It’s no surprise that a lot of the contestants on TV’s “The Biggest Loser” regain the weight once they’re off the show. To maintain their new weight, they’d have to sustain the show’s extreme lifestyle. Nearly impossible.

So what’s a better way to lose weight? Take baby steps.

Dr. James Hill, from the Center of Human Nutrition in Denver, Colorado, is famous for the research studies which found that folks who eat breakfast are better able to keep off lost weight. He now claims that “small reductions in conscious energy intake and increases in physical activity can reduce excessive weight gain.”

Listen, you didn’t gain all that weight overnight. You’re not going to lose it overnight. So just focus on making small changes – and the simplest changes to make are in your diet.

This weekend, take 30 minutes to plan your shopping list and meals for the following week. Then go to the grocery store, come home, and prepare as many of those meals as possible.

Cook a bunch of chicken breasts at once. Wash and cut up fresh vegetables to have on hand for snacks and to prepare filling side dishes. Every day next week, take a baby step and eat one additional serving of fruits or vegetables.

Make those small diet changes and ease your way into a workout program. By doing this consistently, just imagine how healthy and lean you can be just 90 days from now.

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