Crazy Addiction Workout

I’m done moving. Hurray.

The long awaited Turbulence Training Addiction program is here…and YES, it is an ADVANCED program.

“What’s with the name?” you might be asking? Well, it all started with the 300 workout. Now remember, I didn’t invent that workout, but I filmed exercise demonstrations for the folks at Men’s Health, and since 2007 over 1.5 million people have watched that video on their site and on Youtube.

And more importantly, I’ve received hundreds of emails from people asking how often they could do the workout each week. You see, they were addicted to the challenge. Fortunately I was smart enough to recognize this “healthy addiction” and I started creating challenge workouts of my own.

Click here to listen to the call…

now let’s get into the TT Addiction Workout and tips…

Monday – May 17th

Transformation Tip of the Week:
The best fat loss workout in the world is useless without implementation. All the planning in the world is no good if you don’t follow through. Become a robotic action taker. Just get it done. Even if you don’t feel like it, just get started…go through the warmup, chances are you’ll do the whole workout and you’ll feel amazing after.

TT Addiction Workout A

These workouts are tough and if you are feeling pain, dizziness, or discomfort at any time, please stop the workout and see your doctor.

In Superset #1, use a weight that you can 10-12 times.

  • Your goal is to get 5 reps in every set. If you can’t, you are using too heavy of a weight. Do NOT increase the weight until you can do 5 sets of 5 reps.

1A) Deadlift or RDL or Barbell Row or DB Row – 5 reps (2-0-1)
Rest 1 minute.
1B) Bench Press or DB Chest Press – 5 reps (2-0-1)
Rest 1 minute before repeating 4 more times for a total of 5 supersets.

2A) Barbell Lunge – 8 reps per side (2-0-1)
No rest.
2B) Side Plank with DB Lateral Raise – 10 reps per side (2-0-1)
Rest 1 minute before repeating 2 more times for a total of 3 supersets.

3A) Barbell Curl – 6-8 reps (3-0-1)
No rest.
3B) DB Triceps Extension – 8-12 reps (3-0-1)
No rest.
3C) Close-Grip Pushup ¾ Reps – 1-rep short of failure (2-0-1)
Rest 1 minute before repeating 2 more times for a total of 3 circuits.

No interval training.

Get 30 minutes of fun activity – now grab a Green Tea and do this week’s research review.

Nutr J. 2010 Mar 11;9(1):11. Efficacy of a meal replacement diet plan compared to a food-based diet plan after a period of weight loss and weight maintenance: a randomized controlled trial. Davis LM, Coleman C, Kiel J, Rampolla J, Hutchisen T, Ford L, Andersen WS, Hanlon-Mitola A.

NOTE: I do not endorse everyday shake-diets…

This study examined the effect of Medifast’s meal replacement program (MD) on weight loss and weight maintenance

90 obese adults were put into a 40 week study. For 16 weeks they were on a low-cal weight loss diet, and for 24 weeks they were on a weight maintenance diet.

One group consumed the Medifast shakes while the other group consumed the same number of calories with real food.

The Medifast shake group lost more weight after 16 weeks.

During the 24-week maintenance phase, they gained more back, but overall, they still down more pounds at the end of the 40 weeks.

There was no difference in satiety (feelings of fullness) observed between the two groups during the weight loss phase.

WHY: Calorie control. No other explanation. Therefore, plan your calories. It doesn’t matter how you eat them, just make sure you don’t eat more than you think.

I don’t like supplement shakes…make a whole food blender drink instead.


In workout B, you get my Jump & Chinup addiction programs…this is skill training that you’ll want to come back to and improve in the future.

You can watch those youtube videos here:


That explains everything.

TT Addiction Workout B

Jump Addiction – Choose one exercise. Goal is to increase your distance/height each week.

  • 1-Leg Hop x 5 reps per side
  • Long Jump x 3 reps
  • Vertical Jump x 3 reps (do 3 vertical jumps and add up total height)

Chin-up Addiction – Do NOT go to failure in any set. Stop one to two reps short of failure. When you can do 3 sets of 10 for the exercise, move to the next in the sequence.

  • Underhand Inverted Row
  • Kneeling Reverse Grip Pulldown with 66% of your bodyweight weight
  • Assisted Chinups
  • 5-second Eccentric Chinups (6 reps only, not 10)
  • Full Chinups
  • Sternum Chinups
  • L-Chinups

1A) Jump Addiction (Choose one from above)
No rest.
1B) Chin-up Addiction (Choose one from above)
Rest 1 minute before repeating 2 more times.

2A) Repeated Vertical Jump – 6 reps
No rest.
2B) Decline Pushup – 2 reps short of failure (2-0-1)
No rest.
2C) Lunge Jump – 6 reps per side
No rest.
2D) DB Chest Supported Row – 12 reps (2-0-1)
Rest 1 minute before repeating 1 more time.

3A) DB Reverse Lunge – 8 reps per side (2-0-1)
No rest.
3B) Military Press – 8 reps (2-0-1)
No rest.
3C) Stability Ball 1-Leg Ball Curl – 8 reps per side (1-0-1)
No rest.
3D) Stability Ball Pike – 10-15 reps (1-0-1)
Rest 1 minute before repeating 2 more times.

4) 10-meter Shuttle runs – Do 10 sprints of 24 seconds with 36 seconds of rest. Record total distance and try to beat that each week.

Do 30 minutes of fun activity…

Challenge yourself!

Here are the TT Addiction Challenge Rules.

NOTE: A special thank you to Martin Rooney, world famous strength coach, for sharing his 3-Minute Pushup Challenge program in the April 2010 issue of Men’s Health magazine (page 46).

1)Rest whenever you want – but the clock keeps running.

2) You must do every repetition with perfect form.

3) Pace yourself however you’d like…Rooney says to take a 15-second break once you start to slow down after your first burst. Then take longer breaks as you get more tired. Do NOT go to total fatigue.

Rooney even provides these numbers for men in the push-up challenge. Below are the number of reps performed in 3 minutes and the category you fit in:

<55 reps = below average
75-99 = good
100-110 = excellent

4) You can apply the “burst-rest” strategy to every exercise in the challenge. NOTE: You will do 5-minutes of squats, not just 3 minutes.

5) In week 1, do only TWO minutes for each exercise. You need a practice round!

6) There is a scoring system, so not only will you be addicted to beating your total score, but you will also want to be your personal record in each of the 8 exercises.

7) Please let me know how you do!


My score was 706, as I’ll explain in a second…

TT Addiction Workout C

In week 1, do only TWO minutes for each exercise. You need a practice round! Do each exercise for the given time based on the Challenge Rules.

3-Minute Pushups
Rest 2 minutes.

5-Minute Squats
Rest 2 minutes.

3-Minute Pull-ups
Rest 2 minutes.

3-Minute Burpees
Rest 2 minutes.

3-Minute Bodyweight Rows
Rest 2 minutes.

3-Minute Walking Lunges
Rest 2 minutes.

3-Minute Stability Ball Plank
Rest 2 minutes.

5-Minute Kettlebell Swings (Men = 35lbs; Women = 18lbs)

Total Score
= Pushups + Squats + (2xPullups) + Burpees + Rows + Lunges + (Plank Seconds/2) + Swings

Example: I did 114 pushups, 165 squats, 30 pullups, 28 burpees, 47 rows, 74 lunges, 102 seconds ball plank, and 167 swings.

CB’s Score = 114+165+(2×30)+28+47+74+(102/2)+167
= 114+165+(60)+28+47+74+(51)+167
= 706

I know you can beat that!

Social Support Saturday!
30 minutes of fun activity…

“The ability to encourage others is one of life’s greatest assets.” Henry Ford

The more you help others, the more you will help yourself. Its that simple.

Sunday – Plan, Shop & Prepare
30 minutes activity and plan, shop, & prepare.

Here are 2 simple but powerful tips that will help your fat loss diet…

1) Do NOT use diet packs or diet soda (Coelho do vale, R., J Cons Res35:380, 2008). That research shows that diet products lead to decrease in self-control & eating more.

2) Large bowls increase intake by 31% (Wansink, B., et al. Am J Prev Med 31:240, 2006), therefore use small bowls & cutlery to control your calorie intake.

Again, simple but powerful.

Next week!
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