s interview….


Scott Colby: Let’s wrap up with this, Craig. It’s from Jeannie and I get this question fairly often. It says, “Scott, it seems you have interviews with several different individuals with different programs, like Craig, Jason Ferruggia, Joel Marion, etc. How do I know which program is best for me? I believe that there’s a program that works for the right person if matched up properly.

Then they just concluded, “I have tightness and pain in one hip that makes it difficult to do some exercises.” I get this a lot, Craig, and you might too. People are confused because there are other good programs out there and they’re trying to figure out which one is right for them.

Craig Ballantyne: What I’d highly recommend for people to understand if Turbulence Training is for them is to simply go to and take a look at all the videos, I’m up to about 180 videos there. You’ll get a pretty good idea quickly whether or not I’m for you, because it’s a pretty good representation of me and my workouts.

With the other guys, there’s so much free stuff out there. So, go through all the FREE stuff and there should be enough for you to figure out whether or not the personality, the schedule, and the lifestyle suits you.  You should be able to get a pretty good idea, if the person’s BASIC PHILOSOPHY is right for you.

Scott Colby: That was a good answer. I just wanted to add that Craig and I share very similar philosophies in workouts as far as the intensity level, the structure of doing supersets, and  doing workouts that you can do anywhere.

That’s something that I really based my workouts on, workouts that you can do anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling, if you’re outside, if you’re in a gym, or if you’re in a home. Craig’s workouts, for the most part, you can do these ANYWHERE that you want.

Craig recently released his Home Abdominal Workouts they are in a DVD form, which not a lot of the people have their workouts on DVDs.

He gives you guidelines as far as what weight you should use. You see exactly how to do each movement, because he’s doing the movements with you. He takes rest breaks with you. He gives you guidance on what to do during your exercises, like how you should breathe, how you should draw in your belly button, things like that.

It’s basically the closest thing you can have to having a trainer come to your home without shelling out $100 or $150 dollars an hour for a trainer to come to your home. This was a great question and I can understand the confusion that some people have on the types of programs that are out there and trying to figure out what’s best for you.

Pretty much just try to do what Craig suggests and go through some of the free workouts that we have on YouTube and our blogs.

Just so you know, we get probably dozens of other requests for promoting other people’s products and workouts that we turn down because we don’t believe in them. So, you’re going to get high quality no matter who you end up going with. It’s just a matter of the personality that you want and if you want the DVDs and follow along workouts and things like that.

This was great information and we got through as many questions as we could. I appreciate your time.

Craig Ballantyne: Happy to help.

Scott Colby: Follow Craig on Facebook, as well as myself and you can always ask your questions there and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Thanks everybody!