Best Abs Exercises & Cardio for Fat Loss

The best abs exercises and cardio program for fat loss are NOT what you think. So forget about doing sit-ups, crunches, and slow cardio. Today, you’ll discover the truth about the best way to lose belly fat and get sexy abs.

You see, yesterday I watched a well-meaning but uneducated trainer put his female client through some dangerous ab exercises. Not surprisingly, the woman complained of low back pain after the workout.

I’ll tell you more about that BAD exercise tomorrow, and I’ll give you a huge list of ab exercise substitutions.

But today, we are kicking off the the 50% off TT for Abs DVD sale:


For LESS than the same investment that poor woman gives the trainer PER session, you could have the entire 12-week TT for Abs DVD set delivered to your doorstep so YOU can workout with me in the comfort of your own home. How cool is that?

The TT for Abs DVDs were filmed in “FOLLOW-ALONG” style, meaning that YOU and I do EVERY repetition of every exercise together.

This is the PERFECT system if you want more video demonstrations of exercises, more motivation during the workouts, and more PROVEN workouts that will help you lose fat and work your abs – safely.

Now a lot of TT readers had questions about the DVDs and ab workouts, so I’m going to address those today. But first, here are the 3 winners of a free set of the TT for Abs DVDs:

1) Betsy Green
2) Simon Vincent
3) Rennie (who still needs to send me her shipping info!)

Now on to your questions.

1) What is the best cardio for losing belly fat?

A-ha, that is a trick question! Or at least you’re getting a trick answer…

…because the best type of cardio is NO cardio at all. The TT for Abs DVDs use interval training to burn belly fat, not long, slow, boring cardio. You will never need to spend 40 minutes on a cardio machine again, unless that is something you love.

2) Are the TT for Abs DVDs workouts good for beginners?

Absolutely. Earlier this summer I visited my mom at home on the farm, and I wanted to watch a training video. I opened up the DVD player, and there was a copy of the TT for Abs Beginner workout.

Now my mom is 68 years old, and has never really worked out in her life, but even she can do the beginner level programs.

PLUS, in the TT for Abs DVD set, you get TWO bonus beginner workouts:

i) The TT Total Torso Training 4-week Beginner Workout
ii) The TT 15-Minute Express 4-Week Beginner Workout

And yes, both of these are filmed in “follow along” style as well.

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3) Okay, but will I get advanced TT workouts too?

Yes, indeed. In fact, because I filmed these workouts in “follow along” style, and because I was filming 2-3 of these in a ROW each night, you get to see me “huffing and puffing”, and struggling with a lot of the more advanced workouts.

Just a little payback for you, after all the hard TT workouts you’ve done in the past.

Now you have a chance to watch me suffer!

Trust me, the advanced TT workouts will challenge even the fittest trainer in your city. And more importantly, they will give YOU the advanced results you are looking for.

4) What is the #1 Ab Exercise?

That’s a tough question to answer of course, because it depends on the individual. But I do know this…

For BEGINNERS…you need to start with the plank, side plank, and bird dog exercises to build up abdominal endurance. By doing so, you will set the stage for eliminating back-pain while working your six pack abs.

For INTERMEDIATE level fitness…one of the most important exercises you will do is the Stability Ball Plank. A study quoted in Men’s Health magazine found the Ball Plank to be 30% harder than the regular ab plank.

Finally, for ADVANCED folks…the most recent issue of Men’s Health magazine quoted a study that found the Stability Ball Rollout is the HARDEST ball exercise for your abs.

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5) Can I get the TT for Abs DVDS if I live in Australia, Europe, Asia, or South America?

YES, you can!

It doesn’t matter if you live in Dubai, Sydney, Auckland, Paris, Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Vancouver, LA, Boston, Dallas, or Timbuktu, you can get the DVDs.

And no matter where you live, you also get my Canadian-Strength guarantee that you’ll love the TT for Abs DVDS, or I’ll give you every penny back.

6) Are the TT for Abs exercise DVDs better than the other workout DVDs that I can buy?

Yes, of course!

Now seriously, what did you expect me to say?

I’m not in the business of creating 2nd best workouts.

After all, I was picked by the biggest fitness magazine in the world, Men’s Health, over 10 years ago this summer to be one of their main fitness contributors…

…and I’ve been studying this craft for almost 20 years since the day I picked up my first weight. PLUS, thousands upon thousands of TT members have used these workouts.

So unless you can’t understand my Canadian accent (eh?) then I promise you that you will find these workouts to be the absolute BEST exercise DVDs you can get. I guarantee it.

7) Why did you film ab workouts? I thought total body workouts were the best way to lose fat?


Great question, and you’re right, total body workouts are the best.

Fortunately, the TT for Abs DVDs are total body TT workouts with added total-body ab exercises. This combination will help you burn belly fat AND give you lean, sexy abs.

PLUS, you’ll get the TT Total Torso Training Workout for Beginner as well as Beginner and Advanced 15-Minute Express Fat Loss DVDs.

BONUS QUESTION: Do you have a payment plan for the TT for Abs DVDs?


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See you soon,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Creator, TT For Abs

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