How to Get Free of Belly Fat

Hey Folks, I am excited to share with you this expert interview with Josh Bezoni, former Transformation Contest Judge for Body-For-Life. Josh is also the author and creator of the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet.


Craig: Hey, everyone. I’m here with my friend Josh Bezoni who has the website We’re going to be talking about his nutrition program today.

I saw him speak a couple of years ago on his transformation contest, so we’re going to talk about that a bit to start here. Then get into the nutrition stuff. So Josh, welcome!

Josh: Thanks, Craig. I’m thrilled to be here.

Craig: It’s really good to speak with you again. Josh had a great seminar for a whole bunch of fitness guys. We all met down in Austin, Texas and had a really great time. Thanks for doing that.

Josh: Yeah, it was great to have you and to meet everybody. We all have similar goals to help people. I like hanging out with people who like to help people.

Craig: It was really cool. Why don’t you tell us about your experience in the health and fitness industry and a bit about your transformation contest, then we’ll get into some more details about that.

Josh: Sure. I started out as a personal trainer at a young age. Before I even got certified I’ve always been really interested in health and fitness. I lived in Iowa and where I used to do a lot of teenage bodybuilding contests and power lifting contests. I was seriously into all that stuff as a youth. Then I went to college and got a double major in Biology Nutrition.

Right after college my first job was with a gentleman by the name of Bill Phillips, he wrote a book called Body for Life, he also had a company with the same name. EAS is another one of his companies and Muscle Media. They’re all together in one building located in Golden Colorado.

While working with Bill, you’ve got to imagine I was right off the farm in Iowa, so to speak, my first day on the job I go down to the gym at EAS headquarters and John Elway is working out. You know, John Elway the famous football player, and Terrell Davis and Shannon Sharp and all these people. Then we also had a chance to work with Brad Pitt and Demi Moore and all these stars through Bill, but the cool things was WE GOT TO HELP MILLIONS OF PEOPLE through Bill’s transformation contest.

It was just a great education, a great first place to begin working. Since then I started my own publishing and Nutrition Company, about 12 years ago now, so I’ve been doing this with a passion for quite awhile.

Craig: It was really cool, the connection with Bill. You had a connection with him that helped me get an interview with him and so a lot of people listening to this call have heard my interview with Bill about the transformations and some of them are pretty stoked about this stuff.

Josh, you have run quite a few contests in the past, so why don’t you tell us your top transformation tips and when you do that keep in mind that there’s a lot of beginners on the call who want a nice quick start and then there’s also a lot of listeners who are in an advanced stage or ready to make that advanced transformation and they really want to get maximum results for those after photos. So, top tips for both beginner and advanced.

Josh: Well, I was a judge for a lot of Bill’s contests; I was one of the transformation judges. He had a movie called Body of Work, and I was actually one of one of the judges in that movie. From a judge’s perspective, the first thing is just to make sure your photos are clear and there’s no clutter in the background, because judges don’t even look at the photos that much if there’s all this clutter, and you can’t see the transformation.

Craig: I would say for the beginner what are some of the things they can do, they’re going
from zero to 60 overnight, so someone who has been really struggling, they’re eating fast food, they’re overweight, they’re tired, and suddenly  they see this, whether it’s my website or whether it’s your website or whether it’s a magazine.

They see this and they go, “Okay, I’m going to do this. That person looks just like me; if they can do it then I can do it.” What are the first steps? Obviously, they’re going to need workout and nutrition programs, but what are the most important things that a beginner should do at the start?

Josh: A beginner should do this in my experience. We’re all a product of our environment, and most people’s kitchens are a mess. I mean you go through most people’s kitchens in the world today, or in America at least, and you find all this processed food and all this junk food, chips, frozen pizza, chocolates, ice cream, and it goes on and on. They’re full of what I call obesity additives.

Obesity additives are basically man made chemicals that a lot of science and research have shown add a lot of fat to the body and makes it very unhealthy and makes you susceptible to a lot of disease. Anyway, the first thing to do, the FIRST STEP would be to go in your kitchen, get your family’s support and make a family event out of it, or if you live by yourself do it by yourself, collect all that food.

You can give it away to some needy families, or you can just get it off the face of the earth and replace it with foods that are from Mother Nature. I’m talking about foods with one or two, maybe three ingredients in them like lean meats, low fat cottage cheese, grass fed beef, free range chicken, organic foods if you can afford it, fruits and vegetables, healthy whole grains, things of that nature, healthy fats, and we can more into that, especially certain nuts like pistachios and walnuts.

Then get yourself a great cookbook that’s really easy to use, and you can make quick healthy recipes. Doing that alone is a huge first step for most people.

Craig: Yes. I really like what you said there about making it a family event because so many people have very little social support. I’m going to put you on the spot here and ask you about it. This is one of the toughest questions that I’ll ever get.

How can these people with no social support make a transformation? When they’re doing this at home how can they get their family involved, their friends involved, what have you seen that has worked?

Josh: Well, to back up a bit, if you don’t have support you’re right, you’re chances of succeeding are very small. I’ve seen it over and over again. It’s even hard for me after having done this for the majority of my life to stick to programs if I don’t have a workout partner or an accountability partner whom I talk to quite a bit about what we’re doing.

So, the first step is either get online at a website and try to find an ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER or somebody at your local fitness center or somebody that wants to go through this transformation with you where you can talk regularly and say, “Hey, what did you eat today? Did you exercise today? Why didn’t you exercise today?” To keep you accountable, to help keep each other accountable.

It just becomes twice as easy when you do that, so find someone, anyone, a close friend, someone from a community center, someone online, anywhere. Get at least one accountability partner and try your best to limit your time with negative people who tend to tell you that you can’t do things and maybe kind of erode your confidence a bit.

That’s all for today. Join us in part 2, where nutrition expert Josh Bezoni, talks more about  obesity additives.