Fasting Cuts Belly Fat and Cancer Risk

Did you watch this recent blockbuster TV show?

It showed how Dr. Michael Mosley did something unprecedented…

He lowered his risk of cancer in only 5 weeks.

He also lowered his body fat by 8%, lost over 15 pounds, decreased his waist size by several inches, and improved his blood glucose and his cholesterol.

So what makes this ‘unprecedented’?

Well for starters he did it with Eat Stop Eat style fasting.

Oh… and the BBC made an amazing documentary on his story.

You can watch the full program here – and you’ll get Brad Pilon’s expert insights on why this worked:

Doctor cuts cancer risk by fasting <== BBC documentary

5 weeks, that’s all it took to lower his cancer risk by 50%

What fixed it?

The Eat Stop Eat style of intermittent fasting.

Reduce cancer risk, slash belly fat and lose weight <== in just 5 weeks

After experiencing the amazing benefits of Eat Stop Eat-style fasting, Dr. Mosley said the following:

“I genuinely believe that if people were to take up fasting, it would radically transform the nation’s health.”

A strong statement coming from a medically trained doctor.

So please check out the documentary and share this email with your friends and family.

You could truly change their health for the better.

You’ll be a hero in their eyes.

Oh, and you’ll probably lose some belly fat at the same time.

Lose fat and kick cancer to the curb here <= watch the show

Eat well and be healthy,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Never forget…

…diet is more important than exercise.

The Doctor lowered his risk of cancer, lost belly fat, and improved his cholesterol WITHOUT changing the amount that he exercised.

And you can too. Learn more here.

PPS – When Brad Pilon first told me about…

…fasting, I thought he was nuts.

But now look at this…medical doctors are promoting this for improving almost EVERY aspect of health.