How to Lose 9 Pounds in 2 Weeks with “the Holy Grail of workouts”

weight loss membership siteEvery month we award at least one Turbulence Training Success Story grand prize to the TT client who has made the most dramatic fat loss transformation. This month, there are THREE winners!

Today, we’ll hear from our first fat loss success story, Brad Blanks, the classic busy dad who has already lost 9 pounds of fat in just 2 weeks with Turbulence Training.

Also, make sure to note how he was progressive and conservative when he started the program…even though he was active he started with the BEGINNER program!

So please start there, focus on form, and you’ll still lose fat fast when you change your diet. Stay strong!

Congratulations to Brad who has won a TT Platinum Membership!


Hey Craig,

I bought your program a little over two weeks ago.  At the grand old age of 32, I decided to pull out that scale in the bathroom that had been collecting dust since last summer.  I had noticed that my shorts from last summer were quite tight and that I had put on a few pounds but I had no idea how many.

I am six foot one inch tall and my target weight is between 180-185lbs.  I stepped on the dusty scale and was amazed, or really wish I was amazed, to see that my current weight was 209lbs.

I have always been a pretty busy person that never cared for sitting on the coach watching the TV until I my wife and Iimages had our two kids. With two kids, ages 6 and 2, you don’t really get to just jump in the truck and go like you did before having them.

I have always been into some form of recreational activities such as golfing, fishing, hiking, swimming, and camping.  With the two kids, these hobbies have been cut down drastically.

Last summer when I had decided that I was out of shape, I began cycling.  I would ride 35 miles every other day and 15 miles on my off days.  This was great and I still really enjoy cycling but it is extremely time consuming.  Riding 35 miles takes about 2 hours and that is before you factor in loading the bike in the truck with all of your gear and driving to a safe bike route then driving back home.

Really it was about 3 hours out of my day, just to ride 35 miles.  I got in great shape and dropped the extra weight but it was tough to find the time and I hated stranding my wife with the kids for 3 hours while I went out and rode. images1

What I was looking for a few weeks back was what some might call the Holy Grail of workouts. I wanted a workout that would burn off my extra lbs, put on some muscle mass, and didn’t take a lot of time away from the rest of my life.

I have never been a big believer in workouts that claimed to accomplish all of these things.  I have always thought of these workouts as being similar to get rich quick schemes or infommercials.  The more I read about TT the more I liked what I was reading.

When I was cycling, I would practice interval workouts to get ready for a big weekend ride in a short period of time, I would find the toughest hill I could find and ride up the hill, turn around and rest on the way back down and then repeat it until couldn’t make it up the hill.  Doing this, I knew how quickly doing intervals could get you into shape.

Lifting weights is something that I have not done since high school. Our basketball coach would send us to the weight room 3 days a week and for 3 years straight we did the exact same workouts everyday and saw almost no results.  This really turned me off to lifting weights and I have considered it a huge waste of time.

fat loss programAfter buying and reading through your program, I was convinced that I might have found the Holy Grail of workouts.  I started with the TT Beginner workouts and intervals and the weight is falling off.

I have lost 9 lbs in the past two weeks, 1.5 inches off of my thighs, 1 inch off of my waist, and feel great.

I have obviously improved my diet from pizza and fast food to whole foods and lean proteins.  The first week I spent a lot of time focusing on the correct form and not so much the weight involved in the supersets.

The second week I made sure to ramp up the weight to where I was only able to do one more rep before failure.

My wife was so impressed with how well I was doing and the new found energy that I had that she started doing the workouts right after me.

The best part is that on the off days, the whole family can take off around the neighborhood for a 30-45 minute walk on the off days.

I will keep you posted to my progress but thanks for creating my Holy Grail,

Brad Blanks


Congratulations Brad! You’ve won a 1-Year TT Platinum Membership.

Looking forward to your success stories,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS mens health cover model

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