5 Minute Fat Burning Bootcamp Workout

fitness bootcamp workoutHope you are ready for a great weekend – I’ve got two 5-minute fat burning circuit workouts and a 5 Minute Bootcamp Ab Circuit for you to kick-off the start of the weekend. I’ll be using one of these circuits on Saturday morning because…

One of my old friends is getting married this summer, and so this weekend is a big “boy’s weekend out”. It’s also a holiday weekend here in Canada, so I’ll be heading out of the city and back to the country (where Bally the Dog can run around like a maniac).

I’m going to do a deadlift workout on Friday, but on Saturday, I plan on hitting this short workout…you can do it just once for a 5-minute workout, or 3-4 times for a nice, quick fat burning circuit.

And if you are up for more, try the 5 minute ab bootcamp workout underneath it as well!

Have an amazing weekend transforming your body.

Workout #1 – Craig’s Weekend Workout

1) Kettlebell Swings – 30 seconds
2) Pushups – 30 seconds
3) Kettlebell Snatches – 30 seconds per side
4) Jumps – 30 seconds
5) Mountain Climbers – 30 seconds (alternating sides)
6) Run at 8/10 intensity – 60 seconds
7) Plank – 60 seconds

The ol’ Seven Exercise Sweat Circuit. You’ll like it, if you are advanced.

If you are a beginner, try this:

1) Bodyweight Squat – 30 seconds
2) Kneeling Pushups – 30 seconds
3) Stability Ball Leg Curl – 30 seconds
4) Side Plank – 15 seconds per side

Rest 30 seconds and repeat 1 more time for a 5 minute total body strength circuit.

And finally, here is the TT Bootcamp 5-Minute Ab Workout for this week…

TT Total Body Abs Circuit (30 seconds per exercise) – 5 minutes
• Cross-Body Mountain Climber
• Plank
• Grasshopper Pushup
• Rest 1 minute before repeating 1 more time.

Classic TT Bootcamp Abs.

And if you have any classic 5-minute fat burning workouts, please tell us!

Heck, just leave any comment just so I know that you’re alive!

Have a great workout,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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  • Hi Craig,

    This is my abs circuit which I do once a week. Do these exercises for 2 minutes and rest for 30 seconds and repeat circuit for a total 5 minutes. I use this as an interval training so I do each exercise with as many reps I can do in perfect form for 30 seconds.

    1) Belly Blaster- start with a plank position. Lift glutes up by pushing off with your forearms and look at your toes. Return to plank position.

    2) Side Plank w/a pulse (left side)- start with a side plank position. Touch the mat with your hips and return to side plank position.

    3) Side Plank w/ a pulse (right side)

    4) Mountain Climber

    I find this circuit challenging. I would very much be interested in your input because I still don’t understand the difference between interval training and metabolic resistance training. I don’t understand why I have to do both kinds of training.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Thanks for the circuit.

      As for intervals vs. metabolic resistance training…

      Interval training is stuff like sprinting, biking, etc.

      There’s not really any “resistance” in interval training.

      If you wanted to cut back on tracking, you should do resistance training first, and if that can accomplish all your goals, then you might not need interval training.

  • Hey Craig,

    Those workouts look great! I think I may try them for a quick off-day workout! What is a grasshopper pushup?


  • Hey craig,

    Thanks for the circuit. Being a proponent of non-torso flexion ab exercises, is there just one trunk flexion exercise that you would suggest for abs or are they all kind of a waste of time?

    1) Stab ball rollout x 20
    2) :30 interval 9/10
    3) 1:00 Plank
    4) :30 interval 9/10
    Rest for 1:00 and repeat

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Hi Aaron, great circuit, that will get things done fast!

      As for trunk flexion, its just a matter of risk vs. benefit. For the average person reading my stuff, there’s no need to take the risk for the little benefit…but if a bodybuilder might see the risks as less than the benefits for doing stuff like cable crunches or weighted ball crunches. Depends on so much, you know.

      Great question!


  • B

    Without resting in between exericses, I like to do 5 Pull ups, 10 push ups, 10 Bodyweight squats for as many rounds as possible in 5 miuntes. I usually get through 7-9 rounds

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Great circuit, and nice results!

  • Craig I have started some of my fighting team on sections of your TT for supplemental conditioning, will se how this develops as the season progresses, first big fight US Open July 4th weekend. Marty Martin

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Very interesting Marty! Let me know how it goes.

  • Marts Cho

    Hi Craig, I will try this workout this week end.. It looks really nice!

  • Thanks for the workout ideas.



  • Mary

    Looks like a great workout. I have been doing your program for about 3 months, working my way through the 6-month bodyweight manual. Is it best to follow this as specified or mix things up a little. I pulled an intercostal muscle about 3 weeks ago doing a shoulder press push-up and have slowly tried to get back into things, but have times when I am very sore still and have to watch what I do. I can see my body gradually tightening up and becoming more defined with your program, but the pulled muscle has definitrly set me back. What is a kettlebell snatch? Is the ” jump” when you jump up onto a box?

  • Daniel Munday, Sydney’s Fat Loss Expert

    Gotta love a short n sweet kettlebell circuit.

    Can’t go past a Snatch n throw in some Up Downs and Spiderman or T Push Ups and you’ll be nailing it!

  • jodie


    I am interested in purchasing the bootcamp package. What is included? How soon would I receive it once payment is made?


  • Alex

    Hey Craig, I might overtrain my abs, but I only do this workout twice a week so I think it evens out, or does it?
    -20 hanging leg raises (legs straight)
    -1 min frontal plank on swiss ball
    -20 oblique raises left(bring knees up and to the side)
    -20 oblique raises right ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    -2o hanging knee raises (this time, just bring knees straight up)
    -1 min frontal plank on swiss ball
    -20 hanging leg raises (legs straight)
    -50 hanging twists (I’m actually not sure if this does anything but I still do it. It’s just hanging from the bar and twisting my legs/waist/torso side to side. Sorry if its confusing.
    -1 min pushup plank
    -10 FULL hanging raise (try to bring feet up to hit bar, (I normally can’t do this in one set, so i have to break it into two sets of 5)
    -1 min left plank
    -1 min right plank
    -additional optional ab-work ( this is where I normally through in weighted crunches on a swiss ball, V-ups, bicycles, etc.)

    Is this too much, or provided its only done twice a week, will that even things out? If anyone tries it, let me know how it goes.