Bodyweight Exercises in Texas

imagesSan Antonio is a great place. Riverwalk is good times, but I definitely would have ended up in the water a few times if I grew up here!

Last night our group of 28 folks rented two boats and had a Mexican feast as we toured the Riverwalk area (they even made me vegetarian quesadillas).

And this gave me another chance to talk to Holly Rigsby about her favorite bodyweight exercises. Here’s a little fit mombodyweight exercise circuit workout she did in her hotel room on Thursday morning.

1) Y squats – 12 reps
2) Push ups – 10 reps
3) Prisoner Lunges – 10 reps per side
4) Mountain climbers – 15 reps per side

Rest as little as necessary between exercises and repeat the circuit 3 times.

Then she finished off with this cool little movement sequence of funny-looking exercises that worked her abs and flexibility.

But the good thing is, when you exercise at home – or in your hotel room – no one can see you. Here’s Holly’s Hotel Room Workout:

1) Inchworm (from standing position bend over to touch toes and walk out on hands until you are in the top of the push-up position). From that push-up position, move directly to…images1

2) Spiderman Climb – once on each side and then…

3) Reverse hand walk yourself back in to the stand up position (this will stretch the hamstrings)

4) Raise hands overhead

5) Step out to the side and widen arms to Y position

6) Do a Y squat

7) Step back in to complete the sequence.

Repeat this little circuit up to 6 times.

This complete workout should take less than 20 minutes and works your abs, flexibility, pushup strength, butt, and abs (double time!).

• This is a powerful stretch for your hamstrings, so go slow, and don’t round your back.
• Start in a modified push-up position, with your hands out in front of your shoulders.
• Keep your legs straight and walk your legs towards your hands.
• Go until you get a stretch, but don’t round your lower back.
• Once you get a stretch, walk your hands out until you are in a modified pushup.

Enjoy. And remember, you can do that anywhere, anytime because it requires NO-equipment.

Bodyweight exercises remain one of the most underused methods of changing your body. Everyone thinks its all about cardio and weights, but its not.

Thanks for that workout Holly!

Now here’s what I did this morning…ttbm5_4

Slept in till 6:32am (7:32am EST) and then got up and hit the hotel gym, where I did 500 repetitions of hip mobility exercises, including:

– Step-overs

– Step-unders

– Leg swings

– Prisoner squats

– Prisoner lunges

Here’s a video of some of the exercises I did…

More great bodyweight workouts coming soon,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training Bodyweight Workouts